(Everything was perfect)

~ Eva ~
Everything was perfect, until now.
I was froze on my place, my heart pounding so loudly that it feels like, it will jump out of my throat and run for hundreds of miles without stopping. Every nerve was tensed. My brain was jammed, stopped creating logic. His wide eyes were enough signal to show how shocked he too was.
Abandoning the date with Aaron, this is not what I came here for. The person I tried to chase after for last two years and now recently gave up isn’t supposed to be infront of my eyes. This is not supposed to be happen.
Ducking my head down I tried to breath. I can’t have God damn panic attack here. I need to be calm.
I have too many questions! The questions that need their answers! And now is the time.
Seeing his arm linked with Riley and a diamond ring in their fingers cleared the fact that never will be the time. No questions need their answers. These questions should remain questions till end.
So putting upon one of my fakest smile, I looked up. “Good evening, Mr. Woodwords. Finally I am able to meet you”, I said formally, keeping my emotions at bay. He was taken aback with my sudden formal greeting. But gulping his shock down he nodded.
“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. King” , While addressing me with my surname, his voice was somewhat venomous.
“Finally! Eva was really eager to meet you, Mr. Woodwords”, Aaron said. Let’s go to the library tomorrow and find 101 ways to kill someone. Because I am gonna kill Aaron tomorrow itself. Can’t he keep his mouth shut!
I covered my discomfort with another fake smile.
“Oh I see, well it explains. After all her wait is over”, he said smugly, pressing more on the “wait” word.
True, my wait is really over.
I chuckled. He still looks same. Only his those cyan blue eyes are covered with round glasses which gives him more mature look. He is still handsome.
His brow raised, and I averted my eyes. He caught me staring at him! Shit! How could I be more obvious. When I met his gaze again, there was a small hint of smirk playing on his lips.
I am uncomfortable. I need to get out of here as soon as possible.
I tugged on Aaron’s sleeve, he stopped his conversation with Riley who rolled her eyes as Aaron concentrated on me.
“I need to go home”, I whispered but he glared.
“We can’t. The cake cutting is not done yet. You were the adamant one on attending this party. Now suffer”, he hissed back and went on conversating with Riley.

What kind of husband is he!?
Can’t he see how uncomfortable I am.
I once again tugged on his sleeves and he sighed. “Please”, I begged and he shooked his head.
“Go to hell!”, I snarled and looked around for escape.
“Adam!”, I called out loudly and Adam looked around ignoring the flock of girls that he was talking to seconds ago. “Here”, I said and he raised his eyebrows.
“Excuse me”, with that I literally rushed towards him and clutched his arm tightly.
“Wh-what happened?”, He stuttered. The girls around him gave me their deadliest glares.
“Nothing. I am hungry”, I sheepishly admitted. I really was hungry.
“I am not the one to satisfy your hunger, darling. It’s him”, he teased pointing at Aaron.
“Shut up!”, I gritted and he chuckled.
“Excuse me, girls. I need to feed the tummy of my friend’s wife over here”, he winked at them and dragged me towards buffet.
Grabbing a plate, I started filling it and satisfied my hunger. I still could feel Liam’s eyes boaring holes in me. Why the hell is he staring like creep? Go and enjoy with your fiance!
The word fiance brought an uneasy feeling in my stomach.
“Are you full?”, Adam asked and I nodded over his question.
“I will just go and use restroom”, I said and scurried off to hide in restroom. To hide from his heated stare, that I know right now is following me.
Entering I closed door behind me and walked over to basin. Opening the tap, I washed my face and took deep breaths to calm my erratic heart beats.
Taking out the mouth freshner, I sprayed it in my mouth. I hate bad breaths! Even if it is mine, I feel like puking.
“Calm down, Eva! Nothing bad is gonna happen. Where the fuck is Chloe when I need her the damn most!”
I feel like crying, cursing, yelling and punching someone. What the fvck is he doing here now! Why now? Why not earlier?
“You are still the same!”, A deep husky voice said from behind me and I turned gasping loudly.
“What the hell are you doing here? Don’t you know this is ladies washroom!?”, I hissed lowly.
“I missed you”, his now soft eyes raked upon me. Like saving my every feature through eyes. “Damn! I really missed you”, the raspiness in his voice sent shiver down my spine, my toes curled in anticipation.
“Get out”, I pointed towards door. Ignoring my emotions.
With two long strides he was mere inches away from me. I was about to step back, but he pulled my by my waist and the next thing I know was his lips on mine.
They moved slowly but I was too froze to react.
What the heck, Eva?
Push him!
Push him away!
I did! Or should I say tried. His hold was firm, strong. And my arms were too weak to protest. He pulled out, resting his forehead on mine. His minty breath fanning my face.
“Please k!ss me. I missed you”, he begged. I don’t know what the hell came over me, but his begging broke my inner walls and I placed my lips on his.
I missed him. I did. And I can’t deny it. I missed his touch, I missed his murmuring of sweet nothings, I missed how his lips felt on me. I missed him so much.

