By Cassie B.


“Why are you so innocent?” He whispered, moving closer to her till her back met with the wall.

“Stay away from me,” she warned in a shaky voice, avoiding his eyes.

“I can’t, Mel. I’m gonna die if I do so” he raised her chin with his fingers, staring into those cute eyes he loves.


“I love you” he whispered, his lips smashing on hers at once.
Moving into a new house was what Melanie Brown ever wished for, but getting a guy as a roommate is a big surprise. Especially if he was a student in her school!

Melanie Brown, a Linguistics Student at Monash University.

She’s not the hot type, neither the nerdy type.

She’s a freshman student who just entered Monash University, a school of the rich boys and girls.

A school where bad boys and girls are mainly found.

Melanie hated the idea of living in the hostel, rather she preferred living in her own apartment.

Her wish was granted by her parents but then… Her roommate was a bad boy!
Axel Braun, the school bad boy, the hottest and popular guy in Monash University.

He’s a complete bad boy. He smokes, drinks and mostly fk girls anyhow.

Girls flock around him like bees swarming around honey. He’s a complete player who doesn’t believe in the shit love, just like his three friends.

Due to some issues with his parents, he left the hostel and rented a house outside the school.

There he met her….

Now that two people are living together, can a good girl and bad boy live together peacefully?

Not just any bad boy but the school’s biggest player.

Curious to know how their relationship turned out?

Find out….??




By Cassie B.

A car stopped just in front of a house, out of it came a pair of slim legs putting on flat shoes.

“Finally,” Melanie smiled, inhaling the sweet scent of the environment.

She faced the cab man who was patiently waiting for her.

She dipped her hand into her handbag and brought out some cash, she counted it before paying the cab man.

She brought out her big bag from the car and the car drove off afterwards.

Melanie’s eyes scanned the building in front of her and a smile left her lips.

“Love this” she mumbled.

She dragged her traveling bag and walked towards the gate. She pushed it gently and luckily for her, it opened.

“Wow!” She exclaimed, making her way into the building.

“I’m sure I won’t regret my stay here” she grinned to herself, admiring the building.

It was simple yet it was really beautiful.

She got to the door and knocked it gently. The door opened, revealing an elderly woman.

“Oh, here you are. I’ve been expecting you” the elderly woman smiled.

“I’m sorry, ma’am”

“It’s nothing. Come in” the woman made way for her to enter the house.

Melanie walked into the house slowly, admiring the interior designs.

“Do you like it?” The woman asked behind her.

“Like is an understatement, I love it” Melanie smiled.

“I’m glad you do. Your room has been prepared already, would you like to check it out?” The woman asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Meyer,” Melanie said.

She actually saw the house online, its simplicity attracted her, she couldn’t afford letting it go. So, she decided to move into the house.

“This way” Mrs. Meyer led her to a door.

They entered the room and a sweet gasp left Melanie’s room. This was exactly the way she saw the room online, nothing was different from it.

“This is perfect,” she smiled.

Mrs. Meyer smiled.

“Everything is intact, nothing is left out. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy your stay here”

“I know, right?”

Melanie walked to the bed and sat on it gently, she faced Mrs. Meyer with a smile on her lips.

“I really love this, I’m glad I chose this room” she said.

“The other rooms are not bad too”

Melanie nodded, checking the room out.


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