DADDY’S GIRL – By Faith Lucky: Episode 51-60

Daddy’s Girl.

(Getting Her Pregn@nt)

Episode 59

Chloe’s POV

I was dumbfounded at Kaden’s words. His words doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. But the fact that he involved my dad got me concerned.

I walked inside the house confused and fortunately, my dad was at home, he was on a stool at the bar I dide house He was drinking.

“Dear, welcome.” He said and gulped in the drink before him.

“Dad.” I called as I walked to where he sat. His happy face turned sour and bewildered as he saw me saunter to him.

He must have known that something was wrong.

“Is anything the matter?” He asked as I sat beside him.

“Nothing serious for now, I don’t know if it will be serious later. Do you know Kaden?” I asked.

He looked at me and became stiff. He wasn’t moving any part of his body neither did he blink his eyes.

“Dad!” I called and he turned to his drink. He gulped in once more and looked blankly at the wall.

“You haven’t answered my question, dad.” I said.

“Where you did meet him?” He asked.

“Let’s leave that, dad. Do you know him?” I asked.

He turned to me and nodded. “I know him.”

I sighed. “Do we use to be lovers?” I asked sttaight up.

“He told you this?” He asked like someone controlling his anger. Unluckily, I could see the anger on his face.

“Dad! Do I have memory loss?” I asked and he hit the glass cup he was holding on the table.

He stood from his stool and looked away.

He breathed out and looked into my eye. He calmed and walk to me.

I stood before him looking scared. He hugged me.

There was a moment of silence between us.

“Dad! I’m scared.” I let out.

“Don’t be, my baby. I’m sorry for my actions.” He consoled me and I nodded.

We disengaged and he simply starred inside my eye affectionately.

“You know I love you , Chloe?” He asked.

“I’m very sure of that, dad.” I replied.

“You see…in this life, there are some things that we do not need to know. Some things are better kept hidden from us so we can live a peaceful life.” He said.

“Indeed! But dad…is it not my right to know whatever that concerns me? I asked.

” Certainly, but…let’s not talk about what Kaden said. He’s only being silly.” My dad said.

“Hmph! You know I can hurt myself if you refuse to tell me the truth, right?” I threatened.

He adjusted back and stored air in his mouth, he blew it out after few seconds as he placed his two hands on his waist.

“Fine! I’ll tell you. You do not have to hurt yourself.” He said and signalled for me to sit.

Kyle’s POV

A male cop and female cop entered the room.

“Welcome please.” I said like I wasn’t surprised of their coming.

“Thank you, Mr. Kyle.” The male cop said as they sat side by side on the chair in the living room.

I sat on the chair before him and looked at them wondering if they had come for what I had suspected their presence to be.

“We would have invited you to our station but that will not be necessary if you corporate with us.” The male cop said.

“Either I come to your station or you come here, it’s all fine by me.” I said.

“Mr Kyle, can you tell us what you do for a living?” The female cop asked.

“What I do?” I repeated and smiled. “I trade the financial market online.” I said.

Even though I wasn’t prepared for that question but I was smart enough to give them the answer that seems to suit their question.

“Oh! Can we see a prove?” The female cop asked.

“Sure!” I said and logged in to my brother’s account. The last time I met with him, he misplaced his phone and quickly logged in to my phone to close his opened trades.

I opened the app for them and the male collected it and check.

They both examined it and gave me back the phone.

“Indeed! If we have any more question, we will reach you.” The male cop said and stood with the female cop.

They both walked away.

That was a narrow escape! But why would the cop suddenly be interested in meeting with me?

Hmph! Hope Ivy hasn’t tell on me…if she does, I may be forced to kill her to keep myself and the gang safe.

I love her so much but if I find out she is the reason why the cops are suddenly after me…I fear that I may kill the first lady I will ever fall deeply in love with.

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