GENTLE TIGER : Episode 21-30

?? Gentle Tiger ?

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 21

Tae’s pov

I chuckled and rest my head on her shoulder, we stay like that for 10 minutes before deciding to go home.

We got to her door step, and I wave her good bye with a kss on the forehead.

G0sh! The truth is almighty Tae is in love. At last!

I smiled as I entered my room and Seo on my bed.

“What are you doing on my bed? “I asked.

“Oh, here comes the lover boy. So how’s the date? “He asked, Ignoring my question.

“It was good “I answered smiled.

“Wow! Tell me did you guys kss? ”

“Hey! Must you know that? ”

“Of course, I must “He giggled.

“Fine, we kssed. ” I replied reluctantly, and fidgeting my fingers.

“What?! ”

“You guys kssed? ”

“O.. M.. G! No wonder your lips are red” I turned and saw mom, Jae and Rhee coming out of their hiding.

Jae was hiding under my bed, mom inside my big wardrobe and Rhee was in the bathroom.


“What… Are you guys doing in my room? “I asked.

“Hmm.. Just to know what happened. You know” Mom replied and I scoff.

“You guys planned this right? “They nodded.

G0sh! What a family I have!

“Okay, fine we kssed that all, mission in my room accomplished ”

“He said it again, oh my! When are you going to ask her out Tae! “Mom asked.

“Mom! Really? Well I don’t know yet “I answered truthfully.

“Okay, boys let’s go. Tae needs to rest. “Rhee spoke.

They all went out grinning like someone who won a ticket to Nigeria.

I jumped on my bed and the kssing image came, I smiled and stood up going to the bathroom to take my bath.

Ara’s pov

“Huh? You guys kssed? “My mom yell and I flinched.

Is she angry?

“Aigoo! Aigoo! Come here Ara “She said and walk slowly to her shakily.

“Ara, when he ask you out, don’t think twice in saying yes ”

“What?! Mom! You…. ”

“Shhh!…Don’t say anything. Just go eat so you can rest “Mom said and giggled like a baby.

“Am full mom ”

“Oh, just go and rest and think of today’s kss. Awwn I can’t wait for you guys wedding ”

“Mom!!!!!!!!! “I yell.

“What? ” She asked “Awnn am blushing “She said fanning herself.

I shook my head and went to my room, I took my bath.

I remember the kss just has mom said and laugh it off.


Next morning….

I got to school with Soo bin, I told all the gist.

“You won’t believe Seo, he kssed me ”

“What? He kssed you? “I gasped.

“Hey calm down, it just my forehead and my nose “She replied, laughing.

“G0sh! You are cr@zy, I thought it was on the l!ps ”

“Hey, I can’t wait for that ”

“You’re really in love”

“Maybe ”

We got to class and met the two devils, doing makeup in the class. Young hee glanced at me and scoff.

I decided to start a conversation. “Soo bin, you won’t believe Tae kssed me yesterday.”I said aloud so young hee would hear.

Soo bin understood what I was doing, “Seo too kssed me. It was amazing “She chuckled.

The whole class turned to us and stared at us awkwardly. Some murmuring.

“He kssed her “?

“What did Tae even see in her “?

I watch the two devils face, the couldn’t do anything. Their face all red. Probably, angry.

I laughed and gave Soo bin a high five.

“Well, am inviting you guys to my birthday next month. At Jun Kai restaurant. “I announced.

“Can you even afford the food they sell there, not to talk of throwing a party in there “A girl with big eyeglass said.

“Well, watch and see “I replied.

We are almost at the end of the month, just two weeks more. Young hee and Yoo nah are going to be my maids.

The rest of the day was fun, no trouble from them. I didn’t get to see Tae.


Two weeks was fast…….

I really missed Tae, I didn’t get to see him after our date. It either he’s not in class or he’s not in school.

I asked him from his brothers but they didn’t give me a satisfactory answer.

Is he avoiding me?

My birthday is today, I wish he could come and at least wish a happy birthday.

I shrugged and wore my pink ball gown perfectly designed with glittering diamonds and my purple heels with has a crystal on it.

Soo bin did my make up and my hair… “You look like today is your wedding day Ara!” Soo bin squeaked, praising her hand work.

She was wearing a short white gown and a blue sneakers.

I walk out of my room and saw dad, mom, and my brother all dressed up.

“Happy birthday Ara! “They chorused AMD I smiled.

“Thanks, mom, dad and mi ho”

“Let’s go, the celebrant shouldn’t come late “My mom said.

I got inside the car with Soo bin when mom, dad and mi ho took another car.

I got to the venue, G0sh! I only invited my class mates here but almost all the school is here.

Oh, they wants to see the poor Ara.

The music stopped an the MC took the mic.

“Let’s call the celebrant, Kim Ara “He yell.

Everyone was looking at each other, until I came out.

“What?! “?

Guess what someone fainted, a cup dropped from someone’s hand and the drink spilled.

Young hee’s pov

I look up to see the celebrant, when I heard Kim Ara..she can’t be the Kim’s daughter.

Not at all.

Ara came to the pulpit smiling, our eyes met. Yoo nah wasn’t beside me.

She fainted immediately she saw Ara.

Maybe am in the wrong restaurant, I ran out to check the restaurant name but it was the same venue.

I went back inside, “She’s the one “?

“Someone wake me up please “?

“Pinch me, tell me she’s the one “?

“Ara is the Kim’s daughter? “?

“oh my grandma! ? “?

I and Yoo nah are gonna be her maids for one week.

The noise raised when they all stare at the door, oh my daddy.

The 4HB!

Tae was the most handsome

They walk in, our eyes met but did like he didn’t see. Tae walk past me and went to Ara.

The music had died down again as Tae collected the mic.

“Hello everyone” He said and flash a smile that almost caught my breath.

“I will like to wish my friend a happy birthday “I looked at Ara and she was smiling foolishly.

I so much hate her.

I had wish to be friends with the Kim’s children that’s when I have the opportunity but turn out to be the idi0t.

My family is the fourth richest, I don’t know why my dad is so lazy.

He should have taken the first position. Tae’s family was the second richest.

“Here’s my gift to you Ara, open it “Tae said into the mic and bought out a parcel.

I was waiting patiently for her to open and it turned out to be a silver necklace.

“Wow ” Was all I heard from her.

She’s taking everything from me. That necklace was suppose to be mine. Yoo nah had woken up.

“Be my girlfriend Ara ” I turned, my body stopped functioning.


Everywhere was dead silent waiting for Ara’s response.

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