Sha Ron

Chapter 41

Justin and Alex stood stranded at the lonely road. Those guys abandoned them after collecting everything they had.

“What sort of rubbish is this? What exactly are we going to do now? How can they take everything from us and leave us here to wander?” Alex fused.


“I said something about trusting total strangers and you said we had no choice, I think we have a choice now to join animal camp.” Justin muttered.

“They did this on purpose. Either someone sent them or your mother wants us to come back because she’s afraid of you getting caught in the web of the enemies. If actually this is her work, I wouldn’t blame her” Alex said.

“Even at that, she’s not supposed to do this, how then are we going to go about it? I feel this is a setup. We have to be very careful next time, and we must show her or whoever this was that it can’t stop us.” Justin said confidently.

Alex could only sigh as he looked around for a way out. “I think that we should find a way out of this place first. Let’s follow traces of their car”

“Alright. Let’s go!”

They followed traces of the car and walked for hours before they started seeing people. They were already very tired. They asked people for help to be able to get to the hotel they paid for.

When they finally got to the hotel, they rushed upstairs to their room and found out what those men said was true. Justin stormed downstairs to confront the receptionist.

“Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about. No one came here except people that booked rooms with us.” The lady explained curtly.

“Do I look like a clown? You have to look around and know if you mistakenly gave out our key to anyone! How can our bags develop legs on their own and disappear without notice? And the hotel’s management claims that there is adequate security!!” Justin glared at the lady.

The lady shook her head. “I still maintain that I didn’t give out the key to anyone. You guys must’ve probably left the door open or you didn’t lock it properly.”

Alex went to the Management’s office and he suggested they get the cops involved if they have important stuff in the bags. The police were let into the matter and investigating teams started working immediately.

“I think we should go back to the assassins foundation. We can’t survive like this… without nothing at all!” Alex lost hope for the first time.

Justin didn’t buy that idea. He will never give up on her. “You told me that we can’t stop now. We got here already, and I am not going anywhere if I don’t see her. What would I be doing there to do without her?”

Alex agreed and they had to go and look for what to do to make money to at least eat. Justin believed his mother is behind their losing everything, so he didn’t look for ways to contact her.

They were lucky to get a part-time job as restaurant cleaners. The manager of the restaurant agreed to pay them twenty dollars per day and give them only lunch and a small apartment after much negotiations.

They resumed work immediately as they also saw it as a medium to look for her since a lot of people come into the restaurant to eat. Luckily for them, Alex still has one of her pictures which they show to people.

Justin was broken by the turn of events. His mind wasn’t at rest because he was very worried about her. Is she still alive or dead? If she is alive, where is she? How can he ever find her?

He never thought that he would be an ordinary eatery cleaner one day. Alex understood his plight, so all he did was become stronger for his sake. He loves Sophia too and he keeps praying that she’s safe.

They start working early in the morning and look for her in the afternoons after lunch breaks when they are expected to rest and continue in the evening till the restaurant closes.



“You did a great job, Celina. You have been promoted by our boss.” One of the soldiers praised as he shook hands with her.

Celina was the spy in the secret foundation, and she continuously looks for ways to get information about the happenings in the organization to give out to the boss she doesn’t even know.

She works under the supervision of some group of soldiers. She has always requested to see her boss, the man behind the mask, but she always got ‘not yet, don’t be in a hurry, you will see him in no time’ as an answer.

During secret meetings, she wasn’t allowed to be there. After they gave her the task to complete so that they could defeat the as$assins, they promised her that she would be qualified to see the boss.

“When is the next general meeting, Mr. Flakes? Erm… will I be part of it? I want to see the boss.” Celina said. She should be given the privilege to see the man that made her betray the people who matter most to her.

Yes, they are important to her and she hates that she has lost them. They never suspected her or treated her badly. They accepted her when the world rejected and scorned her. She had sworn never to comply with the threat in the country called military men, but her life was on the line too.

“You don’t have to be in a hurry to see him. He is a very busy person, and he is busy as always making plans that will get us closer to defeating the eviI agents.” Mr. Flakes replied.

Celina shrugged. “I hope I made the right decision,”

“You’ll be surprised to see that you made the right decision. We promised you security and wealth, right? When you have those two things, no one will ever step on your toes. America will never be safe with people like that, hope you know that?” Mr. Flakes advised.

To Celina who has worked with Mrs. Smith for almost one year now, she thinks the enemies of this country are the statesmen who think money matters more than the poor masses.

Celina remembered how she had slipped into the General’s office and informed him that the as$assins had arrived. Alex was already on the next floor when the soldiers got a silent command and started firing.

He had called her name and even ran into the office to look for her; she couldn’t bring herself to shoot him even when the General urged her to.

She had simply released bvllets into the ceiling and scared him away. He would probably think she was klled and that’s the news that will spread like wildfire in the as$assinators camp.

She really misses them and wishes every single day that she will be able to turn back the hands of time. Even if she’s working for the soldiers, she would still be part of the a$sassins family.

