Family Bride Episode 1 – The End

Family Bride
? Episode 01?

June’s POV
Oh no…. Traffic why? and it’s almost 10..I must be there by 9 ,I’m late already.

Driver:I’m sorry ma’am

June:Is there no other way to get there?

Driver:No ma’am I’m so sorry

June:It’s okay you didn’t cause the Traffic anyway.

June grab her purse and she alighted from the car forgetting the rose given to her by Mrs Harshell.

Driver: Ma’am….please wait don’t trek I’ll order for…

June is out of sight already and she ran through the cars on hold.
She ran for 3 minutes and now she’s exhausted,she removed her high heels and stopped by a clear road to stop a taxi but the area is clear no cars at all.

Out of nowhere,a luxurious car appeared and the driver despite the speed seems to notice a lone soul on the silent road but the beauty and awesome shape of the lady attracted him.

June stepped back as the car reversed

The windscreen rolled down with June’s reflection disappearing from the glass.

The anonymous driver didn’t even talk to her from the car. He got down removing his jacket.
It’s Alex.

Alex didn’t wait for June to say anything and he covered her body from the harsh sun
His soft and cool voice so soothing at the moment
“Do you need a lift?

June was surprised to see a stranger caring for her out of nowhere.

Alex:I guess that’s a yes( he smiled)
Alex help her to the car but she’s still surprised.

Alex keep on driving without saying a word, June was staring at him as well for the fact that they’re sitting so close,his cologne smell like killer…his well shaped lips in bow form,his thick eyebrows and scattered eyelashes which look like it was handmade.

June was so lost
“what’s happening to my life lately? he’s so handsome…I guess only rich people are good looking…oh no and I’m getting married very soon.

Alex noticed her blue eyes lost in her thoughts,he couldn’t look away as well

Alex’s POV
I only helped her because she’s sexy just like my taste…but now she look Divine…look at those cute no stop it Alex get yourself together you don’t even Know her.

He broke the silence
“So where are you going?

June: Harshell’s Coven

Alex:The Harshell’s restaurant?wow I’m going there to help a friend as well.

June noticed his one sided earring and his cologne seems to be familiar

June:You smell familiar

Alex:What?(he scoff)

June:sorry you look familiar…but I just don’t remember.

Alex:It happens.

Alex continued driving and he was looking at her from the mirror all along suddenly he remember her.

Alex’s POV
what the…..this is the girl Derek has been looking for…how?how can I possibly come across her also she look so rich and elegant totally different from that night.

Alex:Are tou going to Harshells for a meeting?

June:Ah ? no I’m still a student… I’m going there to meet someone
Then she remember she left the rose behind
June:Oh no…how will he recognize me?

Alex:What is it?

June:Oh no nothing…I think we just passed Harshell’s Coven

Alex:Oh yeah sorry.

Alex made a turn and he stopped in front of the restaurant.

Derek’s POV
This is absurd I can’t believe I got stood up by a girl..I guess she’s rich and rude. This is 10:01

(He dialed his mother’s number)
She picked it after the second ring

Derek:Mrs mother in law where’s the girl I am to meet?it’s 10 already and she’s not here yet

Mrs Harshell:Sorry baby the driver said they were caught up in traffic but she will be there soon

Derek: I’m leaving In 5 minutes if she’s not here

Mrs Harshell:She left to look for a taxi Because she doesn’t want to be late..don’t leave please appreciate her effort.

Derek: Whatever..okay 10 minutes

Mrs Harshell:Treat her well okay? I’ll send her pics now seems she forgot her rose

Derek:So you have her pics and you got me nervous…what if I don’t like her?

Mrs Harshell:I’m sure you will like her.

Derek disconnect the call and he removed his coat.
He place the bouquet on the table.

June arrived at the restaurant and she was welcomed by a lady who asked for her reason fir coming.
She mentioned Harshell and she was directed to the VIP section.

June saw a seat decorated with candles but the VIP section is empty except the man playing with the bouquet.

June’s heart start racing and she could feel her legs going numb.

June’s POV
They emptied the VIP section just for us…they’re really rich….I hope he’s trustworthy..uhhhhhhh I’m damn nervous.

Derek was getting angry and he stood up holding the bouquet to throw inside the bin but he sight an Angel from afar looking at him and smiling nervously.

Derek didn’t see her clearly but he’s head over heels already..he examined her from up to down to her curved waist and straight gait.

Derek:Mother picked that dress for her I’m sure

June walk steadily to the table and Derek received a message.its June’s pics.

He was surprised about the huge difference and he turn the phone upside look familiar…

June:(she look at him closely and oh no)

June’s POV
Oh my God he’s got me…that crazy club kisser

Derek:ah ha…I got you…sweet lips


Derek:No…poor girl..

Derek: wow In this small world…so you’re my….to be bride??? Never gonna happen

June:What bad luck is this?….if I had known you think I will be here?

Derek:where’s my credit card?you got lot of debt to pay.

June:What?I didn’t pick your credit card that day….

Mrs Harshell’s phone came on screen
Derek:Yes mom…she’s here…..the lost but found

Mrs Harshell: Pardon?but she’s not missing

Derek:I love your choice mom.. I’ve been searching for her

Mrs Harshell:Wow good to hear…guess what?

Derek left the table to a corner
Mrs Harshell:Your father promise to make you the director if you visit all the place arranged for you guys

Derek:ok bye.

Derek keep looking at June who’s getting scared already.

Derek’s POV
Looking all innocent you think you can deceive me with that face?just wait and see what I’ll do with your life

June’s POV
It’s too late to back down now… spending my life with a stranger is better than with this rich psycho.

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