Episode 9

I looked at my phone and it was my old man calling

Me: Hello Daddy……………

Pman: Ekun, where are you……….

Me: Am at home daddy

Pman: Which home………………..

Me: My house sir….

Pman: You are not and your mother are in your house

Me: I will join you soon…

Pman: Ma pe oooo (don’t stay long oo)

I dropped the call, in my mind I started thinking “I hope dey didn’t meet this devil at home”…..”now have fumbled totally, they only know Biola with me but which kind wahala be this”.

I started heading back home..i got to my house, entered my flat and met my parents on the dinning table eating..on my mind I was like “Gosh….this devil is still around”…I greeted them and they old man and mum instantly noticed that I was not in a happy mood as I just sat down on my 2 sitter after greeting them……..After a while, Mary walked out of the kitchen to pack the plate they eat in….

Pman: Snakie…..lets see, lets have a man to man talk

Me: Ohk Sir…..

“I led him to my room leaving my mum and Mary in the sitting room”

Pman: whats wrong with you my boy? I hope all is well

Me: All is well Sir

Pman: But your face and body language says otherwise

Me: Everything is fine and under control Sir….

Pman: You see my son, I know how it feel like being in this kind of your situation…..have been there before and I know how it no some of the best thing that happens to most of us in life are things we never prepared for and to you it shouldn’t be an issue cos we your parents know you are capable and you are matured enough to handle the situation..

“for my mind, whats this man talking about?”

[]Me: All is well Sir, but I don’t understand what you are talking about

Pman: What is it you don’t understand? You know my boy…there comes a time in life when we make our decisions and whichever decision we make we pray God guide us through..and you know sometimes in life, we have our own plan but God has another plan for us but whatever God has in plan for us I believe is always the best. Moreover this is what me and your mum has been praying for as the only man and last born of the family…and thank God you eventually gave us even though we know its not from where we expected

“Now totally confused..cut in”

Me: …..what are you talking about dad?

Pman: You see my boy, the next thing for us should be how we will put our house together and see Mary’s parents before people started noticing her so that we can do what we want to do on time

Me: Visit Mary’s parents for what? What did she tell you?

Pman: She told us everytyn……Her 3 weeks pregnancy for you, Biola and the way you have been cold to her

Me: Pregnancy? For who? How? When?…i don’t understand, who impregnated her

Pman: Are you asking me? Am the one that impregnated her now….was it not sweet when you were doing it? You are now asking silly question………..I believe it your responsibility and you can’t run away from it, we your parents are happy with what happened even though we never expected that you had any other girl aside Biola but what do we do in this situation….If Mary is your junior sister and a guy put her in the family way will you be happy if the guy rejected him or will it be good for her to terminate it? See my friend, nothing must happen to the pregnancy and have instructed your mother to put up necessary things in place for us to visit your inlaw..

Me: Which inlaw dad….but

Pman: But what? You have a good Job, you are good looking, Mary is not looking bad and she’s a beautiful girl so, what’s delaying you… Fine maybe Biola was your choice but I believe you know what you were doing before you started affairs with her…its your responsibility and you have to accept it or you want it to show before we go do the necessary things? I will be traveling to Abuja going for a two-week business trip and your mum will be here with you for these period as she said she wanted to spend some time with you not knowing that we will meet this issue on ground.

I have also instructed your mum to make necessary arrangement for our meeting with your inlaw so that we can visit immediately am back………….Be a man for once my boy

Me: hmmmmmm

That was the last statement my old man made on his way out of my room..i started soliloquising “Pregnancy? When? How?………..i don buy market wey pass my own, now its all over”………

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