Sha Ron

Chapter 31

Justin watched Sophia join the others in the training ground, they all looked at her as if she was a ghost.

Justin felt sorry for her. He hates to see her look so dejected and lost. She looked strong, but in his eyes, she looked like the whole world was on her shoulder.

When they were asked to fight against each other, no one agreed to be her opponent.


“I don’t want to die yet” one of the girls had said and left.

He was about to go to her when one of the boys came forward. He later learnt his name is Alex.

Sophia wasn’t bothered by their open rejection, she was only depressed because this was never the dream she had for herself. Miss rude, bossy and arrogant of Team Queens in W/R international who had dreamt of such a beautiful life ahead is now stepped upon.

This really taught her one thing, people are the most horrible creature, God must really regret creating anything in his own image.

Her parents were so good to people, quick to trust and though had no real friendship with people outside their class, they still blessed a lot of people.

Now what, where are those people they helped? Where are those students they gave scholarships? Where are those people they trusted?

After being so good to people, they were klled by someone they trusted the most and others quickly agreed that they are criminals without questions or doubt! Unbelievable!

What about her? It is true she was a bada$s in school, but she at least trusted her circle of friends. And the very moment she wanted to be nice to a guy, he drugged her and painted her black.

Her friends bought it, they called her first to tell her how evil she is, they couldn’t even ask what happened, they simply cvrsed the day they met her and regretted being friends with her.

Well, she hasn’t heard or thought about them, but Stella reminded her of them, h®rrific memories of friends who are only there when one is smiling.

Molly… Well, maybe she is worried about her, and maybe she has forgotten all about her and is happy that at least, she will be the center of attraction as she is not there.

Sophia misses her, she is the only one she really misses… but she doesn’t know if she now thinks so badly of her like Rebecca who called her to tell her how disgusting she was.

“Molly, we had such a beautiful childhood”

“Who is Molly?” Alex asked.

Wait, she just thought out loud? “Oh… my childhood friend, why are you going easy on me?” She replied.

“You must be so tired from staying in that stuffy place all through the night, I don’t want to hurt you” Alex said sadly.

“It doesn’t matter, don’t be like that. I won’t have mercy on you!” She pushed out a laugh that drew so many eyes to her as she gave Alex a pvnch that sent him flying.

“That hurts! Fear my return!!” Alex laughed and ran towards her.

Justin smiled seeing her laugh carelessly as if she doesn’t give a damn about the world. She is the strongest lady he has ever met.

Then memories came, a voice spoke to him and it is a sweet voice from a girl he has been with in the past.

“How did you know that name?” These words echoed in his head and he fought to remember and recognize the owner of the voice.

He became dizzy, and he called out the only name he remembers, the only name that keeps haunting him even in his dreams, “Sophiaaaaaaa!” And fainted.

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat, her head somersaulted as everyone else rushed to help Justin stand up, she could only look dazedly at the insignificant figures that moved around her.

“Sophia?” Alex’s tap on her jaw brought her back to reality. “Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

She nodded, made a move and stumbled, Alex caught her and took her inside to her room. She didn’t want to see him at all, but someone came to call her still.

“Mrs Smith says she wants you to be right by his side” Skyler said and left.

“I think you should go, he must be suffering so much and it is a good thing you are here to help him, though I usually wonder why he calls your name whenever he… what am I saying, it is none of my business” Alex sighed and left too.

“God, are you playing tricks on me? I’m such a hammerhead right now” Sophia swallowed and wobbled to the sitting room.



“Boss, the information reaching us now is that she visited the Mountainside Hotels and paid for a room for just three hours with a different name. I guess the man that visited her was Frederick, the underground investigator” Lee reported.

“Yes, and I’m sure she gave us out to this man because they spent only two hours, sir” Flying dragon added.

“How can that bch betray me? I want you guys to go bring the two of them here!” Mr Smith howled.

They bowed and left. He slumped onto his couch and waited for them.


After three hours, Lee came to his room again to inform him that Miss Lola and Cynthia were downstairs waiting.

When he got to them, he hit Miss Lola and ordered her to tell him the truth.

“Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t do anything. He was only a customer and we spent time with him, he paid us and left, I’m telling the truth!” Miss Lola cried.

“I will kll the two of you if you don’t tell me the truth! Flying dragon, tie them up and let’s go to the storage room!” He commanded.

They did as he said and he followed them. When they got there, Lee tore their shirts away and Flying dragon heated an electronic iron.

“You had better say the truth and I will let you two go, or you two die here” Mr Smith glared at them.

They know better. This man, whether they say the truth or not, he is going to kll them. Mr Smith doesn’t have mercy on anyone he suspects is a threat to his life.