Celina thought about Sophia and her endless plight. “I really pity her, she doesn’t know who her enemies truly are.” Her memories of Sophia were all sighs and evil plots from her rivals.

“I wish I was able to meet her and tell her what those girls are planning against her. I just hope they haven’t klled her as I overheard them talking,” she sighed and shook her head sadly.

“What are you thinking about, Celina? You should be celebrating for someone who just got a promotion from the boss. Do you know what it means?” Mr. Flakes wondered what was bothering her.

She stood up from the upholstered furniture she was seated on. “I have to go get ready to meet my boss. I think I should have fun with the seniors too since I’m now a senior. Have a nice day, Mr. Flakes.”

“Be a good girl and you will continue to excel, sweetheart. Congratulations on your new position. See ya tomorrow.” He smiled at her.

She saluted and left the office with mixed feelings. She has a new home now and misses her old home as well.



Mr. Smith ordered Lee and Flying dragon to Cynthia and Miss Lola on a tree beside a cliff. When they were done, he came down from his car and brought out his gvn to sh.oot them.

“It was nice working with you bchs!” He snorted and held to their bI.oodstained faces.

Cynthia was already out of breath. Her face was swollen from all the be.atings they received from him. BI.ood blinded their eyes, but Miss Lola still held on to dear life. She found it hard to breathe but she refused to give up.

Miss Lola forced her eyes open as she spat out bIood. “God made a mistake by creating a man like you. The world will never know no peace when someone like you is still…in existence.” She was barely holding on to life, so she found it hard to say the words out.

“Wow! What a wonderful speech. God will accept your soul for bches like you!!” He laughed out loud. “Boys, clap for her!”

Lee and Flying dragon clapped and laughed at her as she coughed to the other side of the world. Mr. Smith sent her off with two bvllets in her chest.

Just as he turned to shoot Cynthia, a bvllet flew from behind and caught Lee’s forehead and he fell off the hill and rolled into the desert beyond.

Mr. Smith and Flying dragon became agitated as they looked for ways to escape. They were blocked from all angles and the only way to run away from being caught by the unknown guys is to jump off the cliff.

“Sir, I think we have to jump… right now, let’s go, come on!” Flying dragon grunted and gripped his boss’s hand.

“Did you… look down there at all? No one will be alive after falling…”

“We don’t have much time! That’s the only way out of this shit. Those men don’t look like the cops or some other legally blind men. Let’s fk it! Trust me, we will make it!!” Flying dragon held him tightly so he wouldn’t run in fear.

The men came closer and shot towards them. He had to push him down first when a bvllet caught his arm and he winced in pain. He glanced at the men again before he finally jumped…



“Sophia, thanks so much for accepting to be with me throughout this battle. I owe you my life. I promise to make it the best moment of your life.” West said, pecking her.

Smiling, she hugged him. “You don’t have to be like this. It’s just five days of our marriage and you have already done enough for me. I didn’t expect all these things you bought for me. I should be the one thanking you.” Sophia felt delighted.

Honestly, she doesn’t feel anything strong for West, but she appreciates his efforts to make her happy and comfortable. In five days, she already has cars, houses, money…everything that money can buy, he gives her in a jiffy.

Servants are at her disposal and she should be over the moon if she could get over her feelings for Justin. She wishes to transfer her feelings for Justin to West, is that even possible? She sighs at the thought every time.

Maybe it’s because she hasn’t spent much time with him. But how much time did she even spend with Justin to love him even after everything?

She is cvrsed, that’s her conclusion. Like in the movies and tales, West will help her break free from the cvrse and they will live forever and ever after. Is that not crazy?

West is the dream of every woman. He is rich and very handsome with the right abs. A caring and loving person, he knows exactly what to do, and how to do them at the right time and place.

The few days she had spent answering Mrs. West, Ma’am, honey, sweetheart and doing grown up stuff as he puts it has really made her a grown up as well. What else could she ask for if not for the feeling of guilt from the realization that she will never love him.

“Why didn’t I meet him first before that jerk?” She had continuously asked herself. But the nagging voice inside told her to shut the crap, even if she met him first, her tummy might still be empty from butterflies and her heart might never flutter for him no matter how nice he is.

Sophia shook herself back to the moment only to see herself already in his arms. How, when did he sweep her off her feet? That’s how dazed she has been for the past few days. She is slowly drifting away from the girl she was to a stupid adult.

“There’s one of my restaurants that I haven’t taken you to. I caught you staring at hot noodles and chicken soup the other day. We will have enough of that in the restaurant, you will love it, the best around here.” West announced.

“You have everything, West. You just want to kll me with an extravagant life. Remember we are going to the secret meeting tonight as you promised, hope we won’t be exhausted after…”

“No… don’t worry, I will pump you with my energy if you exhaust yours by chance” he laughed.

“Please, put me down. I don’t want to laugh so hard like I did earlier today and my stomach is hurting.” She complained, holding back her laughter.


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