Story By Skwookie



~ Eva ~
Why would she do that?
Is she insane!?
How can she?
Aaron didn’t even wait for me when we reached hospital. Immediately throwing door open, he ran out. With me trying to keep up with his speed.
“Riley Davis?”, The receptionist looked at him like he is someone she thought would never see.
“He asked something I guess!”, I snapped irritatedly, she flushed.
“Uhh, yeah sorry. Room two not four, third floor”, was her reply. We rushed towards elevator. He was continuously rubbing his palms together, tapping his foot simultaneously.
“Aaron, don’t worry. She must be fine”, I tried to assure but he shook his head.
“You don’t know how much broken Adam sounded on phone.”, He replied heaving a deep sigh.
As soon as elevator opened, he dashed out with me following behind.
“Adam!”, Aaron breathed out when we entered inside.
Riley was on bed, the beeping sound of monitor confirming her fine health. Her eyes were closed, and a broad bandage covering her left hand wrist.
“Shh, both are sleeping”, I was shocked to see Chloe sitting there, on couch with Adam’s head on her lap.
What the heck!
“What are you doing here?”, I asked in whisper, catching her attention towards me.
“Adam called me. He was crying very badly. I couldn’t stop myself”, she shrugged, her hand caressing his scalp.
“How is she?”, Aaron asked pointing his question towards Riley.
“She is okay now. Due to massive blood loss, she is warned to have strict bed rest for almost two weeks”, he sighed in relief at her answer.
“Aa-Aaron, is that yo-you?”, A croaked voice asked. We turned towards the source to find Riley forwarding her hand weakly for Aaron. He was quick to rush by her side, palming her hand in his large one.
“Yes, it’s me. I am here”, he answered rubbing her hand, sitting on the stool beside her bed. She weakly smiled.
“I knew you would come”, she said, squinting her eyes half open.
“Yeah, I did”, his another hand now went up on her forehead, fondling it gently. My own hands balled in fist, and I averted my gaze which then gained pity from Chloe. I nodded in understanding.
“I missed you”, she sounded weak and strengthless, soon her eyes watered and tears fell within no time. He was immediate to wipe them away though.
“Shhh, don’t cry. Look I am here. With you-”
“Please don’t go”, she pleaded clutching his fingers tightly.
“I will not. I am here and I not gonna go until you start running like Usain Bolt!”, He chuckled, she smiled at his attempt of joke.
What a scene!
Both look like Jack and Rose having their last moment. I rolled my eyes and took my leave, as I had no interest in staring at my husband and a maniac who is just trying to get my husband’s attention.

I waited until Aaron decides to come back. As soon as he came out, I stood up.
“Let’s go?”
“Yeah, you can go. I will stay here”, his answer had my temper to rise quickly but I kept quite. I am here, sitting in the lounge area for almost three hours and still he wants to stay?
“Fine!”, I turned and walked out. But didn’t missed the sigh he exhaled as I walked away.
How could he?
She is not his responsibility! It’s me!
Yeah I understand she is in hospital and needs someone beside her and all that. But he is not that someone! It’s Adam and her family. Not my husband!
It’s around 1:00 am right now, and he wants me to go alone at this hour?
“Eva, let’s go”, I spotted Mr. Moore leading my way towards car.
What is he doing here?
“Mr. King called me to escort you till home”, he answered my unasked question, I nodded.
“My pleasure. How is she by the way?”
“Okay”, was my curt reply. His instant snicker at my answer had me frown.
“Don’t be jealous. He only loves you.”
“Why would I be jealous?”, My eyebrows rosed, I opened the door for passenger side and sat inside on leather seat.
“I know Riley’s love for Aaron. Well, everyone knows. Mr. King is just plain stupid to not understand it”, he replied while sitting inside and closing door behind him.
“He is!”, I nodded confirming it. He laughed loudly at that.
As soon we reached home, I bidded Mr. Moore good night and entered in. Living room was quite and deserted signalling that everyone must be sleeping.
Thoughts didn’t stopped their followed occurence of one after another in my mind. I too was heartbroken once. But suicide is not the option. Why Riley tried to kill herself doesn’t need someone of high IQ to answer. Anyone can tell that she did it for Aaron’s attention. But suicide? Taking your own life, just because you want someone else to notice you. That’s not what a strong person should do. When I first met Riley, I thought so highly of her. A strong, independent, and a confident woman. However, people can’t be judged by their appearance and behaviour. They can be deceiving!
Whatever happens, I know its me Aaron will chose over everyone else. But still that nagging feeling of mind doesn’t seem to stop.
“Bad Night, Sweet Nightmares, Mr. King”, I mumbled to myself as soon as lied down on bed after changing into comfortables.