Miss Lola knows the end has come, she will have to say her last prayers because Mr Smith won’t be easy on them, she shut her eyes and wept.

Cynthia doesn’t have any reason to pray for God to help them out, how can God help a sinner like her. A wh’re who doesn’t even know the sign of the cross. She just wishes Mr Smith will simply kll them instead of t®rturing them as she senses he will do.

After some minutes, Flying dragon unplugged the electronic iron and charged towards them. They trembled even before he got closer to them.

He plastered it on Miss Lola’s left cheek and her cries woke the dead. When he removed it from her face, he faced Cynthia who was already half dead watching Miss Lola scream in pain.

She struggled to get away at that moment and wished for the ground to split into two and swallow her, she even wished for death to simply come and take her, but none came.

Flying dragon pasted it on her face and she screamed with all her might as the iron burnt her face just like Miss Lola’s own. Miss Lola grew quiet at once and watched her partner grieve.

“Are you ready to tell me the truth or do you want more of that?!” Mr Smith yelled at them.

They remained silent, Flying dragon went to the side of the room and brought out a hand saw, he got ready to cut when his boss orders.

“These two are taking me for granted! Cut their ears and give them to eat, that way, there will be a bigger hole in their ears so they can hear properly!!” Mr Smith ordered.

Flying dragon went to Miss Lola, he grabbed her by the hair and used the saw on her ear. Miss Lola cried, struggled and tried to grip something, but she always ended up catching nothing.

“Wait! I think I know what to do!” Mr Smith stopped Flying dragon, Miss Lola’s right ear was almost disembodied before he thought of what to do.

“You two are proving stubborn, huh?” He pointed warning fingers at them. “Lee, get the cars ready, we have a mission to complete!”



Sophia sat down beside Justin and held his hand as the nurse treated him. The other members of the organization watched and murmured within themselves, but there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Mrs Smith paced around and angrily asked everyone to get lost, they all left and closed the door.

“By chance, did you see what happened to him?” Mrs Smith asked her, she shook her head.

“He is struggling to remember his past, who he was and everything… I think you should be patient with your son, ma’am,” the nurse explained curtly.

“Do you have any idea why he must’ve been calling out her name, I mean, it is kind of unusual?” Mrs Smith inquired.

“There are only two options, one, she was a part of his past and was so dear to him that he remembers only her name, or he met her and loves her because she resembles someone close to him which he couldn’t recall” the nurse explained.

“Weird,” Mrs Smith mumbled.

“Yeah” the nurse agreed.

Sophia didn’t even blink an eye, she just had so much puzzle in her mind to solve, when everything is coming together, it scatters again and she has to start afresh.

When the nurse was done, she left and said she would check up on Xena. The girl is still unconscious and everyone doesn’t seem to think about her as new events keep unfolding every single minute.

“Sophia?” She called calmly.

“Ma’am?” Sophia answered simply.

“You see, you are a very charming girl, and I don’t blame my son for being enchanted”

“I didn’t pray for it, and you can’t blame me either” she answered boldly.

“From the very moment I saw you, I knew there was something about you that needed to be unleashed. There’s this fire burning inside you that needs to be ignited”

“And that is why you accepted me into this organization. Well, thanks about that, but you don’t even trust me, I want to regret following Stella, but I can’t bring myself to do just that now”

“Don’t think I’m dumb woman, I know what I am doing. Anyway, I want my son’s happiness right now and I want to grant his wish of letting you and him going to stay at his father’s house where he used to live before the accident so as to help him remember quickly and stop suffering like this”

“I guess my happiness doesn’t matter. But I hope you know that I have the right to decline?” She met her gaze.

“Yeah, but I know you won’t do that. First, I know you didn’t try to p®ison Justin.
Jealousy and envy has possessed a lot of people’s minds, that will be a good help because I want you to use one stone and kll two birds” Mrs Smith pointed out..

“Ma’am, I don’t understand” Sophia shook her head vehemently.

“The reason why I want you to go with them to this mission is because I want it to be an avenue for you to catch the person who tried to p®ison my son, and also the spy in our midst” she explained with a shrug.

“How does the mission that I am supposed to be careful while fighting the enemies give me room to do all that and prove my innocence?” She asked curiously.

“As a ghost a$sassin, you are the person that the enemies won’t see. You will be on the roof hidden, then your job is to simply monitor the moves of your colleagues and the enemies. You are the lip fighter, you will inform them when and where there’s danger, ahead of them or behind” Mrs Smith replied.

“I think I understand. That way, when someone doesn’t fight, but communicates with the enemy, he or she is the culprit. That still doesn’t give room for me to catch the person who…”

“Don’t worry about that, I know what to do.” Mrs. Smith smiled cynically.


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