WORLDS APART : Episode 41 – 50

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? unknown identity?

Episode 41

Rosa’s Pov

Rosa, can you explain what is this? James said starring at me his eyes were bl00d red. I could see anger radiating from them.

I had ordered for a test to be carried out because I still can’t believe she’s my lost child and turns out to be Mabel’s twin sister. Mabel couldn’t take it she passed out.

Jay’s parents were present, even Dan’s mom was here, I could see the press, everyone one was videoing. What would I gonna say?

You needed a test to be carried out and this is the result tell me how it happened now did she get lost tell me or am gonna kill you now James said angrily.

I thought she died. I said crying.

She died? Explain! He screamed at me.

It all happened seventeen years ago.


I had given birth to my babies, I was so excited to be a mother of twin babies both beautiful and identical. I had given the senior one a cut in her waist do I could recognise her. James was out of town he hadn’t heard but am really scared right now. Derrick is gonna come.

My parents already left because it was late. Just then Derrick came in his eyes were blood shot.

Please leave my baby out of this I said crying.

You even had two babies so sweet he said as he approached me.

Help I screamed crying.

Don’t worry I had taken care of that and no one is gonna disturb us he said.

Derick what do you want I asked.

It’s simple I don’t wanna be stingy just handover one of the babies or I would kill both he said.

Derick please don’t do this to me I cried.

Two three four five six seven eight he kept counting .

Derrick please I cried.

Nine he screamed and I looked at my baby they were sleeping peacefully I wrapped my best cloth around her since she was senior and was strong. I named them Mabel and Miranda because that was the name I wanted.

He took the child from me, you are indeed lucky he said and walked out with the baby as the other one started crying loudly.

Two days later he sent me photo of my dead child and grave I couldn’t help but cry I told my parents to keep it a secret .

I was discharged few days later. Derrick knew he killed my child so he left the country because he knew I would come looking for him I said crying and for the first time in my life I felt pain more than the day he took my child from me.

And you kept this away from me all this years Rosa James said trying to hold back his tears.

Am sorry I said.

You this animal I called wife, you made me send my own child to prison, her life was a mess. You didn’t tell me about Derrick coming to disturb you again. I thought it all ended. So he took my child, that son of a btch is gonna pay. He screamed and as for you Rosa you stopped being my wife the moment you lied to me he said and stormed out.

James! I called crying but he ignored me.

You knew something like this happened and you saw a girl like your daughter and you treated her like trash. Let me see how she’s gonna forgive you. You are gonna regret it all your life. Dan’s mom said and walked out. Wven Jay’s parents left sadly, everyone left sadly till it was me, Dan, Jay, Alvira, Elsa. Just then, the doctor came out.

Doctor, how is she I asked immediately he came out.

She’s safe and sound and responding to treatment. He said and we all held a sigh of relief. Suddenly, my phone rang and I looked at the caller, it was unknown.

Hello, I said as I picked the call.

Wow Rosa, your daughter is indeed lucky, I never knew she was alive, she’s indeed a great fighter. I gave her to Sam but that b@stard never killed her. That is it, you are still at my mercy.

You b@stard, how dare you call me after everything you had done? Just pray my husband doesn’t get you because you are gonna rot in jail. I yelled at him.

He should do more am waitin. He said.

I regreted falling for you in the first place, after killing our child you also made my daughter suffer, pray I don’t see you or am gonna kill you myself I said.

Ok sweetheart bring it on he said and cut the call.

Mom who was that Mabel said behind me.

My child you are awake I said and hugged her .

Mom tell me Mara isn’t my twin sister she said crying.

My dear, Mara is your sister she’s you senior and her name is Miranda not Mara I said.

Mom I would never accept that thing as my sister over my dead body she yelled.

You shut that mouth of yours, you should be thinking of apologizing to her because of the way we treated her I yelled.

Mom you are shouting at me because if that thing…I stopped her with hot sl@p.

That thing is my daughter and your twin sister you have to learn to accept her. I yelled.

I hate you, I fking hate all of you she said and ran out.

Dan’s Pov

Babe wait I yelled as I ran after her.

What for, aren’t you gonna scold me she yelled at me.

Am not scolding you, but I wanna ask you a question and please be sincere to me, do you have a hand in what happened to Mara I asked.

How dare you? She said and the next thing she slapped me, you came here to ask that sht she yell. Am the one in pains here but all you guys talk about is Mara and the btch turns out to be my twin sister. I hate all of you she screamed at me and I pulled her into a hug. Let me go she said crying I could see people recording everything, am sorry I said as I slightly kssed her on her l!ps and carried her to my car. I texted jay I was going home.

Anna’s Pov

Mom am off I said as I walked out. Ara already went home she was too weak and her mouth is the strongest I thought and smiled.

Are you okay? Charles said as he kssed me slightly.

Am fine, I said as I entered the car.

I missed you he said and started kssing me roughly and I kssed back, but when I remembered Mara, I pulled away.

Why? He asked.

I can’t, Mara is struggling for her life I said trying to hold back the tears.

It’s okay he said and hugged me, she’s Mabel’s twin sister and her name is Miranda. How true is that, he asked.

It’s true, they are twins. I wonder how Mara would react to the news when she wakes up.

It’s gonna be hard forgiving them base on the life she had lived and how they have treated her. But Mara would pull through he said and hug me.

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