DADDY’S GIRL – Faith Lucky: Episode 61-70

Daddy’s Girl.

Written By Faith Lucky

Episode 61

Chloe’s POV

Kaden’s POV

It was late at night and I was fast asleep. I was awoken by a some loud breaking sounds.

Before I could reason with what was happening, the door to my room broke open and some men whose face was covered barged in.

I stood to fight them but they shot through my window and that made me scared.

“Just a bullet in your head and you are dead.” One of them said.

“Better corperate.” One of them replied. Her voice sounded familiar, it was a female voice but I couldn’t place it.

I surrendered and they handcuffed my hand to the back, they covered my face with a thick cloth. It covered my whole face.

I could neither see nor speak. I just knew they were taking me somewhere.

Kian’s POV

“Kaden hit me back to revenge on what I did to you but I wasn’t really hurt unlike you. It was the hit I did on your head that made you loose your memory. I feel like you can never forgive me.” I said painfully and stood.

I still couldn’t stare at Chloe’s face. I felt like telling her the last truth about me which is me , being the head of the sinners gang but I couldn’t.

We still have one more crucial mission to fulfil plus I do not think she will be able to handle the truth yet. She’s still in pain with the revelation I just unveiled to her.

I walked out.

At the penthouse.

Kyle and Jace sat together with me at the living room.

“We could not go on to fulfil that mission that day cause we were interrupted. Kyle…why are the cops after you? Do you leak any of our secrets to anyone?” I asked.

“Hmm…No.” Kyle retorted.

“You have to give us a reasonable explanation as to why the cops are after you.” Jace said.

“True, it will be very dangerous going on this mission when we know fully well that the cops are now trailing us.” I said while Kyle dropped off his head.

“Fine. I told Ivy about it” Kyle confesses. “But Ivy can never snitch. ” he quickly added.

Jace lowered his head while I rested heavily on the chair

Why in the world would Kyle do something so stupid?

“Kyle! Why did you do do this? You have broken our rule.” Jace said

“It’s not Ivy…let’s leave her out of this. She probably told…someone else.” Kyle said defensively.

“And the person told another person that told the cops. Why are you like this Kyle?” Jace let out?

I just kept staring at both of them. Kyle has spoilt everything. This final mission is very important to me personally but with the cops after us…we would need to put it on hold.

“Kyle, if we can’t accomplish this deal in three days , you know we would miss out on it right?” I asked Kyle.

“I’m sorry?” He pleaded frankly.

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