GENTLE TIGER: Episode 1-10

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence ?


Ara is just a seventeen year old girl, she’s gentle but keep stepping on her toes. She become a tiger.

Her parents are the richest family in the whole south Korea. But she didn’t let that get into her head.

Everyone hardly recognize her as the Kim’s daughter cause she isn’t the type that goes around boasting around with her father’s money.

She sometimes behave like a pauper. Her dream was to become a singer. She got admitted into Rockie high school to fulfill her dream.

And there she met the most annoying proud and troublesome Young Hee and the 4HB (4 handsome boys) of the school.

Who were cold-hearted, no emotional feelings, doesn’t care about anyone. But do you know Ara fell in love with one of the 4HB?

Who is he? Did he love Ara back?

What of Young Hee who love the boy Ara fell in love with?

Will she let Ara take him away from her?

Let’s find out.

Genres :Comedy, r0mance and hatred.

Location :South Korea ??

Story by Uche Lawrence ???


?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence ?

Chapter 1

Ara’s pov

The Kim’s Residence…..

“Ara come eat the, Dinner is ready ” My mom yelled.

“Am coming mom!! ” I answered.

I stood up from my Queen size bed, gently stepping on my foot mat and wore my flip flops.

I got downstairs and saw my mom, dad and my little cute brother Mi Ho sitting round the table filled with foods but haven’t start eating.

I sat down beside my mom, and the maids start serving the food. I took my fork and began doing justice on my food.

“Yummy!! ” My brother squeaked, licking his bottom lip.

“Ara, your new uniform will be ready before night, so you will be going to your new school tomorrow ” Dad said, as he took a sip of his wine.

“Ok dad, I can’t wait for tomorrow ” I said, and faced my food.

Silence took over, we ate our food and the maids began packing the plates.

I walked to my room and lay on my bed, took my phone and searched on my new school.

“ROCKIE HIGH SCHOOL” I saw many pictures and their activities, the field look nice, the class too and others.

One bad news I heard about the school is that, the rich students bully the poor ones. That sounds good.

“Gonna teach those tiny witches and wizards a lesson and never to bully the poor ones ”

I heard a knock on my door “Come in, the door isn’t locked.

“Good afternoon ma’am ” I turned and saw a short woman, am sure she will be in her fifties, dressed in a maid uniform.

Father is just getting new maids every week. Plus this one, it gonna be fifteen now.

“Good afternoon, how may I help you? ” I asked, staring at the package in her hands.

“I brought your uniform, from Rockie high school ” She answered.

“Oh! The uniform! Drop it on the couch there ” I pointed to a pink couch in front of her.

Almost every thing in my room has pink color. My favorite color.

“OK ma’am, I will be going now ” she said, and dropped the package on the couch and turned towards the door.

She twisted the knob and pushed the door opened, she turned to me before going, saying

“Be careful when you get to that school, don’t let your father’s money get to your head.

Have known you for a good girl ” She flashed me a smile and went out closing the door behind.

“Wow! I never knew the woman was thinking exactly what I was thinking” I mumbled.

I had made up my mind to stay low in school, and thank God am hardly recognized by people that am the Kim’s daughter.

Am an indoor person, whenever my family wants to take us out, I don’t go out with them rather bring my own share.

I will be inside helping the maids in the kitchen or cleaning. I know my father is the richest person in the whole south Korea but that doesn’t mean I should be lazy.

Even when we had visitors, I lock myself up in the room. I don’t have friends.

I glanced at the package once more and lay down on my bed and didn’t know when I slept off.

Next Morning… ?

?”Grinnnnnn!!!Grinnnnnn!!! ”

“Arggh! Please let me sleep, stop making noise. Aren’t you tired of disturbing people huh?” I opened my eyes slowly and saw the table clock.

“Jesus!! 7:00am! Am supposed to be in school before 7:30, Geez! ” I quickly stood up, wore my flip flops and ran into the bathroom.

I took my bath, dried my body with my towel and came out.

I creamed my body, took out my uniform and “Wow” it beautiful. I put it on and it fit perfectly to my body.

I love the tailor who sew this uniform. He/she deserves am award.

Wait! I haven’t brush my teeth. God! I ran to the bathroom again and brushed my teeth quickly.

I got to my room and sat down in front of my dressing mirror and combed my long brown hair ,making it fall freely.

No makeup. I don’t do makeup. I took my pink school bag, my phone and walk out of my room.

I got downstairs and saw my mom running towards me.

“Ara, what took you so long. I was about checking on you ” my mom said, adjusting my tie.

“Don’t need to bother your self mom, am late so I need to go now ” I answered, and walk pass her.

“Won’t you eat before going? ”

“No mom ” I got outside an saw my brother in the car with our driver.

Too bad I won’t be going with them. I took my bicycle, sat on it and was about going out when dad came out.

“Ara! What happened to the car? ” he asked.

“Am not going with that dad, am okay with the bicycle ” I uttered.

“But you… ” I didn’t let him finish his sentence before riding off.

“Bye dad!!” I waved my hand.

I took out my phone and turn on the map that shows where the school is located.

30 minutes later..

“Not even far from home ” I muttered.

I rode in but the security stopped me halfway,
“Where is your pass? ” He asked and I blinked my eyes.

“Pass? Am just a new student here”

“Oh really, but next time poor people like you should have a pass Huh? It either you have a pass or a car ” He explained.

Like seriously! Which kind of school is this? It either I have a pass as a poor student or a car as a rich student.

And he was even calling me a poor girl, if only he knew that this bicycle am riding can buy his family and even his next generation fool!

But I have to stay low. “OK sir, maybe when I collect the pass, tomorrow I can show you ” I said and he nodded like a lizard.

“Now go, cause you’re getting late ”

“OK sir ” I entered the school fully and the sight made want to jump and touch every thing.

The school is so beautiful, fountains were are the left and right side. The fields were green, and the sight of students going in and out of the class, dressed elegantly.

I didn’t notice when I hit my bicycle on a girl. I had realized but she was on the floor already. She look a little tattered.

“Am sorry, am sorry, I didn’t see you. I was carried away ” I apologized.

She stood up dusting her uniform, and arranged her hair properly.

“It okay, I guess you’re a new student? ” she asked.

“Yeah, I am. Am Ara and you? ”

She smiled “Am Soo Bin, nice meeting you ”

“Yes, uhm.. Can you show me the principal’s office? ”

“Yes, let’s go but you have to pack your bicycle in that park there ” she pointed to a big garage where cars and bicycles like mine are parked.

“OK, I will ” I got there and parked the bicycle beside a car.

It really look expensive tho but mine father’s cars are more expensive. Am not bragging.

We walked towards the building, it really look nice inside than the outside.

We got to a office and I entered but she stood outside.

“Good morning sir ” I greeted.

“Good morning, are you the new student? He asked.

“Yes, Kim Ara ” I answered.

“OK, Are you the Kim’s daughter? I
mean…” I cut him off.

“No sir, am not ”

He can’t know cause I did everything online both the exams.

“I know you can never be, cause you don’t look like a rich girl ” He adjust his glass properly on his nose.

That’s none of my business. He handed me my schedules and a map and told me my sport wears will be ready tomorrow.

I got out of his office and saw the girl leaning on the wall. She saw me and walk towards me.

“So what class will you be staying?” she asked, and I looked at my papers in my hand.

“Class C ”

She gasped. “That’s my class!! Can we be friends please? ”

“OK, I guess I made a friend first day at school”

she giggled.

“Yeah, first day at school ”

We walked towards the class and my heart began beating faster.


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