HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 31-40

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 35


I followed Donald to the dinning and we were now sitting before each other.

I glanced at him and his head were only lowered, he stood and went to a attendant. He came back himself with a tray of food.

“Thank you.” I said and began to eat.

I was nervous but more disturbed that he hasn’said anything since we arrived here. He didn’t even say a word while we were coming.

What sort of boring lunch is this?

After we were done eating, he cleaned his mouth and said; “Ah…” He paused and looked away.

what is this one saying?

“Thanks, see you.” He said and stood.
He walked away.


See someone that invited me for lunch walking away just like that? thought he said he actually loves me.

I shook my head, I was not done eating so I continued eating.

Someone sat before me all of a sudden and I raised my head, it was Albert.

G0sh! My appetite disappeared and I felt odd immediately.

I should have just stood with Donald and walk away.

Or…I shouldn’t have accepted his offer to go to lunch with him.

“Alice!” He called my name softly, his tone was sëdù-ctïve.

I could not utter a word, I just stare at him.

He had already hurt me by breaking up with me without any reason, why is he still showing up?

“I wish that Raymond would have str-?pped himself and embarrassed himself before the crowd of students.” Albert said.

“Why did you loathe him that much? Aren’t both of you suppose to work together, seeing that he is the head boy and you are the assistant?” I asked.

I loathed to have conversation with Albert so the old feelings would not crawl back but it’s necessary that I know why he had grudges against Raymond.

A faint smirk appeared on his lips and he tapped the table with his finger softly.

“If I decide to have you back, will you come back?” He asked.

“Huh! you already broke up with me.”I answered.

” And so?”His voice was firm and strong. “Are you saying you have stopped loving me?” His face was turning red like he was getting angry.

“I’ll take my leave.” I was getting scared with the way he was acting, I stood and walked away while he watched me.

I had already cried my eyes out during the first three days of the heart break and it still hurt sometimes.


Raymond had returned to class, but Donald and I decided to stay for five minutes to discuss our ‘deal’

“How was it?”I asked Donald.

” Very uncomfortable! I do not like ladies and you know that. To say that I’ll never like them is not even an understatement, Alice is not an exemption. I do not like this work you beckon on me to do.” Donald said coldly.

“Are you retreating already? Common? Don’t you see that Raymond did not love us anymore, all his love are now on Alice, once he sees that you and Alice are growing closer, he will feel like Alice belongs to you and stop having any feelings whatsoever for Alice, he can then start loving us back.” I said to Donald.

“But I love Raymond and he loves me. I’m loyal to him and now I feel like I’m betraying him.” Donald said, his eyes became pregnant with tears.

“I love Raymond, even more than you do, but desperate situations calls for desperate measure. Since we are not hurting him, please don’t back off.” I encouraged Donald.

I was the one that instructed him to ask Raymond to forfiet any feelings he has for Alice and let Donald have it all.

Donald does not seem to like it, but I won’t stop persuading him.

Donald cleaned his eyes with his anky and said; “I do not know how to start a conversation with the girl, at lunch today , we were just quiet, the more I stay close to her is the more I feel sad and uncomfortable. I do not like this, Leonard?” Donald finally bursted into the tears he had being holding.

“Common Donald!” I encouraged him and he stood.

“How about you find someone else to do it?”Donald asked.

” Raymond will fight anyone else but he would do anything for you, you are in the perfect position to help us.” I said and stood too.

Donald breathed heavily and walked away.

I stood and wondered if Donald will really retreat from this or he would keep helping me till Raymond starts to ignore and loathe Alice back.

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