By Cassie B.


“Can’t you guys just get a room?!” Melanie heard a voice as she inched closer to the door.

Her hand held the doorknob and twisted it slowly, the door opened and she moved out of her room a bit.


That instant, life momentarily left her soul at the scene in front of her.

Paisley and Ace were both kssing each other as though they would fk right there.

Her legs wobbled and she staggered, resting her back on the wall, still staring at the duo who were oblivious of her presence.

Tears came falling like a river, her eyes widening the more as the scene felt unreal to her.

“Ace,” she whispered, tears falling more.

“Ace!!!” She yelled this time louder, gaining the attention of the others in the room. Axel was absent.

At once, Paisley and Ace stopped kssing each other.

Like a slow mo, they turned their heads and both their eyes widened like a watermelon, seeing Melanie before them.

“Melanie,” Ace stuttered, getting to his feet.

Paisley was not left out too, she was more than shocked to find her friend before her.

“What’s going on?” Aaron whispered to Aiden who only shrugged.

“Melanie, how did you get here? How…” Paisley stuttered, she was already sweating.

“How? How?” Melanie’s lips trembled as she spoke.

“Baby, I can explain. I was drunk and…” Ace tried saying but it was useless as she already witnessed the scene of them kssing.

Melanie’s legs shook as she walked closer to them, her eyes held nothing but sadness, disappointment, and hurt.

Her hands raised in the air and a deafening slap landed on Ace’s cheeks.

“You bstard! How could you? With my friend?” She screamed.

“What the h’ll?!” Aaron tried to stand up but Aiden held him.

He turned to Aiden who only signaled him not to talk.

“I’m sorry” Ace said, his eyes were very red by now.

“Sorry? Is that what you’re going to say when you’re f**king my best friend behind my back?! You had no one to do this with but with my friend? Are you that heartless?!” Melanie yelled.

“Was that the reason why you’ve been acting strange to me? You abandoned me yesterday in the rain and you didn’t even care a bit!

Even though it was obvious that you don’t care about me anymore, I still assured myself that you were probably busy, that’s the reason for your actions. I never knew…” She shook her head in tears.

“Melanie, let me explain. It was…”

Melanie turned to Paisley in anger and landed a hot slap on her cheeks, making her go deaf immediately.

“You… You were nothing but an enemy to me. No girl would date her friend’s boyfriend behind her back! No one would ever do that to her best friend’s boyfriend!” Melanie yelled in tears.

“I thought you were my friend. I thought..” Melanie couldn’t finish her sentence when a sob left her lips.

“I was the fool here, I didn’t even know you both were doing shits behind my back. I…” Melanie stared at the both of them before storming out of the house in anger.

Ace quickly went after her.

Paisley fell on her knees, biting her lips hard.

“Wait… Ace has another girlfriend?” Aaron turned to Aiden.

“Seems she’s the side chick after all” Aiden said, referring to Paisley.

“And they’re friends?” Aaron turned to Paisley with wide eyes.


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