Though I didn’t felt any tingling sensation or butterflies like I used to, but I have craved for him. I had yearned for his touch. And nothing more matters than to fullfill this crave.
He k!ssed me like there was no tomorrow. I did the same. Our lips moved in sync. Can’t getting enough of each other, I let his tongue enter as he asked for it. Immediately he explored my mouth, every corner, every inch of it. Our tongues tangled, breathings mingled, the excitement rose and he turned us over. His waist rested on the edge of washing area, and he pulled me as close as possible. My hands traveled over his chest, stopping behind his neck to play with his hair. The moment he sucked on my bottom lip, I m0aned.
My eyes squinted open a little and fell on the reflection of my hands, stopping at my wedding ring.
Realisation hit me, and I pushed myself away.
What the hell I was doing?!
How can I stoop so low!?
For God’s sake, I am married!
Though we don’t really behave like husband and wife, still the vows I took were real. I need to atleast respect the vows. And not to forget, we are dating since last two months.
How can I? I ch-cheated on Aaron. How will I face him now!?
“Eva? What happ-”
“Don’t touch me!”, I snapped and his eyes widened at my reaction.
Feeling ashamed of myself, I grabbed my clutch and dashed out only to bump into someone.
“Eva? Be careful”, Aaron said and I took a step back immediately. He frowned.
“I am fine”, I said.
“You don’t look though. And what happened to your lips? They looks so swelled? “, He asked and I slapped my palm over my mouth.
“I want to go home”, I pleaded and he nodded without protesting. He placed a hand around my shoulder but I moved away and walked out.
I am not worth of his attention. I don’t deserve a man like this. How the hell can I kiss Liam? It’s been two months since me and Aaron started dating but still never once we k!ssed. He knew what step we are in our relationship and never tried to trespass it. The least I can do is not kiss someone else.
How can I be so weak? How can I let that b@stard who left me two years ago come and k!ss me like nothing ever happened. Like nothing ever changed.
I hate myself. I hate myself for being so dumb. I hate myself to disrespect the purity of those vows I took infront of God. I hate myself to disrespect Aaron’s feelings.
“Eva what happened? Are you okay?”, Aaron asked, I dazedly turned towards him, recognising that we are already in parking lot.
“I am fine”, I answered, not being able to look into his caring beautiful green-blue orbs.
This man never once looked at any other woman and I kissed someone else. How much more pathetic can I be?
I feel like crying. But I can’t!
“Shall I take you somewhere?”, He asked expectedly.
“No. Can you please drop me at Chloe’s house. I want to sleep there today”, I said and his face dropped. But nonetheless he nodded.
We sat in car and the drive was silent. I couldn’t look at him and he won’t stop looking at me. Not to mention his eyes filled with immense care and concern.
I am sorry, Aaron. I am sorry for cheating on you.
A single tear escaped my eye and I immediately craned my neck towards window.