Following Morning, 6:20 AM
I woke up at the disturbing noise coming from closet. When I opened my eyes, the lights were already on. Getting off bed, I made my way towards closet.
Aaron was fumbling with his shirts, when my eyes fell on his shirtless frame.
Immediately running towards him, I encircled my arms around his waist hugging him tightly.
“Shit! You scared me”, he chuckled, while turning around to face me.
I kept accusing him of being the insecure one, until now when I felt this feeling growing deep inside me. I too am an insecure one.
He dipped his head down to kiss me but I turned my head away. His brow furrowed.
“I haven’t brushed”, I said, he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t mind!”, He said again coming closer.
“But I do”, I said turning my head away yet again. He sighed in defeat.
“Fine, go brush. I am dying to kiss you.”, He flicked my nose, I nodded and pecked his cheek before rushing out and towards bathroom.
After fifteen minutes I came out, only to find no one in room. “Aaron?”, I called out but no answer.
My eyes fell upon a yellow colour chit sticked to the mirror, I plucked it out.
Riley called, need to go. Love you. Bye!
Of course, Riley is more important right now. Not your wife, who was alone in this huge mansion since last night waiting for you.
Crumpling the note, I throwed it in dustbin and got ready for office.
“Reply to all these emails, Eva.”, Mrs. Smith gave me my first task as soon as I was in office, with her preferred coffee. I nodded in agreement and went towards my cubicle.
The work took less than two hours. Whole day I didn’t got glimpse of Aaron. I heard that he was here, but at lunch time when I went to his floor, Stella told me that he left for hospital.

Two Days Later,
It’s been two days like this. With the same routine. He comes at morning, gets ready and leaves even before I wake up. At office, during lunch he again visits hospital. Comes back, works and then back to hospital until midnight. And the cycle continues.
After completing my office work, I told Mr. Moore to drive me till hospital.
“Hey”, I greeted Adam when noticed him fumbling with his car keys, trying to lock the car.
“Hi! Thanks for coming”, he smiled. He looks relaxed and fine now.
“Please don’t say like that. How is she now?”, I asked.
“She is good. Doctor said that she is recovering fastly.”, He replied and nodded for me to join him to go inside.
I waved at Mr. Moore before following Adam. “That’s good! Where is Aaron?”
“Umm, he is in the room. Feeding her!”
“Why? Aren’t nurses available?”, I bite my tongue, face-palming myself mentally.
Why the heck did I said something like that.
“I am sorry. I didn’t mean it that way”, though I literally mean the same!
“No, it’s fine. Actually she denied every help so Aaron took the lead”, he shrugged.
Ohh yeah? She denies help from those who are paid to help her, but accepts from someone who has a business empire to handle!?
The room was filled with her annoying giggle and his beautiful laugh when we entered inside. Both turned to look at us, I gave Riley a small forced smile, she did the same. Aaron tried to catch my eyes, but I purposely avoided his stare.
He doesn’t deserve my attention after what he did that morning. I was so eager to k!ss him and he just went like that!
“Shit! I forgot to bring coffee for us. I will get it!”, Adam said turning back.
“No, wait. I will get it. You stay”, I said stopping him.
“You sure?”, He questioned, I nodded in confirmation.
It took me ten minutes to reach till hospital cafe. It was busy. With doctors, staff and other people running around. Either with their phones or coffee mug in hand.

