THEME: Revenge or Love? ?

GENRE: Billionaire Love.

TAGS: Billionaires, Power, Affluence, Intimidation, Betrayal, Hate, Jealousy & Envy, Rivals, Suspense, Secrets, Love, Lvst, Desires…

SETTING: Australia.

WRITTEN BY: Diamond Zayne ??


She was used.



And broken!
By people she loved the most.

Her life was once a life of perfection but now it is all once upon a time.

She was broken beyond measures, her rights as a human were all taken away from her. The one thing she cherished the most was taken from her as well.

She couldn’t fight for it. She couldn’t fight for her existence. No one to turned to as everyone turned their back against her.

Her name is one which no one ever wanna hear… The people, her parents, families… Even the one she called the love of her life… They all betrayed her.

She couldn’t do anything about it, the Zhang’s were the people been talked about here. They were the most richest and powerful family in Australia, no one dares cross paths with them.

She didn’t know how she got entangled with them until her life was made useless.

She attempted svcíde but life gave her a second chance for to make those who had wronged her pay for their atrocities.

Then she kílled the Madison Roberts in her and became Valerie Keys. She was back not as the weak, naive Madison then, but a bold and successful adult whose only aim is to take revenge and make all those who ruined her life pay.

No mercy at all!

She was once bitten and twice shy.

But what happens when strong feelings can’t not just be done away with?

She was still in love with the man who ruined her.

Now she was torn between revenge and love…

Which should she choose?

So many twist and turns, an intriguing story you wouldn’t wanna miss out ?

Less I forget, patronize me for your popcorn ??

Hehehe ?





WRITTEN BY: Diamond Zayne ??


She ran.

As fast as her legs could carry. Her hearting thumping loudly in her chest, in acceleration to her rough breath.

The baby in her hand wriggling and letting out low moans in discomfort.

Her feet kept brushing the wet grasses and she could hear the sounds of the nightingale.

It was very late at night, yet she could be seen running through this bushy street, to only God knows where.

The only purpose in her mind was to get away from them. They were gonna kll her and take away her baby, that is for sure and she couldn’t let that happen.

“Madison!!!” She could hear them call and her fear multiplied. Their flashlight caught a glimpse of her and she quickly hid in the bush, covering her barely six months baby’s mouth with her palm, preventing him from making a sound.

Their footsteps began getting closer and she prayed inwardly they don’t find.

“Dmnit! We lost her!” She heard Evie grunted, clearly displeased.

“Madi!!” She heard Theo called looking around, she could see them from where she was hiding but they couldn’t.

“This is all your fault! You could have caught while you had the chance, now were the heck did she run off to??” Evie complained furiously but Theo didn’t give her an answer.

He flashed his torch to the direction she was hiding and her heart skipped a beat, she closed her eyes, praying inwardly he doesn’t see her until…

“Let’s continue searching, I don’t think she’s here.” She heard him say to her and she released the breath she didn’t know she was holding.

She watched them walking past her, further into bush, when her baby suddenly let out a loud cry despite her palm on his mouth.

Her eyes widened and the two immediately turned back.

“She’s here!” Evie said and began running to the direction of the sound.

“No.” Everly muttered, standing up and began running with Everly and Theodore chasing her.

Her heart pounding loudly in her chest, her baby won’t stop wailing controlling, her legs were already hurting so badly as she run, yet she couldn’t stop.

She was in danger which still baffles her on how she got into.


“Theo water…” She mumbled in her sleep as she used her hand to search him on the empty bed.


She arched her brows when she couldn’t feel him on the bed and then she flickered her lashes open.

She turned to left to see the bed empty and she slowly stood up, rubbing the sleep off her eyes.

“Theo?” She called, she was still feeling sleepy.

“Where did he went to this late at night?” She mumbled and turned to where the water jug was kept.

She took it and sighed when she saw it was empty.

“Theo?” She called again but still no response, so she simply got off the bed and began walking out of the room, to the kitchen.

Immediately she got down the stairs, her eyes met with entrance door which was slightly opened and she furrowed her brows.

“Huh? Who could have left the door opened?” She wondered.

“Or could Theo be outside? But what could he be possibly doing outside this late?” She asked herself and began walking outside to check.

She was almost at the doorstep when she began hearing indistinct conversation. What confused her the most was the voice belonging to a lady.


“Seriously??! It’s six months now since she gave birth, what the heck are you still waiting for?? We’ve got no time. Get the baby for crying out loud!” She heard her yelled.

“Of course I know Evie! I know what I have to do. But you know she just put to bed. The child is only six months, I can’t possibly run with him. Let him at least clock one-”

“One you say Jeffery?? One??” She cut him off.

Valerie furrowed her brows in confusion. Jeffrey?? That viuce sounded like Theo’s own…

Who was she talking to? Who is Jeffrey and whose baby are they talking about??

“The plan was to get the baby from her and eliminate her once the baby clocks three months, now he is six months, you still wanna put an hold to it! Do you think we have time?

Dad is on my neck, he wants to see his supposed grandchild and you’re telling me to wait for a fr.eaking year!!” She shouted and Theo touched his nose.

“Just lie to him like you’ve been doing-”

“I ain’t lying! I’m not lying anymore! Get her baby today! If she tries anything funny, k!ll her!” She instructed coldly and Jeffrey’s eyes widened.

“What?? Kll her??”

“You heard me right. Kll Madison Roberts if that’s what it will take you to get her son, but you must do it and that tonight!”

And that moment the jug fell from Madison’s hand.

Her eyes widened in shook and her blood froze.

Th-they wanna kll her??

“What’s that??” Evie asked.

“How would I know?”

“Who’s there??” Evie asked and that moment Madison quickly ran upstairs to her room.

She took her baby who was sleeping peacefully in his cot and began running out of the house through the back door and just then Evie and Jeffery ran into the house.


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