DADDY’S GIRL – By Faith Lucky: Episode 51-60

Daddy’s Girl.

Episode 51

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s POV

I am getting better and suppose to resume school today. I had promised my dad that I’ll commence today. I’ve missed my friends ; Ciara and Anna.

I started getting dressed and in few minutes, I was done. I walked out with my school bag. I was surprised to see Jace standing with my dad at the living room.

“Chloe!” Jace called emphatically and took a step forward. I walked swiftly to him and gave him a friendly hug.

“I’m glad to hear that the operation was a successful one, I’m so happy for you.” Jace said.

“Thank you Chloe! I’m glad I made it out alive. We’ll see next time, I need to hurry to school.” I said and faced dad. “Bye dad.”

I was about taking steps away from them when dad spoke up. ” Erm…Chloe! I should have told you this but I guess it’s not late. Kian won’t be serving as your bodyguard anymore, he will.” He pointed at Jace.

I franked at his words. “Why? Jace is my tutor, why did you make him my bodyguard and why would you fire Kian?”

My dad sighed and walked up to me. He placed his palm on my shoulder and said: “You know I always want the best for you. I stopped trusting Kian. he has odd intentions towards you. I need you to know that even though I employ bodyguards to protect you, I always assign someone else to monitor them to examine if they are doing well or not. Kian is not in the best position to protect you, Jace is. ”

I scoffed. “Jace can not fight, I’ve never seen him fight someone before, he looks so cool, I think I’ll prefer him as a tutor, I better not have a bodyguard then.” I said to dad.

“Chloe!” Jace said as he took few steps towards me. “You should trust your dad on this.”

“Baby, if after one week, you do not enjoy his company, I promise to fire him.” My dad said.

I thought for a while. One week is not bad!

“Fine!” I said and walked away while Jace ran to catch up with me.


—At The Penthouse—

Kian’s POV

Kyle and Jace sat on different stools before me at the backyard of the house while I fumed in anger.

“Are you snitching on us already?” I angrily asked Jace.

“You were an ordinary friend of Chloe before you made yourself a bodguars of hers. I was an ordinary tutor too before I worked my way into being her bodyguard. I don’t know why you are taking this personal, isn’t this a game anymore? Thought we said whoever gets her pregnant first carts away all the money in the purse of the sinners gang?” Jace said.

“Kian, let’s take this easy. We can not be fighting cause of Adam’s daughter, that’s too belittling. We know how much we loathe Adam Seth and how we have attacked him, he’s our enemy and her daughter is only trying to be a victim.” Kyla added.

“Guys! I need to say this. Yes, this started like a game to me but…I don’t know how to say this, I think I’m in love with Chloe.” I let out.

Kyle chukled while Jace shut me an annoying look.
“Are you alright? In love! Did you just say you are in love?” Kyle asked and cackled.

“Seems I didn’t hear you well? Didn’t you set the rules from the onset that no member of the sinners gang is permitted to fall in love…you told us that love makes a man weak, you even told us that you almost killed your brother’s girlfriend cause he was in love. But you are the one in love now, this is incredible and funny.” Jace said while I looked away.

I feel ashamed of myself that I’m in love after how rough my past was. I had live all my life to loathe ladies, I only take pleasure in making love with them , no strings attached.

How did I get here for crying out loud? Yes ,it’s a game but how did it end up getting to me to this extent.

“Rule number 7 of the codes of the sinners gang states that anyone found falling in love with any woman, such woman becomes the victim of our next murder!” Jace said and I let my eyes close in pain.

“Confirmed. If you claim to be in love with Chloe…and seeing the fact that she is beginning to cause chaos and misunderstanding amidst us, we need to kill her.”

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