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“Kimberly, what is going on? Please talk to me.” He said still very confused but scared.

“Why don’t you just go to her? Why do you have to pretend that it is me you want?” she asked in anger and tears.


“Her? Babe, I don’t understand what you are talking about. Who is her?” he asked approaching her and Kim looked away still weeping.

“Baby please talk to me. I need to know what is going on, you know I would never hurt you.” He said and she gazed at him.

“Really? So what does this mean?” She asked raising her phone to him and when he saw what was in it he became so shocked.

“Isn’t that you hugging Ruby?” Kim asked dropping the phone carelessly on the bed and Landon shook his head.

“Oh my God, Kim I swear it Isn’t what you think. I swear it isn’t. Please believe me.” He said and she narrowed her eyes.

“Believe you! This very day you told me you left the hospital for a business meeting right?

And all I get to find out now is that you were with Ruby, your P.A and you expect me to believe you?

I believed you when you told me you went for a meeting!” She yelled in fury and Landon bowed his head.

I knew he couldn’t defend himself in any way. He just needed her to believe all he says and didn’t think that would be possible.

“Kimberly, I swear on my life. I am not with Ruby.” He said calmly.

“Really? So why were you caught hugging her? Didn’t you see how happy she looked? She was so happy she had you wrapped in her arms.” Kim uttered and Landon reached for her hand to hold it, but she moved her hand away.

“Kimberly, I love you and would never do this to you. Ruby is with my best friend, I would never do such a thing to him too.

That very day I needed her to help me get something. We were done and I gave her a friendly hug because she helped me without second thoughts.” He explained remorsefully.

“She didn’t think twice because she likes you, and then you went ahead to give her more hope by hugging her.

Have you forgotten you went out to pick up a call today? Something you have never done. And then you came back to tell me that you wanted to discuss business with Ruby.

If it was truly a business chat why did you have to excuse yourself?” Kim asked with so much determination to know what was exactly going on.

“Kim I love you so much. I am doing all these because of you.” He said and Kim opened her mouth and scoffed.

“Really? For me? You know what Landon. Please excuse me, I need to relax. This is too much for me.” She said laying on the bed and turning her back against Landon.

He stood up and moved out of the room silently. He knew this couldn’t be a work of Ruby, he had no one in mind other than Alex.

“He did this. I promise he is going to pay.” He mumbled to himself walking to the living room to look for Peter. He knew he was the only one that could help him talk to Kimberly.

He saw Peter sitting on the couch and watching TV. He walked closer to him and sat on the couch next to him.

“Have you explained yourself to her?” Peter asked and Landon nodded slowly.

“But she wouldn’t listen.” He responded and Peter bobbed.

“I didn’t expect her to listen either, after telling me her part of the story. But I wouldn’t judge until I hear from you.” He stated.

“I would never hurt her and you know this. The day at the hospital, that I excused myself I wanted to get an engagement ring for Kimberly.

Right there in the hospital, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.” He said paused to see Peter’s reaction.

“I am listening,” Peter said paying rapt attention.

“I couldn’t get the ring alone, all on my own. I needed a lady to help me pick one that Kimberly would love as a lady.

I thought about who could help me with this task and I found no one except Ruby. I have no female friends except her.”

“This was why I called her and asked for her help. She aided to my call and I went to pick her, after all the pondering on which she would love best, Ruby chose one.

I had to take her to her house and to show how much I was thankful I offered a hug to her.”

“I never knew someone was around waiting to capture us. That was all that happened, if it was left the stupid cameraman would have taken that too.” He stopped narrating and Peter sighed.

“At least you should have told me at the hospital, I would have been able to defend you in front of Alex.” He said and Landon frowned.

“I knew he would be the one to cause all this havoc. He just hates me.” Landon said and Peter sighed.

“And what of today? You told Kim you were going to see Ruby. What was that about?” Peter asked and Landon swallowed hard.

“thank God you asked. Here is the receipt of the reservation we took. We went to get a restaurant that I would be using for the proposal.

She helped in calling designers to decorate the place too.” Landon explained and Peter smiled.

“I must say you are one romantic guy with an overthinking girlfriend.” He said and Landon sighed.

“I just need her to trust me and believe me. I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. I wouldn’t cheat on her.” He said sadly and Peter nodded.

“I know and now I understand. To be honest I never believed all that Alex said Kimberly because I know he is nothing but a motherfking prevaricator.

But I had to points to defend you in front of Kim.” He said and Landon nodded.

“I know, but now you do Can you help me find a way to do that?” Landon asked.

“I can do that.” Both of them heard someone say and the door shut. They turned to see Ruby behind them.

“Ruby? What are you doing here?” Landon asked in shock and they both stood up from the couch and approached her.

“I sensed something was going on when I caught a man taking pictures of us when we hugged,” Ruby said and Landon and Peter exchanged looks.

“you saw him? Peter asked and she nodded.

“I did see him and I knew he wanted to use that picture for something. If not for me then for Landon.

You mentioned about Kim been suspicious about your movement with me in the restaurant, so I decided to come and calm her down before the picture causes a problem.” She said and Landon sighed in relief.

“He brought the picture here already. And thank you for being so sensitive.

Please can you help me talk to her now? I don’t want to lose her.” He said and Ruby smiled.

“Sure. I can’t let her lose you too.” She said walking to the and Peter smiled looking at Landon who looked super happy that Ruby was around to save him.


Who else has forgotten how we hated Ruby before?? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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