“Three Latte please”, the lady behind the counter nodded, repeating my order to the young boy behind her.
I got my order within no time, after paying her and getting my change back, I turned.
“Eva?”, Liam’s waving hand caught my attention, I stopped in my tracks.
What is he doing here?
Until I could comprehend his sudden visit, he was infront of me smiling widely.
“Hey!”, He breathlessly greeted.
“Hi? You here? What about London?”, I questioned.
“That was cancelled. I need to attend few meetings here in New York before I go back to London”, he answered, I bobbed my head up and down.
“Came to visit, Riley?”, I queried.
“That bitch? Ughh, no!”, I wanted to laugh really hard at the face he made to show his disgust for Riley but I resisted.
“I need to talk to you”, I sighed at his reply.
“Look Liam, our last meet really messed up a big time for me-”
“It’s about Aaron and you”, he said cutting me off.
“Give me five minutes. Let’s sit and talk?”, He suggested, I nodded motioning him to take a seat around empty table.
“So, you were saying something?”, I said sliding all three coffee cups beside.
“You know that even I am immensely drunk, still I remember everything when I sober up?”, I nodded. No matter how much drunk he is, he has a great memory!
“What about it?”
“Yesterday I was in club, drinking. I know I shouldn’t but still the rejection hurts you know”, his shoulders rosed, I rolled my eyes.
“Continue”, I encouraged waving my hand for him to go on.
“Yeah, so I was quite drunk when a guy approached me. I don’t remember how exactly he looked, but what he said is still sharp in my memory.”
“What are you talking about?”
“He said that he knows about you and me. He knows how you rejected and chose Aaron over me. How my ego would have been damaged and all that blah blah.”
“He wants to destroy you and Aaron, Eva. More particularly Aaron. And want my help in it. For me, it will be revenge “, The way he said it, shook me from core.
“Wh-What are you talking about? Why would someone want to destroy Aaron?”, On my question he facepalmed himself.
“He is right now ruling business world. Of course there would be so many enemies behind him, trying to get one chance to destroy him”, he replied. “God! Praising him left a bitter taste in my mouth!”, Added with a groan.
“How could I believe you?”, I bite back.
“Then don’t. I love you, not him. So I don’t care what happens to him. But for you, I do. My duty was to tell you about all this, further it’s your decision!”, He shrugged and stood up.
I stopped him by holding his wrist and made him sit back.
“I believe you”, at my immediate reply his eyes widened in surprise.
“So suddenly?”, He taunted.
“No, idiot. I believe you because something like this happened few months back too!”, I said, he released his wrist from me and leaned forward. I leaned back.

“What do you mean?”
“I got an unknown message. Saying that ‘protect your husband before I destroy him!’ “, I repeated the text I got few months back.
“Can I see the text?”, I shook my head at that.
“Thinking that it must be some childish prank, I deleted message as well the number”, he breathed deeply at my reply.
“Chloe! Ask her to retrieve the data!”, He said out of the blue.
How the hell I didn’t thought of it!?
“Yeah, she is the best choice!”, I smiled.
“That’s it!”, We hi-fied each other.
“I will call her immediately after reaching home!”, I said, he nodded.
“Tell me if you get anything”, he reminded me.
“And here I was concerned why you were late!”, An accusing voice said, I tilted my head up to see Aaron standing behind Liam, with fury in his eyes.
Ohh, so now he remembers his wife?
I don’t care!
“I will see you soon?”, Liam’s expectant filled question had my nod of agreement.
“Sure”, confirming it verbally, we stood up. After giving each other a quick hug, he left while passing a nod of acknowledgement at Aaron on his way.
“You here? I thought you would be still feeding Riley. After all she couldn’t accept anyone else’s help except you!”, I sneered before walking past him after grabbing the coffee cups, that were now cold.
“At least she have a reason to behave like that. What about your sudden coffee date with that b@stard?”, He snapped back while following me.
“Coffee date?”, I let out a humorless chuckle. “Yeah sure, my ideal coffee date is hospital cafe!?”, I bite back sarcastically before entering elevator, my desperate husband still hot on my tail.
As soon as the doors of elevator closed shut, I was pinned to the metal wall with his tight grip on my waist.
“Why was he here?”, I rolled my eyes at his question, focusing my attention towards the coffee cups in my hands.
“Jealous much?”, I mumbled under my breath, his hold tightened.
“Why the hell he was here? And you two looked quite happy!? Laughing and hi-fieing each other!?”, He spite out bitterly.
“The same way, you and Riley are behaving around each other?”, I asked back.
“She is sick for God’s sake!”, His voice hard, letting his bottle up frustration out on me.
“Yeah, she is sick! Mentally sick! She needs psychiatric help, not you!”, I yelled feeling agitated.
“Don’t. Shout!”, He warned.
“Yeah? I will! So? And don’t you dare give the shitty comeback of kissing to shut me up!”, I yelled again.
“I didn’t even thought of that! Thanks for the idea!”, He smirked.
“Wha-“, my words were unsaid when his soft lips landed on mine. I thought he will be harsh, but he wasn’t. At all. Instead, his lips were gentle and slow. Passionate, filled with yearn and crave.
His lips left mine, when I couldn’t fought the urge to breath. I took a sharp intake of air. His lips didn’t stop though, they kept placing wet sloppy k!sses over my cle@vage. My hold on coffee mugs tightened.
Ding! One sound, and his body left mine. The doors opened, and he was back to his royal self. Brisk and straight. While I was panting like an asthma patient.

