DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 21-30

? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 21 A?

Written by: Tamara Blair

Six months later,

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

Six months of total happiness,six months of love.
These six months have been so good, Brandon is the best thing that has happened to me.

Though we fight a little we still can’t stay away from each other.

“You are one lucky babe” Bella said over the phone.

I called her to tell her about my date with Brandon.

“I know but am still waiting for you to introduce me to your boyfriend”

“Nikky,i already told you that I don’t have a boyfriend”

“Then why are you always in a hurry to leave school and you smile a whole lot now”

“Am just happy”

“Okay,i gotta go,am so tired”

“Bye, love you”

I hanged up, dropped my phone on my bed and decided to take a shower.

It was late so i decided to head to sleep,i got a text from Brandon telling me to come downstairs.

I went downstairs to my front porch and he was standing there.

“Babe” he cooed and hugged me so tight.

“Why are you here?”

“I missed you so much”

“But we just saw like an hour ago”

“It felt like ages” he said and i started smiling.

“Am so sleepy, Brandon”

He pulled away from the hug and started looking at my b0dy.

“Is this what you wear when you sleep?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” I asked looking at myself.

I was wearing a really short n!ghtie,it was a little tr@nsparent.

“It’s s.xy,you look so tempting in it..can i sleep over at your house?”

“What? You know you can’t,Mrs Smith won’t like it”

“She won’t find out, I will sneak in as always.. please”

“Okay,fine,i will be waiting for you in my room”

I went back up to my room and Brandon had already sneaked in through the window.

“Well,that was fast” i said and he chuckled.

“Come on, let’s go to sleep”he said and removed his sh!rt showing off his awesome body.

I climbed the b.ed,so we could cuddle.

“Aren’t you gonna give me a goodnight kss?”i asked and he chuckled.

He claimed my l!ps,we started slow,then we started kssing so intensely.

He took his l!ps to my neck and i couldn’t help but m0an.

My hands were exploring his g0rgeous chest,then his hands went under my n!ghtie and he grabbed my b”0bs making me g@sps.

His l!ps went to my np.ple,he started scking it,i m0aned in ple@sure.

He came back to my l!ps and kssed me.

“That was amazing” he said as he pulled away.

We cuddled and starred at the ceiling.

“When are we gonna take it further?” I asked shyly.

“Take what further?”

“You know..sex?”

I looked away making him chuckle.

“When you are ready”

“And you are not gonna get tired of waiting?”

“No,of course not,i love you not because of your body ,i love you for being you”

“Thanks” i said and giggled.

“Although i won’t lie,you do have a really g0rgeous body” he said and kssed my cheek.

We ended up talking till we fell asleep.

“Zach,have you done your history assignment?”

“We had an assignment on history?” He asked surprised.

“Yes, idiot,she gave us yesterday” I said and smacked his head making him laugh.

“Her class was so boring,i thought i would die of boredom” he said making me giggle.

“Hey,babe” Brandon said as he approached us.

He kssed my cheeks.

“Dude,i hope you are not fl!rting with my girl?” He asked Zach.

Zach chuckled while i rolled my eyes.

“She’s all yours now, I have my eyes on another person”

During the past months, Brandon and Zach finally became friends.

“Who?” I asked.

“Hey,guys,hey Zach” Bella said as she approached us.

I could tell she was shy.

“Hey,Bella” Zach said and winked at her making her blush.

“Wait, are you two .. dating?” Brandon asked.

“Ask Bella” Zach said and pecked Bella’s cheek, then walked away.

I nudged Bella with my elbow.

“You like Zach?”

“No,i don’t, he’s just my friend”

“I see you two walking around school together” Brandon said.

“He only drops me off from school” she said shyly making I and Brandon laugh.

“If you excuse me,i have somewhere to be” She said and walked away.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?
“She definitely likes Zach” Nicole said as Bella walked away.

“Now let’s tall about us,how about i take you out tonight?”

“Hmm,okay,am in but to where exactly?” She asked

“Somewhere amazing”

“Are we there yet?” Nicole asked as i held her hands.

I blindfolded her so that she could be surprised.

“Remove the blindfold”

She removed it and she was so surprised. I took her to a hilltop.

“Woah,this is amazing,we can see the whole city from here, it’s so beautiful”

We sat down by the edge of the hill looking down at the city.

“How did you find this place?” She asked.

“I wanted to be alone one day so i drove my car till i found this place”

“It’s really nice”

I hugged her from the hug and kssed her neck.

“Promise me that no matter what happens,you won’t leave me”

“I promise but why are you talking like you are gonna leave me?” She asked confused.

“Am just saying,if something comes our way that tries to threaten our relationship, don’t hate me”

“Brandon,is there something i should know because you are scaring me” she asked me with concern.

“It’s.. it’s nothing,i just don’t want to you to leave me or hate me”

“I will never hate you,baby” she said and kssed me slightly on the l!ps..

“I love you so much, don’t forget that” i said and we hugged.


? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 21 B?

Written by: Tamara Blair

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

“Babe,come out already” Brandon said inpatiently.

We decided to chill by the pool in my house.

“Am here already” i said walking out wearing a b!kini top.

“Woah,you look so s*xy” he said and i laughed.

I joined him in the pool and he dragged me closer to him.

“You know sometimes i feel like am dreaming” he said

“Why?” I asked confused.

“I have already wished for you to be mine since middle school but i never got the courage to talk to you but now,you are right here in my arms and it feels like a dream’ he said and i giggled.

“You are not dreaming,am really here and am never going to leave because i love you so much”

“Love you too,babe”

He claimed my l!ps and i didn’t hesitate to kss him back.

We ended up staying in the pool all day, talking, laughing and goofing around.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?

“But i don’t want you to leave” Nicole whined.
It was evening time and i decided to go home but she wouldn’t let me.

“Babe,i have to but i promise i will take you out tomorrow”

“Tomorrow is too far”She whined making me chuckle.

I drew her closer and kssed her l!ps, then i stared at her beautiful eyes.

She’s so beautiful and am glad that’s she’s mine.

“Babe,i swear I will pick you up first thing in the morning,okay?”

“Okay,fine” She said and hugged me,my hands went down to her a*$$ and sq.ueezed it.

” You won’t stop being nau.ghty” She said making me laugh.

We disengaged from the hug,I reached out to open the front door, someone was at the door.

I shocked to see the person, what’s she doing here and how does she know Nicole?

“Clarissa?” Nicole called.

” Nikky” She called out and they hugged so tight.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming” Nicole said excitedly.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

” I wanted to surprise you” Clarissa said.

“Um.. Brandon,this is Clarissa and Clarissa,this is my boyfriend, Brandon”

“Nice to meet you”

“Brandon,Clarissa and i met when i followed my dad to a party last year so we became friends”

“Oh,hi,nice meeting you..babe,i have to go”


He pecked my cheeks and left,he was a little anxious.

“So you and i have a lot of catching up to do” i said and Clarissa giggled.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?
“What do you mean Clarissa is back?” Jason asked.

“She’s back, bro and the worst part is that she and Nicole are friends”

“What? That’s bad, Clarissa wants to ruin your relationship with Nicole”

“I know, the last time we spoke,she told me that she will do anything to get me back”

“You need to find a way for her to leave you alone,if Nicole finds out what happened between you two, she’ll get hurt” Micheal said.

“I know,i just have to do something”

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