HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 31-40

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 39


“I asked my father to help, he replied by saying he believed the rumours that I like you. The rumours do not go well with him. He wanted Rose for me.” Raymond said calmly and swallowed.

As pained as I was, I felt the sweetness in his voice, he hardly speaks and seeing him speaking to me now makes me glad.

“So… there is nothing you could do about it?” I asked innocently.

He made me hold his anky and looked away.

“There is.” He replied briefly and then stood.

“When I realized that dad would not help, I started looking into the matter myself, the investigation team do not have a concrete prove that you and Pearl changed our results. It was only a speculation. Source informed me that they checked your backgrounds and found out that your parents are not important people in the society, so… they believe the could bully you and go away with it. But then, … ” He came to look at my face again.

This time, I had a little courage to also stare at his beautiful fresh face.

“I knew you did it, it was the reason why I worked your suspension for four weeks.” He said and I looked at him without saying a word.

“Hang around, I’ll help you.” He said and walked away.

I wanted to call him but doesn’t know how to. He had just spoken caringly to me and I loved it.

I went back to our class and I saw Pearl already placed our bags on the table.

She leaned by the window and was backing me.

“Pearl!” I called and she turned to me.

There were beads of tears on her face, her flattened lips were shaky, more like someone that wanted to speak but couldn’t as a result of the feat that tears will fall heavily.

I walked slowly to her.

“Are you crying because of our expulsion?” I asked so I can tell her that the head boy had promised to help us.

She shook her head and went to sit on the desk.

“I’m crying because we will no longer be able to get free ice creams.” She replied and cried more.

“Pearl! can you ever be serious? for once!” I asked and she looked at me sadly.

“Am I laughing? I’ll miss the ice cream.”She mumbled and looked away.

I shook my head and said! ” Guess what? the head boy had said he would help us out.”

Pearl jumped down from the table and furrowed her brow as her face held so much awe.

“For real?” She screamed

“Yes… I do not know how, but he promised to help.” I said.

“Let’s go to the assembly hall and see how he wants to help us… but they’ve given us the letter already.” She said.

“Let’s trust him.” I said and she nodded in agreement.

We both started walking to the assembly hall.


The principal had just finished addressing the students and was my turn to speak as usual.

Actually, it was the head boy that was supposed to he speaking after the principal’s speech but he delegates that to me since he’s an introvert.

The principal, in his speech, had said two female students had been expelled from school for changing the results of the head boy, even though their names were not mentioned, I knew it were Alice and Pearl.

Now that Alice is gone and Rose would be coming on Monday, I think the relationship between Raymond and Rose would really have no choice but work.

As I was walking to the stage, Raymond who had been away all this while appeared behind me and called; “Leonard.”

I turned and went to him.

“Do you have anything to say to the students?” I asked Raymond.

“I will be speaking myself, today.”He said and didn’t even wait for my response.

He walked to the stage

There was something I couldn’t place about his feelings, he is good at hiding how he feels but I knew he was up to something.

Since the beginning of the semester, he hasn’t even addressed the crowd, why the sudden decision.

” Donald, do you know what is going on with Raymond?” I asked but Donald only kept staring.

He did not reply and I was not surprised.

If he replies me sometimes, I always know I’m lucky.

“Good morning students!” Raymond greeted the students and the students shouted exitedly.

They were happy he addressed them himself today and many of his crush kept screaming and chanting his name.

There was happiness all over, even from the male students, Raymond is indeed loved by all, it’s either because he is too handsome or too intelligent.

“I challenge an irrational decision of the principal of Kochi college and I call him forward for a debate!” Raymond said and my heart rang in fear.

Even Donald that doesn’t talk looked at me in surprise with his mouth opened in shock.

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