DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 21 – The End






My eyes went shut as Christian grazed his lips on mine, I felt my heart skip a beat, his hands glide down my hip tugging me closer to him deepening the k!ss, I couldn’t help myself but respond to his sweet passionate k!ss that melted every part of my thinking.
We both disengage from the k!ss as Christian trails his hands cupping both my cheeks as his eyes darted to my lips with a nefarious grin, my expression was subtle at the moment, Christian just k!ssed me and confessed his feelings to me.
I glanced round to see our k!ss glued to the screen of the several plasmas in the stadium.

We k!ssed under the K!ss Cam, the whole Miami knows we k!ssed.


I shook my head brushing my lips with my index finger backing away from Christian.

I looked back over the Alphas and the rest, Evelyn was beaming with smiles so was Julian, the rest, I couldn’t tell their reaction.

“You… You kissed me.. ” I stutter putting everything together.

“I was serious about how I felt about you Kiara.. ”

“No this isn’t right being with you isn’t right, you’re with Emily I’m sorry Christian but I don’t feel the same way about you.. ” I sniffled drying to dry out my tears.

“Kiara?? Please.. ”

“No Christian, I don’t want to be hurt, I don’t want to keep my hopes up please stay away from me.. ” I sobbed pushing past him and the rest of the audience out of the stadium, I call an uber and left.


‘I don’t want to keep my hopes up’

‘I don’t want to be hurt’

‘please stay away from me’

Kiara’s words kept replaying over and over and I can’t get over the fact on what she said.

We all went back to the Resort at the boys Longue mostly the guys were looking at me and Daniel like we were going to fight or something.

Right.. Daniel has feelings for Kiara.

“So… The Concert was awesome.. ” Isaac decided to start a conversation.

“yeah I loved the music.. ” Julian backed up the awkward conversation with us, it’s never like this.

“Well I’m the only one that thought it was weird Christian made out with Kiara.. ” Aaron pointed out damn serious.

They all looked back at me for an answer mostly Daniel who had hurt in his eyes.

“it was Just a k!ss.. ” I blurted out

“Just a K!ss, the whole Miami knows about it and it wasn’t just a k!ss Christian… You know how I feel about Kiara.. ” Daniel said

“We were under a K!ss Cam what else could I have done?? ” I asked

“I don’t know?? Maybe don’t k!ss her.. I thought you were my friend I can’t believe you did this to me.. ” Daniel frowned.

“I am your friend.. ”

“no you’re not, you keep hurting everyone around you, you hurt Lindsay after leading her on, you hurt Emily when you k!ssed someone who wasn’t your girlfriend and you’re going to hurt Kiara because you don’t care about her.. ”

“I do care about Kiara.. ”

“When why did you have to pull that stunt, I’m going to my room.. ” Daniel said as the rest of the guys looked back at me.

“I’m going to check on Evelyn maybe she has news on Kiara.. ” Isaac waved off as an excuse and left.

Aaron just glanced up at me and back at Julian.

“I’m disappointed that’s all.. ” he said and walked out on me.

Julian stood in front of me his hands down his pockets I know what he’s thinking.

“Say it.. ” I sighed running my fingers continuously through my hair.

“That what?? ” he asked with a subtle expression.

“That you were right playing with fire remember?? ” u said

“I don’t have to say it, I told you you were going to get burned, you hurt both girls Christian what did you think was going to happen.. ” he said

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything right now.” I muttered with a heavy sigh.

“Daniel didn’t mean those things, he’s just upset he’ll come around.. ”

“it doesn’t matter Kiara doesn’t like me..” I said as Emily stood in front of me.

“I have to get a drink later… ” Julian greeted leaving us both.

“Isaac told me you were here and I wanna talk about Earlier at the Concert.. ”

“I have feelings for Kiara I’m sorry..” I said and she almost teared up but held it back clenching her palms to a fist.

“Then why did you date me? ”

“I wasn’t sure of my feelings Emily, I really did like you but, my feelings for Kiara dominated it all.. ”

“Why didn’t you break up with me.. ”

“I didn’t want to hurt you… ”

“You already hurt me by making me look like a fool, but I saw the signs and I ignored it and even got her to stay away from you but no matter what I do it’s useless.. I’m sorry..”

“does this mean we’re breaking up?? ”

“I don’t want to keep you close if it doesn’t make you happy, it’s better I let you go than to get injured at what seems like not my fight, I’m moving back to LA I already called my sister to come pick me up… ”

“We can still be friends.. ”

“no this is one relationship I don’t want to end as friends it’s better we don’t even talk anymore.. ” she sobbed.

“I understand… ” I nod as she heave in deep breaths.

“Goodbye Christian…” She sniffled exiting the lounge room.

After I got back to from the Concert I Laid on my bed, Evelyn went out for a party Lindsay threw later that night, I heard a knock on the door and ignored it.

“Kiara I know you’re here open the damn door…. ” I heard Kion’s familiar call banging gently on the door.

I sluggishly got off my bed and unlocked the door getting back on my bed.

“it’s unlocked.. ” I voiced as he unlocks the door, he was clad on with a black tank top and black skinny jeans with a choker, his hair was somehow damp as he ran his fingers thoroughly through it.

He looked like a Vampire which is kinda funny because he was once a V@mpire when he played Dekar in silver hearts.

“who let Dekar in the building.. ” I teased as he rolled his eyes, he pulled out his phone, I’m just glad he didn’t ask me about the k!ss Cam thing.

“You left after the concert.. ” he said while I blushed and pray to the Lord please let’s not talk about the K!ss Cam.

“I was tired and please don’t bring it up I already feel stupid as it is… ” I said as he pushed his phone towards my direction.

“Nope I was hoping we just go through a Script that’s all.. ” he said as I took his phone reading the script.

“OK fine..” I said memorising the script on his phone, I looked back at him as he sat down next to me.

“Let’s do the last Scene I can’t help to put the Characters in place I always find it hard when going through that Scene.. ” he said

“Seriously?? ” I questioned because Kion is one of the Best actors I know he once convinced me that that he was a V@mpire, we were eight and dumb and that’s probably why they casted him as Dekar.

“Yeah so can you help me.. ” I looked back at the script and nod as he scoots closer and I put down his phone.

“OK let’s do this your Character confesses his Feelings his love interest, that won’t be a big deal OK now..”

Kion looks intensely at me nervously, what’s there to be nervous about it’s just me.

“OK I’ll start.. ” I heave a deep breath and smiled back at Kion.

“What if I say we can never love, what if there is never a future it all ends here and now we’re not made for each other.. ” Kion stared back at me with a believing pout which almost got to me.

He leaned closer towards me I just froze.

His eyes darts to my lips and before I knew it he smacked his lips against mine.

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