COLD AND BLANK: Episode 11-20



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)


Episode 11
Jimmy runs inside the house after his morning run, he sees Crystal watching movie and eating pasta.

“Hey” He says breathing hard.

“Hi” Crystal replied not looking at him.

“So Xander left already, I didn’t see him leave” Jimmy said and sat beside Crystal.

“Yeah he left a while ago, so before I forget how was your date” Crystal asked and he laughed.

“What’s funny” She asked.

“My date was” He replied laughing less

“Okay look, it was a blind date. I didn’t know the person I was going to meet. I went to the restaurant met this beautiful lady at the table I ordered, I thought she was my date instantly but she wasn’t. She was as beautiful as strong, she almost broke my arm, then the manager said that it wasn’t her table and he was the one who made the mistake. He apologized and gave her her own table, I blowed ksses at her and she really got mad. She almost broke my hand again. So she left after looking in her phone then my real date came. Turned out my real date was a 65 years old woman” Jimmy said and Crystal laughed.

“Hey don’t laugh, it’s not funny” Jimmy said getting offended.

“But you said it was funny and you laughed so why shouldn’t I laugh”

“Just forget it, all I need right now is to find that beautiful maiden, ever since I saw her I haven’t been the same. I couldn’t even get her beautiful face off my head so I drew her”

“You can draw??, you are so talented”

“Of course I draw but not like Xander, the guy is fucking good”

“Well he’s an agent, he’s supposed to know how to draw, so can I see the girl’s picture” Crystal said.

“Yeah yeah, it’s in my room” Jimmy said and ran upstairs.
The door bell rings and Crystal walks to open the door, behold the ev!l wtch was standing in front of her. Crystal smirked but the smirk disappeared to a cold glare. If looks could kill, Stella would be 6 ft under now.

“You, it’s a good thing I met you here. So this is where you and my husband fk right. You pr0$titute” She yelled at Crystal.
Crystal clenched her fists and fought the urge to destroy Stella’s plastic surgery face.

“Please I don’t know what you are talking about” Crystal asked pretending to be lost which made Stella more annoyed especially what Crystal wanted.

“You don’t know what am talking about, you don’t know what am talking about. You you bi__” She attacks Crystal by sl@pping her.
Crystal smiles and b!tes her lips then brushes her head back, the sl@p had no effect on her and it upsets Stella more.

“Please don’t sl@p me again if you don’t wanna die young” Crystal threatened and Stella felt scared but she didn’t show it, instead she pushes Crystal to the ground with more force.

“How dare you speak back at me” Stella snapped at Crystal.
Crystal looked at her arm, there was a cut on it already because of the push.

“Btch” Crystal muttered under her breath and prepared to attack her.

“What’s going on here” Jimmy asked and saw Crystal on the floor.

“Loretta” He said and ran down.

“Ouch” Crystal cried and touched her bleeding arm.
Stella was shocked at the way her face changed immediately, she was even shedding tears already.

“Stella what have you done, look now she’s bl.eeding” Jimmy said.

“I don’t care if she’s bl.eeding, if she ever comes near my husband again I’ll make sure she bl.eeds to de@th” Stella said and left angrily.

“Loretta are you okay. Come in” He said.

“Am sorry Loretta, this is all my fault, I should have told you about the wtch my bestfriend married” He said and wiped her bl00d away, then treated it.

“You know am sure if Xander met you first, he would have married you” Jimmy said and Crystal chuckled, she knew he was just joking.

“You know your skin is really delicate, you should take care of it very well” He adviced.

“Thanks” Crystal said and looked at the drawing Jimmy brought down.

“This” She said holding the drawing.

“Yes that’s the woman who caught my heart”

“Dina” Crystal said surprised.
“You know her” Jimmy asked.

“No I don’t”

“But you just said Dina”

“I meant Dinner, I mean you went there to have dinner too right”

“Yes” Jimmy said, Crystal keeps on looking at the picture.
Xander greets the officers in the FBI quarters and walks inside the meeting.

