?(He saved me…now I have to marry him)?

*(An Egyptian r0m@nce series)*

??Season 2??
?(Love me like you do)?

?Episode One?

Madison’s POV cont’d??

Khalid and I stood there for a while with our l!ps locked and our h@nds all over each other..

I kssed his lewd mouth senselessly and when I finally stopped all he could say was…

‘Whoa what was that for?’..

I laughed and got down from his body winking at him and then sat on the bed without saying another word..

Funny enough i still don’t know and don’t get why I kssed him like that…

‘What were you so scared of Madison??’..He asked as he sat next to me and I shifted my gaze to his shoes..

He was surprisingly wearing jogger pants,a sweatshirt and Calvin Klein’s running shoes..

‘Did you come all the way from England dressed like this?’..i asked clearly evading his question..

‘Oh this?,no,my plane had a little fault so we had to stop in Cairo for a while,the rain fell and so making all my clothes terribly wet and i had to change into this’..he replied.

‘Oh’..was the only thing that came out of my mouth..

Okay now this is so fcking awkward and i don’t know what else to do..

‘Madison i asked you a question but you’re clearly ignoring it,why were you so excited to see me and who the h*ell died?!!!’..He asked..

I brushed back a strand from my hair and tucked it back into my hair band..

‘Well uhh the thing is that since there was a storm i..i was just scared alright,I was scared that something had happened to you since the news said that there was an airplane crash recently killing to royal family members’..i said breathlessly and he laughed..

‘Ohh it’s the Prince of Uganda and his mother who died Madison sometimes check the whole news before jumping into conclusion’..

‘Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?’..i asked..

He isn’t even snubbing me..

He isn’t cold towards me..

It’s like a whole new different Khalid is seated next to me..

‘Oh gimme a break Madison I’m tired and I heard you were sick,shouldn’t you be in a hospital or something??’..He retorted clearly changing the subject of discussion..

No way!!!!..

There’s no way I’m going to let him get out of this topic..

‘I’m fine PK,I asked you a question,why are you so nice to me’..i replied sharply..

‘You just kssed my brains out Madison Casteli,what should I do?,shout at you?!!’..He exclaimed and walked into the bathroom angrily..

Now this is the Khalid I know..

The Next Morning?
I woke up feeling very radiant and at ease only to get the shock of my life.

‘Ahhhhhh!!!!!’..i screamed as i saw pictures of Khalid and I all over the room..

There were even pictures of our unhappy wedding..

What the h*ell is going on?!!!..

Khalid’s POV??

‘Khalid?!!!’..I heard Madison scream.

I ran into my room immediately and I too was also shocked by what i saw..

There were pictures of me and Madison all over the place..

Pictures that I was never aware of that I took..

Even pictures of our stupid wedding…

‘What’s going on?’..She asked and I grunted..

‘I don’t know what’s happening too and you’re asking me,can’t you see that I’m also shocked??’..I replied sharply..

‘Ohhh’..she muttered and walked out on me..

What’s wrong with her??..

Ever since yesterday she’s been acting weird all of a sudden and avoiding me like I have the plague or something…

‘Your highness your father requests your presence’..The royal messenger said and I nodded in acknowledgement..

Ten minutes later
i walked into my father’s room while he was eating breakfast and sat on the cross bench next to him..

‘Good morning Dad’..I greeted cheerfully but all i got was a sneer in return..

‘I’m not happy with what you did Khalid,i was hoping you’ll get the job done throughout but no you ran back home just because it’s Tuesday’..He said and i laughed..

‘Father i have a life here too you know and i also have a wife who needs me’…

‘Huh? Madison is okay without your presence at least I saw Alan with her the other day??’..he said and i jolted from the chair…

Alan was here?!!!..

With my wife?!!..

And I didn’t know?!!..

‘Okay father where is my next assignment??’..i asked trying to keep my tone neutral even though I’m super angry.

‘Hmmmm well you’re going to Cairo on Friday to get the sacred dagger of Princess Ita for the festival’…He replied..

‘Really Dad,the last time I went to get it I almost died and I was 17,why should I do it this time?!!’..i protested..

‘Well because it’s your duty as the heir to the throne so shut up and do as you’re told,leave my room now!!!!’..

