DADDY’S GIRL – By Faith Lucky: Episode 51-60

Daddy’s Girl.

(Getting Her Pregn@nt)

Episode 58

Ivy’s POV

I came out of the police station where I had gone to report Kyle. I had filed a statement about him.

They asked if I was an accomplice to his crime. My answer was a big no! I’m only trying to help him legally. If he gets arrested, his years in jail will be limited compared to when he the law will finally catch up on him.

The cops promised that they will begin to monitor him closely as they need concrete evidence to back up my accusations.


Kian’s POV

“Guys, today is the day! I wish us best of luck.” I said as I tucked my gun in my pocket.

Jace and Kyle who were in the room with me nodded in agreement. We were both armed and ready for the final operation.

After today there would be no more ‘sinners gang’. I can’t wait to live like the common man in the street.

I want to be free around Chloe without having an inferiority complex as a result of what I do for a living.

We suddenly heard a knock on the door.

We were all shocked. It was the least we were expecting.

“Who could that be?” Jace asked as he brought his gun out.

We all adjusted back carefully and find a place to hide.

“Is Mr Kyle inside? Please open the door.” The voice sounded strange and with the way Kyle Kyle addressed, something seems fishy.

“Guys…I have a feeling its the cops, you guys should leave , let me attend to them. If we all run away together, we will become a suspect.” Kyle said.

Jace and I agreed and passed the hallway that leads to the backyard. We jumped from the height of the second floor down and find our means of escape.

I hope they do not get to find anything on Kyle.

Kaden’s POV

I sat on one of the chairs built around Chloe’s university. There is a statue of an old man with book in front of me

The school was a very beautiful one. I had informed Chloe that I need to speak with her and she told me when I should come and where I should wait for her.

About few minutes later, Chloe came alongside two other ladies.

They looked beautiful too. There was a small one handed school bag on their shoulders.

“Hi!” Chloe greeted me.
“Hi!” Her friends added.

“Beauties, how are you?” I asked.

“Fine…” They replied. The slimest of them was blushing and its so obvious for me to know. I simply smiled.

“See you in Math’s class.” The two friends said to Chloe while she nodded as she waved at them

She sat.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you Chloe! I know you were supposed to be with your friends.” I said.

“No…not at all. But, I won’t like to miss Math’s class, it’s in thirty minutes time.” She said.

“I understand, I won’t take too much time.” I said and she set her gaze on me.

“I do not know if this place sounds like the right place to tell you this; but I may not get another chance of seeing you soon. Chloe! You and I use to be lovers.” I said and watched her reaction intensely.

She was still for a while after which she chuckled dryly. Her gaze was still set on mine.

“I’m confused. We have never dated. I can even count the number of times I had met you.” She said.

“You had a memory loss! We use to be lovers before someone spoilt our beautiful relationship. The person hit you on the head and made you loose your memory.” I said.

“Is this a super story of me in my other life?” She asked.

I was already prepared for any questions she might ask.

“Chloe!” I said as I stood “Your dad knew we use to be lovers, he knows you had memory loss. Ask him and get back to me.” I said and walked away.

Do you think it’s right for Kaden to tell Chloe this?

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