“Go back home!”, He ordered after grabbing the coffee cups from my hand. Turning, he left and soon was out of my sight.
Don’t know why? But it felt like something was falling apart. Like I am left all alone, and he will never come back.
My childhood was filled with deaths and struggle. My own parents were snatched away, leaving me with my small sister. When I found a friend and life partner in Liam, he too ran away. And when I met Aaron, our initial relationship itself was filled with complications and rage. But now when we finally want nothing more than a simple happy life, some obsessed person comes in between?
Why can’t our love story be sweet and simple. Without any problems. A story, where we met, fell in love, married, had kids and happily ever after. Why at every step we need to prove our love, either to each other or to world.
I want him. He wants me. It’s as simple but as complicated as that.
When the door was about to close, a person was rushing to get in. I couldn’t see his face clearly as my vision was blurred, signalling that I am on the verge of crying.
I let my hand slip between closing door, causing them to open again.
“Thank you”, the person said entering inside. I nodded.
“Here”, he handed me his handkerchief noticing my welled up eyes.
“Thanks”, I said and took the handkerchief. Wiping my tears away, I took a deep breath to calm myself down.
When I turned at my side to give him his handkerchief back, I observed that he was wearing a mask and white coat. A Doctor.
“Here”, I forwarded his handkerchief for him to take. He shook his head, his icy dark blue eyes sparkled as he smiled through his mask.
“It’s fine! You need it more”, he said before walking out of the elevator as soon as it opened.
I examined the handkerchief that he left behind, only to notice initials woven with black thread at the corner of it. Probably his name.
Shrugging off the weird creepy feeling, I kept the piece of cloth in my clutch and made my way towards parking lot.

“Chloe, I need to meet you”, I said when entered living room. Sky rushed beside my side, I patted his head and walked upstairs towards my room.
“Why? What happened?”
“Just tell when you can meet me. I will tell you then”, I said throwing my clutch on bed before walking inside closet.
“Tomorrow evening?”
“Yeah, sure. See you then. Bye”, I bidded her goodbye and took out my sleepwear.
I had dinner alone. Not really, as Martha was beside me, giving me company. I asked her to join me, but she said she already ate.
After mumbling a good night through my yawning mouth, I left to sleep.
“Bad night, sweet nightmares, Mr. King”, I mumbled to myself after lying on the bed and let sleep took over me.
I woke up when felt something soft caressing my stomach. A moan left my mouth and I crawled closer towards the source.
“Damn! I missed you so much!”, A husky voice whispered in my ear. My eyes shot opened and I found myself beneath Aaron’s large frame. His mouth was sucking and nibbling over my clavicle.
What the fuck!? How the hell did we ended in this position!?
Soon his hands tried to take off my top but I stopped my overflowing harmones as well his hands and pushed myself away from him. He frowned.