“Are your really okay, Little Warrior? “, He asked again.
“I am! Stop bugging me!”, I snapped feeling agitated. Shit!
“Ohh, I am sorry. I was just concerned”, he said but I didn’t dared to look at him.
The car stopped infront of Chloe’s apartment building, I grabbed the door handle to throw it open and run out. But before I can do that, Aaron turned me by my elbow and pulled me closer.
“Eva!”, He breathed, his knuckles caressing my face. “I am worried for you, Little Warrior. At least don’t ignore me. I don’t know what happened so suddenly but trust me I am here waiting for you. Take out all on me, just don’t ignore me. Please”, he pleaded and my eyes welled up. I throwed myself in his arms and sobbed. I don’t deserve him! He deserves someone better! Someone who will love him more than anyone else. Someone who will care for him. Someone who will not cheat on him.
“I-I ki-ki”, I hiccuped. I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t want to see hate for me in his beautiful eyes.
“Shhh! Don’t force yourself if you are not comfortable. I am just worried for you. If you need Chloe, go tell her. Share with her. You will feel good.”, He soothingly rubbed my back and I nuzzled myself more in his arms.
“Thanks”, I whispered and he tightened his hold.
“Should I wait for you here?”
“Okay. Have your girls night. I will see you tomorrow?”, He raised his eyebrows, I bobbed my head up and down as response. “Now don’t cry, you look ugly”, he said and I smiled slapping his arm playfully. He chuckled.
I stepped out and waved at him. His car soon disappeared in the darkness of night and I turned on my heels.
Ding dong! I heard the door bell’s faint noise and soon door was swing opened by Chloe.
“I thought it is Liza”, she mumbled sleepily and I entered pushing her aside.
“Where is she?”, I asked throwing my clutch on sofa.
“Night out with friends”, she answered and I nodded before plopping down on sofa.
“What happened?”, She asked coming closer.
“He is back”
“The fvck! What!? How?”, She shouted and kneeled down infront of me. “Are you okay?”, She asked and I shooked my head.
“I am not”, I answered truthfully.
“But how? I mean, I am really confused. So suddenly?”, She started blabbering to herself.
“He is Riley’s fiance.”, A sharp silence followed my sentence. I looked over and saw Chloe’s face, it resembled a dead body of morgue. Emotionless.
“I need water”, she scurried off inside kitchen and I sighed.
She came back after few seconds and sat across me. “Did Aaron realise that he is the same Liam?””, She asked and I answered with a no, she heaved a relaxing sigh. I kept fidgeting with my finger, debating over to tell her or not.
“I did something wrong”, I admitted and she frowned.
“What do you mean?”
“I cheated on Aaron”, I whispered, hanging my head down in shame.
“You did what?”, She asked incredulously standing up.
“I-I ki-k!ssed Liam”, I said and closed my eyes in fear, waiting for her outburst. “I mean he k!ssed me first”, quickly added in my defense.

“So you pushed him away as soon as he k!ssed you?”
“No, I k!ssed him back” I admitted embarassingly.
“You disappointed me”, with that she sat down and I looked at her shocked.
Her silence means over. If she is disappointed, that means you messed up a big time.
“I am sorry”
“Don’t be. It’s not me you should apologise to, it’s Aaron. ”
“I am scared”
“You should be. You broke that man’s trust. You broke my trust!”, She spat and strode inside bedroom slamming door behind her, I flinched.
An hour passed, and she came out only to enter straight inside kitchen. Came back with two coffee mugs, handed me one and sat back on her previous position.
“I am sorry, I reacted that way. I was just so angry”, she said and I nodded.
“What should I do now?”, I asked.
“What do you want?” I frowned over her question.
“What do you mean?”
“Aaron or Liam?”
“Are you out of your mind!? He is engaged! How can I expect him to come back to me”, I snapped.
“Then if he was not engaged and was willing to come back to you, you would have allowed him?”, Her jaw ticked in annoyance.
“N-no”, Why the hell did I have to stammer!?
“Then instead of k!ssing him back, don’t you think slapping and showing him his place would have been good option!?”, She snarled. “And why the hell did he kissed you in first place?”
Ashamed, I averted my eyes. “It was in the spur of moment”, I replied.
“That means it will never happen again?”, She asked and I nodded. “Good. It’s better that way. Now the only problem is how you will confess this to Aaron?”, She said to herself, my head jerked towards her in a snap.
“Can’t we keep it a secret?”, I asked feeling somewhat scare thinking about Aaron’s reaction.
“Trust is a base of every relationship. And you broke it. He needs to know your infidelity!”
“I just k!ssed him, not slept!”
“Shut up! It’s same. Or even if not, still you will confess everything to Aaron. He deserves to know!”, She said and I gritted my teeth in annoyance.
“What if he ends everything?”, I asked. The thought of him leaving me felt like someone churned my insides. It was a displeased feeling.
“It’s his decision. Right now what I know is that your husband gave you everything you wanted, his attention, care, love, respect still you kissed someone else. Then he needs to know”, she said glaring at me, like I committed some big crime.
I nodded defeatedly.
“Why didn’t you attended the party?”
“It was Riley’s party and Adam hosted it. I would rather kill myself than to go in his party and invite his non-stop fl!rting”, she groaned grimacingly.

