By Tofunmi Nikky

The Royal Palace***

Luciano ignored their inquisitive stares and just sat upright, creasing his forehead as it kept pounding here and there to his discomfort.

He raised his head up and looking down at his mother’s pacifying hand by her back, he decided to act cool.


“Mother, I’m alright now. The doctor can go now, please.”he managed to flash her a fake smile.

“Son… Are you sure?”the queen asked, looked down at him as she reached to feel his temperature. She sighed seeing he was all okay, causing Luciano to shrug as she recollects her hand

“I think he’s all okay now. We should leave him to rest while you just come with me and prescribe him some medications…”the queen told the doctor.

The doctor nodded and grabbed his things back into his briefcase before going out with the queen. Luciano looked back to the only person still present, not getting why she’s still there.

“What are you still waiting for?”he fired at her angrily, making her to flinch back unexpectedly.

“I’m so sorry Prince. I-I beg your pardon.”he watches her as she she shuttered, fidgeting with her fingers and then ran out of the room immediately.

He made sure she was gone before he throws his fingers into his hair and yanked on it frustratedly, blowing out a puff of air from his lungs as he muttered. “Damn, I think am going crazy.

They are hunting my soul, they are trying to drag my soul to where I don’t even know. I’m fed up… Why can’t they just let me fking be?!”


“What do you fking want with me, Roy or whatever your name is!”Sabrina yanked Ronald’s hand away from her wrist in displeasure and moved backward a little bit away from him.

Yes, space. She needed to give him space since she doesn’t trust him the slightest bit.

“Why are you this stubborn, Sabrina? You want me away or you had rather calm your t*lts and let me tell you what am here for?

Which of the two options will you go with?”he asked, arching his brow at me, his arms crossed across his chest while I gave him the look of uncertainty.

“Fine, am off. Have your peace and breath out.”Hearing no response from her, he sighed out and turned around to go.

But Sabrina was quick to run forward and obstruct his way.

“Wait, please!”She pleaded, making him huff at her in frustration. To him, she was so unbelievable. She knew she’s going to do this only to act all tough at first, isn’t it?

“I’m ready to hear you out. But please be quick,”Sabrina urged him, her hands falling to her sides .

“Well, how do I start that you won’t take me for a liar…”he cleared his throat, rubbing his nape as he sounds uncertain.

“Just go ahead. I know you to be jerk anyways, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you are here now to feed me with lies and…”

“Oh, cut the crap!”He countered, snapping the rest of her words off her tongue.

He then leaned closer to her and Sabrina maintaining her stance and trying all she could not to bolt off, listened to him as he whispered to her in a soft-low voice. “It’s about the Prince.

Prince Luciano… I have seen you with him on several occasions so that was why I picked you as the perfect person to tell.”

Instantly, Sabrina’s curiosity grew. She gave him all her attention immediately.

“Okay. Please, further…”she trailed off, awaiting his continuity.

“It seems strange though. How he could be the Prince of our Kingdom; Magadascar and also be a King at another strange world entirely.

But the thing is…”he started, while Sabrina’s lips parted away in awe

“How on earth! How possible, I-“she was on cutting him off but she brought his index finger to her view, signifying for her to stop talking.

She slammed her mouth shut, and he continued,”…The thing is, sooner or later, he will be dragged to the other world where he’s been in existence for almost a decade.

He rules their world there and due to some circumstances, he came to our earth here but…

They want him back, Sabrina. His people wants their king back, his wife who is the Queen and his betrothed also longs for his return.”

“Sh*t! This sounds too complicated.”She wasn’t even aware of when she drops to the concrete floor, still trying to take in all the revelation little by little. How on earth was that able to happen?


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