I groaned and walked away from the room angrily and just my luck I bumped into Madison again…

‘Oh sorry’..she said but I ignored her and walked into the room..

She followed me from behind and sat next to me on the bed but I still ignored her presence..

‘Khalid can i talk to you for a moment?!’..she asked..

‘I’m busy’..I replied coldly while clipping my toe nails..

‘But you’re doing nothing right now,can’t i speak to to you?’…She persisted and I sighed..

‘Okay fine talk away’..i said and her face widened into that smile that always gave me the jitters..

‘Uhmmm your cousin came to me the other day and said that you were cheating on me’..

‘What?!! He said what?!!’..

‘He said that you were in Cairo in a str!p club and even showed me pictures but I didn’t believe him’..

‘Oh really?why?’..

‘Well it’s so obvious,your tattoo is that of a sphinx while the tattoo shown on the picture was that of a golden beetle,so are you satisfied now?’..She said..

Madison really knows me??..


‘Yeah i am,well I’m going to Cairo on Friday and I’ll come back on Monday’..i said and her smiling face turned glum…

‘B..b..but you can’t go out again?!,you just got back and now you’re leaving again!!!’..She cried out..

‘Uhhh why are you so bothered aren’t you going to be happy that I’m going out of your way,you detest me remember??’..I replied and she stood up from the bed…

‘W..w..well okay fine!!!’..She screamed and walked away..

She’s just so dramatic..

Madison’s POV??

Leaving for Cairo after he just got back..

If only he knows how much I miss him then he’ll stop traveling about..

‘Lady Madison this came for you just now’..Nita said and i turned around only to see her with a huge bouquet of flowers..

‘Hmmm flowers,who got this for me??’..i asked..

‘Maybe it’s in the note’..she replied and gave me the flowers..

I opened the letter and read;


From the love of your life??

You’re my sunshine in the morning??and my moon at night?…
I want to touch your s*ucculent body?.
I want to kss your straw berry flavored l!ps?.
I want to kss your luscious neck?..
And taste your chocolate w0manh00d?.
-From Your Secret lover…


My secret lover??..

Who the h*ell is my secret lover?!!.

‘You can go Nita,everything is okay’..i lied and took the flowers to my room..

Khalid was busy tapping away on his laptop and i walked over to him..

‘Did you send this to me Khalid??’..i asked..

He raised his head up and raised his brows..

‘I sent you nothing Madison’..he replied and continued what he was doing..

‘Ohh then who’s my secret lover then?’..i asked and once he heard that he jacked the letter from my hands..

He read it carefully and his face turned into a grim frown..

‘Who the h*ell would send this to a woman, your chocolate womanh00d? really?’..he said..

‘Well i don’t know and I surely don’t have a secret lover so I don’t know who would send this’..i replied and he laughed.

‘Well maybe it’s a fan of the royal family or a normal prankster,I get letters like this almost every week’..He said..

‘Hmmm okay’..

I walked over and shredded the annoying letter into the waste bin without much thought..

But funny enough i don’t feel so good about this secret admirer of a thing..

First I saw pictures of Khalid and I all over our room and now someone sent flowers and this crude note to me??..

‘Lady Madison another package came over a while ago’..Nita said walking into the room..

This time it wasn’t flowers but it was a box instead..

I took it from her hands and motioned for her to leave..

I opened the package and before i could look at it Khalid jacked it from my hands.

He placed it on the bed and removed a note also..

He read aloud;


To my dear Madison?

I hope you got the flowers I sent to you?

I hope you saw my r0m@ntic note..
I really love you Madison and i can’t wait to shove my thing into your wide m0uth?.
I love you..


‘Jesus Christ!!!!! Who would send something like this to my own wife!!’…Khalid screamed..

Lo and behold there were two pairs of lingerie in the box and cr0tchless p@nties..

Who is this so called secret lover?!!..

‘That’s it Madison!!!’..


‘You’re coming with me to Cairo whether you like it or not,i don’t want this so called secret admirer near you,i haven’t even touched you so there’s no way I’m letting a cr@zy person touch you without my permission!!!’..He screamed..


‘No buts wifey pack your bags!!!’..


This is how a husband should behave..

Who do you think our secret lover is??..

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