Picking up the pillow and mattress, I stood up only to be pulled back on bed.
“What the hell, Eva!”, He snapped. I clenched my jaw to stop myself from punching him in the guts.
“Hell yourself!”, I hissed while struggling to get out of his grip. His face soften.
“I am sorry, okay! I was just angry that you met him again! Despite knowing what happened last time when you did the same mistake!”, He whispered convincingly, his hands sensually rubbing sides of my hips.
“Leave me, Aaron!”, I shouted, he shook his head.
“I really missed you, Eva. I said I am sorry. Let’s just continue where we left off?”, He suggestively wiggled his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.
“Promise me, you won’t go back to hospital!”, I demanded, his hold immediately loosened.
Okay, that hurts!
Suddenly he stood up and passed a furious hand through his hair. “How many times I have to tell you that I ONLY LOVE YOU! D@MMIT!”, He yelled while throwing his hands up in the air.
“Then how many time I have to tell you that I ONLY LOVE YOU!”, I mocked him, his eyes darkened and aura suddenly screamed threat.
“Until I believe!”, He gave a curt nod. “Cause it was not me in love for almost twelve years!”, Added lowly.
Is he insane!
I gave him my v!rginity for fvcks sake! How much more do I need to prove him!
“What do you know how it feels like when someone leaves you? Huh! You lived like an orphan after all! What do-“” I stopped myself when realised what shit I was talking.
‘That was a low blow, Eva!’ , my conscience mocked.
“Right. How would I know what loneliness is? After all I lived like an orphan, with no one around. Thanks for the reality check, wifey!”, He replied sarcastically after gulping down the pain I caused.
“I am sorry, Aaron. I didn’t mean to say it!”, I rushed towards him but he stopped me by my shoulders.
“I need to go!”, He declared and was out after few seconds.
“Aaron! Aaron, I am sorry. Aar-“, I stopped screaming when his car was quick to speed off from driveway.
I hope he doesn’t go back to that b!tch!
After few hours, back was his drunken self. He couldn’t even walk properly. I stood up from couch, where I was seated waiting for him and went by his side.
“Careful!”, I whispered encircling my one arm around his waist, to prevent him from falling. The way towards our room was filled with my stumbling and his unstoppable senseless blabbering.
“Excuse me!”, He smiled cutely with his eyes closed when I made him sit on the bed.
“What?”, I asked, before crouching down to take off his shoes.
“Woah! You look like my wife!”, He palmed his mouth, eyes wide and expressions were like he saw something unbelievable.
“Because I am your wife”, I replied while taking off his socks.
“No! She is rude! You are not”, he said emphasizing his words while waving his hands around to signify their importance.
“She is sorry”, I whispered silently after sitting beside him.
“She should be. She hurted me!”, He pouted with his hand against his left side of chest.
I took his hand to remove the wrist watch. “She loves you. Don’t be angry over her”, I said softly.

“She loves me!?”, His eyes twinkled as they shone in happiness.
“She loves you so much. More than she had ever loved someone else!”, I said cupping his face in my hands.
“More than she loved Liam?”, He asked innocently.
“At the extent that she can’t imagine her life without you!”, I answered, he grinned showing off his dimples.
“Really!”, He clapped his hand in excitement.
“Yeah”, I chuckled.
“Ughh! My head hurts”, clutching his head, he groaned. I helped him out of his blazer.
“No! Don’t. My wife will be angry if you saw me naked!”, He stopped by gripping my wrist when I was about to unbutton his shirt.
“She won’t be”, I assured but he shook his head.
I placed my lips against his to distract him. It worked as he was quick to respond. Capturing my bottom lip in his teeth, giving it a slight pull, he grabbed my waist and brought me closer.
“Done!”, I gave him last peck and removed his shirt. He gasped dramatically.
“You cheated!”, He accused falling on bed.
“And you cheated on your wife!”, I replied while loosening his belt.
“Ohh my god! Yes! But you tricked me!”, He said turning on his stomach. Causing me to fall on his back as my hand got stuck under him when I was trying to remove his belt.
Turning him back, I pulled duvet over his half naked body. Covering myself in it too.
All I want is to be with him. If he is water, I want to be the flow. If he is air, I want to be the wind. If he is night, I want to his moonlight. If he is music, I want to be his peaceful symphony. But I want him to complete me. Without him I am nothing.

11:39 AM, Next Morning.
I woke up to an empty bed. Getting off, I checked inside closet, and then in bathroom but found no one. Disappointed, I got ready for office.
And here I was hoping to wake up while cuddling each other!
When I was brushing my hair, two strong arms enveloped me in their embrace and I immediately broke out in tears.
I thought he was angry and won’t come back!
“Hey, shh! Don’t cry my, Little Warrior.”, He whispered soothingly and turned me on my place. “Come here”, making me sit on bed, I rested my head against his chest while he rubbed my back to calm me.
“I am sorry for last night. I swear I didn’t mean it.”, I mumbled through my sobs.
“I know, Little Warrior. I know. Let’s just forget about it. Huh? C’mon, smile! You look ugly when you cry!”, He pinched my cheeks, I swatted his hand away before slapping him playfully. “Smile!”, He insisted, I shook my head stubbornly. “You won’t?”, He challenged, I nodded.
On my answer he started tickling me mercilessly. I laughed and laughed until tears came out of my eyes.
“That’s like my girl!”, He cuddled me in his arms. I sighed in relief as his hands stopped.
“I love you!”, I pecked his lips, he smiled.
“I love you too!”, He declared in loud voice before kissing me like there’s no tomorrow.
One thing led to another and soon we were n@ked in each other’s embrace. Making love to each other repeatingly, filling the void and emptiness that our bodies and mind craved for since these past few days.