After few minutes of talking, door bell rang and Liza came. She was surprised to see me, but I covered up saying that I missed them over which Chloe rolled her eyes.
I changed into Chloe’s night dress and we had another cup of coffee later on.
We soon retired to bed. I was lying beside Liza, but sleep was nowhere near me. I just couldn’t sleep. My thoughts started with Aaron’s concern and ended on Liam’s come back.

He has no right to kiss you after abandoning you for almost two years. And not to forget, that bastard is engaged. How dare he kissed someone who is married and when himself is engaged. Shameless!
I should have known better. He is not back for me, he is here for his fiance. And letting him k!ss me, also kissing him back was stupidiest mistake.
I miss Aaron!
Standing up I came out of Liza’s room and went inside Chloe’s room. She was on her laptop, working.
“Did I disturbed you?”
“Not really. What happened? Can’t sleep?”, she asked, I nodded.
“I want to go back.”, I told.
“How? It’s almost midnight”, she concernedly said.
“I will call Aaron-”
“Oh right! You husband will be here in a heartbeat on your one call, won’t he?”, She taunted, a smirk playing on her lips.
“Stop it, Chloe. I know I made a mistake, and I will confess it to him.”, I said annoyed over behaviour.
I called Aaron and waited for him to answer. “Hello?”, His voice wasn’t tired but still questioning, that means he didn’t saw the caller ID before picking up, and that concludes he is working.
“You are working, aren’t you?”, I asked.
“Eva? Are you okay? What happened? Why did you called me at this hour?”, He asked ignoring my earlier question.
“I want to come home. Can you pick me up?”
“Wait for me. I will be there in five minutes.”
And words said, he was true. He did came within five minutes. I sat inside and he switched on heater.
“Are you okay now?”
“Yeah I am fine now”
“How did it go? Did you tell everything to Chloe?”
“I did”
“What did she said?”
“To share with you”
“So what will you do?”
“I will, but not now. I need some time”
“Take your time”, he said placing his hand over mine. Soon we reached home. We went towards our room and I entered washroom.
After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I came out. He was half lied on bed, back resting on headboard and concentration on mobile. “Can you sleep with me tonight?”, I asked, for the first time. It was always him requesting this whenever he had a tired day or before business trip.
He kept mobile aside, and immediately opened his arm. I walked towards him and welcomed the warmth his arms provided. I rested my head on his chest and sighed in contentment. His fingers playing with my wedding ring.
“I love your wedding ring”
“It signifies that you are taken. Mine”, I heard him, but his embrace was too intoxicating to react, I felt drowsy and was soon pulled into a deep slumber.

Next Morning 8:00 AM
“Here’s your breakfast, Sky!”, I patted his head and he barked in happiness.
Going back to the kitchen, I opened fridge and found egg’s carton empty. “Knox, get some eggs please.”
“Sure madam”

