HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 31-40

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 31

Leonard’s POV

I was with mama Any in the kitchen.

“Has your brother changed his mind?” She asked referring to Raymond.

“I do not think so mama, he still seems to care for Alice.” I said as I watched mama Any wash the dishes.

“Didn’t he know both families agreed when they were young to make he and Rose marry? Both families had tried to always bring Rose side by side with Raymond, only for this Alice of a girl to just come out of the blue Moon and steal his heart.” Mama any lamented.

“What do we do mama?” I asked her.

“Rose will be done with her endorsement with Nexas cap global by next week, I’ll invite her over and when Raymond asked why she had come, I will tell him she didn’t come for him but to pay me a visit. We will then strategize on how she can capture the heart of Raymond.”Mama Any said and someone knocked on the door of the kitchen.

I turned and saw Donald standing by the door.

He looked at me and started walking away.

” Be right back mama.” I followed him.

“Donald, what is the big deal in telling me what’s up?” I asked, I know he hates himself cause he looks like a lady, nevertheless, he must have to start learning to accept himself for who he Is.

He led me towards Marie’s mansion.

“Oh true! today is Marie’s birthday, I should have known better to come and celebrate it with him.” I mumbled as we approached the building.

We walked in and saw Marie sitting on Raymond’s l@p, Marie clenched his claw on a picture.

“Did you send for me?” I asked Raymond as I find somewhere to sit.

Marie looked at him and barked at me.

I shot him a look of disdain in return.

“Be a good son Marie!” Raymond said as he rubbed his head.

Marie looked away.

He enjoys more love from Raymond than I and it hurts, I originally love Marie not until he started stealing the care and love that Raymond had for me.

“I need you to go to Alice’s house, bring her for me.” Raymond ordered.

Alice again?

I blinked and looked away angrily.

“What did you want her for again?” I asked, almost crying.

I felt like Raymond now takes Marie and Alice of more priority than I.

“Marie said he wants her to come and celebrate his birthday with him.” Raymond said and I lowered my head.

“Be quick.”Raymond said and I stood.

I walked out sluggishly, with an heavy heart.

I entered into our car and drove to Alice’s residence.

Alice’s POV

I was at the living room having a gist with my man of how I was called out to receive a hug from the head boy of Kochi college.

A knock on the door alarmed my mom and I. I stood and opened the door.

I was stunned to see Leonard.

“I’m surprised to see you here.” I said.

He nodded and bite his lips like someone in p@in.

“Raymond sends for you.” His voice was clear.

“Raymond!” I repeated. I wasn’t expecting that.

I ran inside and whispered to my mom that I would be absent for few hours, I told her where I was up to.

I followed Leonard to his car and entered. He began to drive

“Alice!” He called my name


“Did you do something to Raymond?”

” Somthing like?” I asked.

“Why did he like you?” He screamed and beat the stearing aggressively, and on checking the front mirror, I saw tears pouring from his face.

“Why…did he like you?” He asked as his voice shook, not like a question but like a lamentation.

I didn’t say any word, I was only wondering why he wanted Raymond to love him and no one else.

We arrived at Raymond’s house and he lead me to Marie’s mansion, I had been there once.

Marie saw me and flew happily to me, I carried it to my shoulder and kissed his forehead.

I rubbed his hair playfully and forgot for a second that Raymond was in the room.

“You may leave.” Raymond said and I turned to Leonard, he stood for few more seconds and walked away with a sad look.

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