“Loving you is never enough”, he said k!ssing my forehead. My cheeks heated and I shied away from his dark gaze.
My eyes fell on the clock that read 5:00 PM. Panick filled me.
“Shit!”, I screeched while coming out of sheets, immediately running inside closet. Getting the clothes, I rushed in bathroom, took another bath and got ready.
“What the hell, Eva! Come back!”, Aaron opened his arm, calling me to fill the space beside.
Though the offer was damn tempting, I need to go. “I have to meet Chloe. I need to leave”, I said while brushing my hair with comb.
“Why? No-“, he stopped as the sheets slipped down. Immediately clutching them in his grip, he bought them up.
“Aww, is my baby shy?”, I cooed flicking his nose, he nodded smiling cutely.
“Come to your shy baby. He misses you”, he purred out lovingly with his arms wide open.
“I would have. But meeting her is important”, I said after giving him a short kiss on lips. His cheeks puffed out in irritation.
“Let’s go on a dinner date tonight?”, He suggested, I confirmed it with a nod. “By the way, what’s with this sudden meeting?”, He questioned.
“I need something that only she can give me.”, I replied absentmindedly.
“Stop talking in puzzle, Eva!”, Aaron’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
“I will tell you once I confirm my doubt. You continue your leftover work until then, my workholic husband!”, I said getting my clutch. Pecking him one last time, I left.

“Hey, Black Hat Girl!”, I greeted smiling widely once Chloe opened door. She rolled her eyes.
“So, what do you want?”, I feeded her with the information.
“Why would you believe, Liam?”, She asked.
“I don’t know. I don’t want to, but something inside me says to believe him”, I replied.
“Your phone”, I handed her my phone. She strode towards her so called store room, I followed her.
“How much time?”
“Fifteen minutes max”, I nodded and sat down on sofa.
Exactly after fifteen minutes she came back.
“Is this the message and number?”, She asked flaunting the litted screen infront of my face.
“Yes!”, I nodded immediately.
“Give me half hour to trace the mobile number!”, She said. I sat back, fiddling with my fingers in anticipation.
“The number is untraceable, babes. I think it was destroyed immediately after sending that threatening message.”, She said as her fingers speedily worked on keyboard.
“But who owns it?”
“It says that the number never existed. No past records, no past locations could be tracked!”, She groaned.
“Do you think it’s a prank then? I don’t think it is!”, I said. My palms were sweaty and heart picked up it’s race. Beating wildly against my ribcage.
“I need to find at least something!”, She mumbled to herself, ignoring my question.
Does someone really wants to destroy, Aaron? But why? Okay, I know is he is a big businessman and all that. But my husband is too sweet for someone to plan of revenge against him. He is too innocent even for that word!
Two hours went by still with nothing. Me trying to dodge off the creepy, scary feelings that doesn’t seems to stop while her eyes were craned on the computer screen.
“Milan!”, She suddenly smiled in victory.
“I couldn’t track the exact place. But this number was last used in Milan!”, She repeated in detailed explanation.
My phone vibrated and I took it out from clutch. Suddenly I was fumbling with my phone as panick caught my actions. A relief wash over me when I heard Aaron’s voice healthy and fine.
“I will be leaving soon”, I affirmed him through my breathless voice.
“Come soon. I am waiting for you all ready and dressed up like bride waiting for her first night!”, He whined, I chuckled.
“Sure, baby. I am coming.”, I said before disconnecting the call.
“XR?”, Chloe’s voice interested my attention, I saw her holding the same handkerchief which that unknown doctor gave me yesterday. “Whose is it?”
“It’s a long story”, I replied while taking the handkerchief back from her hand and pushing it inside my clutch.
“Thanks for the information. We will talk about this later. I need to go right now”, I said giving her a quick hug.
She escorted me till door and I left waving a goodbye at her.

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