I decided to chop veggies until then. “Let me do it dear”, Martha’s hoarse voice stopped me doing my chore and I turned towards her with a glare.
“Go back. You are not feeling well, how many times I have to tell you to rest!”, I scolded but she just chuckled.
“I am fi-”
“Sky!”, I called out and he came running inside kitchen. “Take Martha back to her room. She needs rest”, I said and he immediately grasped her dress, pulling her out. Defeated, she went back.
I went back to my chopping and after few minutes, I felt a pair of arms wrapping around my waist. I let out a squeal, but the enthralling sweet smell of cologne filled my nostrils and I sighed in relief realising that is is none other than Aaron.
“How many times have I told you not to scare me like this, Aaron”, I irritatedly asked while his chest vibrated due to his sexy chuckle.
“I love scaring you”, he whispered sensually and I gulped.
“Let me go. I am doing something”, I protested but he immediately obliged letting me go.
“Continue”, with a wink he left kitchen.
We had breakfast and left for office. “Will you be angry if I did something wrong?”, I asked while he was fumbling with music player.
“That depends on what you did”, he answered giving up on his struggle over music player.
“Something wrong”
“Obviously I will be angry”
“Will you hate me?”
“Of course not. I can never hate you”
His answer calmed my scared mind. At least there is a hope. Don’t hate me, Aaron. Stay true to your words please.
We reached office and he went on his own way after placing a k!ss on my forehead.
I entered in and found Ethan already inside.
I smiled at him while did the same.
“Liam is back, isn’t he?”, He asked and I turned speedily.
“How do you know!?”
“I am his friend, Eva”, he shrugged smugly. I decided to ignore him and diverted my attention front.
At lunch I picked up our lunch boxes and strolled towards elevator. The elevator stopped on top floor and doors opened revealing Adam. As soon as he noticed me, a grim expression formed on his face.
What happened to him?
“What happened, Adam?”, I asked stepping out.
“Don’t pretend that you don’t know. Tell Aaron everything before I do it!”, He hissed and I flinched. There was no care-free, smiling and joking Adam infront of me anymore. Instead was a person who will not think twice before stabbing me right in the chest.
“Wh-what are you ta-talking about?”, I stuttered blinking rapidly.
“You think no one saw you!? I did, Mrs. King. I saw you coming out of ladies washroom flustered, immediately followed by that bastard Liam. I don’t know how my innocent sister fell for his trap but I will rectify that mistake too. But right now, tell Aaron about your infidelity before I do it. And I swear you will not like my version of truth”, he warned and my eyes widened.
He knows!
He freaking knows!
“Am I clear?”
I nodded in response. Walking past me, shoving me on shoulder he entered elevator and was gone.
“Took you long enough”, Aaron said as soon as I entered his office. I fake smiled and motioned him to come and have lunch.
All the while I kept glancing at him while he just continued eating.

Later same evening, 8:00 PM
“What happened? You seem tired?”, I asked as Aaron loosened his tie and lied down on bed.
“This new amusement park project is eating me out and to top that, the shipping thing. I am tired”, he groaned and I chuckled.
“I need to talk to you, Aaron”, I said and he immediately sat up.
“I need to say something before that”, he said and I nodded for him to continue. “Let’s go on a date tomorrow. We already missed last one because of Riley’s birthday. And I want to tell you something important too”, he grinned.
I am afraid you will remember about date anymore once I tell you everything.
“Okay”, I said and his grin widened, dimples deepening more.
“Okay now your turn.”, He said and I sighed.
You can do it, Eva.
Just tell and get over it!
“Huh? Yup, so you need to promise something before hand”, I asked and be nodded.
“Please don’t hate me”, I pleaded.
“What is it, Eva? You are scaring me!”, He said sternly and I gulped.
Now or never!
“Riley’s fiance, Liam Woodwords is none other but my ex boyfriend Liam”, I said, his eyes widened and lips parted in surprise.
“He k!ssed me”, I said and he immediately stood up.
“What the fvck!?”, His voice boomed making me flinch, and shake unbearably. “That b@stard!”, He strode towards door.
“I k!ssed him back”, I blurted out and he stopped on his tracks. He turned with such dark eyes that can have a demon to run scared with his tail between his legs. I immediately averted my eyes, not being able to cope up with the fire his eyes hold.
“Tell me it’s not true?”, he asked menacingly low.
“I am sorry”, I whispered ducking my head down in shame.
“Don’t do this to me, Eva. Please”, his voice made a drastic change. It was a plead, which broke me.
I looked up expecting hate for myself in his eyes, but they were filled with hurt. Only hurt.
Ooof! What an a$shole that Liam is!
Why is he back though?
Is he really back for Eva? Or their encounter is just an accident.
If Liam was not engaged and was willing to come back in Eva’s life, will she allow him?
Will Aaron be heartbroken at the end? Our poor boy just now found someone to share his everything and once again gonna be lonely! Tsk tsk!

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