“Let’s leave the case of the a$$assin aside now. There’s a new case on board ” Xander said.

“Which case is that sir” Kate asked.

“Frederick show them the pictures please” He asked the technician. Everyone looks at the screen and a man appears on the screen.

“This is Don Douglas, a very rich and dangerous man. He’s behind the death of 16 policemen, 2 women included. He’s also the one who blew up the central hospital just because his wife died while giving birth to twins in the hospital 26 years ago. Police dread him so they left his case alone”

“Sir this guy is very dangerous, why don’t we leave him for people older and more experienced than us”

“Exactly my thought too, but this man has reigned evilly now for more than 30 years, he thinks he’s unstoppable but I’ll change that. His twins are celebrating their 26th birthday next tomorrow and I’ll be attending the birthday, but I’ll need a female to come with me” Xander said. Nobody replies him.

“I know you guys are scared but we are not going there to arrest or work as officers for the law. We just need to go close his children, se.duce them, get them drunk and try to collect the secret code from them”

“Secret code??” Kate asked.

“Yes, the secret code is the code that opens the door to the father’s secret hideout, once we know the secret code we can attack him unexpectedly and get him behind bars immediately, so who would be my female” He asked but none of the females replied, they all looked away including Kate.

Immediately Crystal was sure that Jimmy had left, she brought out her phone and called Dina.

“Heyyy Bitchhhh” Dina said excitedly from the line.

“Don’t Heyyy Bitchhhh me, did you go out on a date yesterday”


“Okay did you go to any restaurant yesterday”

“Yep, you know I forgot to tell you Todd and I broke up ”


“Thanks hon, so what’s the issue”

“The guy you met at the restaurant”

“The annoying b@$tard, Is that why you called”

“Well that annoying bastard is Xander’s friend and guess what he has fallen in love with you already”

“It’s not new” Dina said and laughed

“It’s not funny Dina, don’t you know it can ruin the mission ”

“Yeah you are right, so what do you want me to do”

“Just avoid him and you better change your name whenever you are out”



Xander drives home angrily, he was annoyed at the fact that no female would help him and Jimmy called him some minutes ago that Stella had come to attack Loretta.
He sped home and immediately he came out of the car, he stormed inside.

“Baby you are back” Stella said smiling, she saw the looks on Xander’s face and she knew she was in trouble already.

“Baby I can…”
Xander looked at her but didn’t say anything, he just walked up to their bedroom and brought out some files, Stella saw that it was a divorce paper.
She became scared instantly.

“Look Xander I can explain, I was upset that’s why…”

“Just one more mistake Stella, just one more mistake I need you to make and both of us are going to court. Have made this paper the very day we got married because I know we can never last. You will apologize to Loretta and write a statement that you would never a$$ault her again”
“I would rather die” Stella said and turned to walk out but Xander held her back.

“Xander you are hurting me” She said trying to break free.

“Touch her again and you would beg for death” He said and dropped her hands then walked out.
Stella looked at him surprised, he was so protective of this Loretta btch.

Crystal feeling bored puts on the music and starts to dance to the slow rhythm.
Dancing and singing was another thing she loved doing whenever she was down, she was so lost in moving her body she didn’t know that Xander had walked in.
Xander watched her as she moved her waist dangerously, he was a goner looking at the killer body. His body starts to move to her, Crystal bumped into him and smiled embarrassingly.

“I’ll turn off the music now” She said and turned, Xander holds her back and pulls her closer to him.
He slips his hand around her waist and pulls her even more closer.

“Can I have this dance, your highness” He said and Crystal laughed.
She actually laughed sincerely.

“Yes” She said and both start to move in the same rhythm.
Xander smiles as both danced together, he had never been this happy with a woman before.
Then it clicked to him, Crystal was beautiful, se.ductively hot, smart and a good dancer.
She could help him on this mission right, but he would be risking her life. The last thing he wants is to hurt this woman who was already hurt, but then she could still help him, nobody would wanna hurt such a beautiful woman woman.

“Loretta I need your help” He said all of a sudden and looked at Crystal.

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