Episode 8

I jumped up instantly……quickly looked for my clothes, put them on and dashed out..i looked everywhere, Biola was nowhere to be found..went to the bus stop, she was not there..also went to her friends place close to my house and she waz not there either….i tried her number ..initially she was rejecting but later switched off…

I came back home late in the night and realized everywhere was open except the visitors room which habour Mary that was locked…apparently she locked herself inside and I didn’t know if she was feeling guilty herself..i went straight into the bedroom, sleep wasn’t coming..i tried Biola’s number more than 100 times, but her number wasn’t going……I sent series of text message but none delivered..i was on it before sleep finally came..

I woke up around 7am in the morning with the intention of chasing Mary away out of my house..i knocked at her door, she answered but didn’t open the door for me after I bragged that she must get out of my house..i even teased her after a while but she didn’t open the door either but left a word for her that I must not meet her at home by the time am back as am already on my way out..i later stepped out of the house around 8am going to look for Biola in her parents’ house..

I arrived there around past 9..her little brother was the one that opened the door for me, he never wanted to allow me in but I begged him to just give me a chance to see her sister, every other person has gone to church as at then….i walked in to her room, there lie my beautiful fiancée with a swollen face and red eye balls….i guess she has been crying since yesterday..i knelt down in front of her

]Me: Please am very sorry, it is not what you think baby

(She first ignored me and after saying those statement for like five minute and profuse crying, she turned back to me)

Biola: What do you mean its not what i think? You think am a fool

Me:Am very sorry baby

Biola: Keep your sorry to yourself, Its all over

Me: ‘’’’crying’’’’’’Ahhh…..please don’t do like that baby, don’t let it be over..i never meant to hurt you baby..remember we have come a long way to let it be over right now

Biola:you never meant to hurt me? Did i just hear you say that after you take me for a fool? You didn’t think about all the sacrifices we have made, you never thought of our plans….you never thought of what we have built together……Never thought you will do this again but i think its better it happened this way and i can easily say good bye right now before things get out of hand

Me: I understand how you feel baby

Biola: you don’t understand anytyn dear…you don’t..if you did, you wouldn’t have tried it in the first place……My dear, you can never be sorry for what you did intentionally……….

Me: believe me it wasn’t intentional baby…am very sorry, without you my life is nothing baby

Biola: Did you just say that? Please you need to take your leave right now or else i will embarrass you here now

Me: Please don’t do that baby..we can talk this over dear…please don’t throw all we built away

Biola: What’s it we built? The one you already threw away yoursef….Mr Man, please leave my house right now or i embarrass you which i know you won’t like…… ’’shouting’’….snakie leave, i said you should leave right now….

Me: its okay… very sorry baby, please find a place in your heart to forgive me baby

She pushed me out and door slammed ………………………Waoh, is this the end after 3years? I cant believe am losing everything within a month.

I walked out of their compound thinking about how I got to this stage or what even led me to it in the first place “apparently its devil’s work” but come to think of it, I didn’t think about devil when I was doing it with the thought of enjoying myself to the fullest……………..Now everything is over, where do I go from here…I was driving when I my phone started ringing………….

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