WORLDS APART: Episode 1-10

?Worlds Apart?

?Hidden identity ?


Have you ever regretted being alive, always thought of killing yourself to end your misrable life, well that was me.

Meet Tamara the girl with the unknown identity, her life had always been misrable, yeah starting from the day she was born, having no clue or whatsoever who she was had no idea about her parents always fending for herself and determined.

Meet Mabel James one of the most successful model at age 18 well her parents where stinkly rich so she had no problem, she was the queen of glamous high school, also known as a bully she hates the poor and doesn’t want anything to do with them because they disgust her and she was known for dating the city sweetheart Danny Brooks.

Danny Brooks a 20 years old celebrity he was known as a Demi god because no one could supress his cuteness, he’s the son of a multi billionaire so he doesn’t give a fk about who loves him or not.

In a twist of fate Tamara found herself in glamous high school

She found herself in the midst of this rich kids who had no live or affection for her.

Would she be able to cope?

Would she ever find her identity or meet her parents?

Things would get so complicated.


?Worlds Apart?

?Hidden identity?

Episode 1


I jumped up from bed,I looked at the time it was just 6 in the morning, thank goodness am not late for work today.

Life had really been unfair to me,it was really hard struggling to fend for myself at a young age, there were times I thought I would die,but death seems to be far from me .

I was know in the neighbourhood as badluck, everyone kept their distance away from me, am just an 18 years old girl lonely and misrable.

I had no idea who my parents were,the orphanage that took care of me till I was 7 said they found me at the dustbin just with a wrapper and my date of birth attached to my body so they took me in but since then things became bad for me so they threw me out ,I didn’t give birth to myself I had been trying to survive since then, I turned into a thief just to survive, I stole from many places, most times I was caught and almost beaten to death, I wish I really die but no, death was far from me .

I was b.leeding for weeks nobody to take care of me, nobody to show me the love I had always wanted .

I was molested and r@ped thrice on the street, that was the worst experience of my life, I was only 8 then, the man forced himself on me because I was helpless, I was r@ped by someone old enough to be my father.

I was taken in by a lady but a month later she threw me out of her house I wondered why.

I began to struggle for myself, I quit stealing and began to do all sort of odd jobs, people distance themselves from me they said am cur.sed.

I never had any friends it was hard going to school so I had to drop out of high school .

I cleaned the tears on my cheeks, my life is nothing to write home about .

I stood up and walked to the window in my room and Watched my age mate go to school with their flashy cars I wish I had the opportunity.

I quickly took my bath,the house I was leaving in was a one room apartment I had rented this year but nothing was inside just a bathroom and an empty kitchen, I had been leaving in the street for 17 years well it’s not that bad either.

I swept the floor quickly,I folded the cloth I was lying on as my bed, well don’t be surprised that was the cloth my parents left me with, they don’t even deserve to be called parents they are b@stard.

I walked towards my lylon bag and picked a shirt and skirt, I had only five clothes so I had to manage and also a bicycle I saw along the way.

I picked up money from my savings and quickly dashed out of the house with my bicycle, I whistle as I rode on it away , that was the only thing I had for movement since nobody wanted to carry me in their vehicle .

I got to the restaurant where I worked and quickly packed my bicycle and came down.

The curse badluck lady is here my co workers said and burst into laughter.

I ingnored their insult well thus is not a new thing it’s being my daily routine here.

Mara you have to deliver this food to someone my madam said handing me a parcel while I turned away, thank goodness she sent me away I can’t stand their insult I might start crying .

I hurriedly rode in my bike to the address I was given, I rode till I got to a big mansion.

I know on the gate and a guy came out, Holly Molly his fucking cute and I found myself drolling at him.

Would you quit starring miss and handover my food I don’t wanna be late for school his sweet voice jolted me out of my thought .

Oh am sorry mister here have it I said and gave it to him.

Thanks pretty he said and I blushed.

I turned and started walking away I could feel his stare in my back as I walked away, well don’t blame me I have those killer shape that can make every guy go gan gan, he’s nice and just so cute .

I wish I wasn’t alone In this world but I really don’t like hours that much after my terrible experience with them.

I was smiling as I rode in my bicycle, I can’t wait for today to be over, my stomach grumble loudly , I signed I really needed to eat before I die of hunger.

I didn’t look well but suddenly my bicycle bend and hit a car and the driver came out immidiately oh God why does trouble always follow me.

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