By Mary Ann Adams

“I will help you but on one condition” Chloe said and my eyes widened.

“Wha..what condition..?” I stuttered praying it not what am thinking.

“Well..the thing is that..I want you to..”

Annie and I attention is on Chloe as we anticipated what she have to say next but she suddenly burst out laughing.

I arched my brows in confusion wondering if she have gone crazy.

“I was just pulling your legs. Why the he.ll would I want to help you and then give you a condition. Nah!”

“Phew!” Me and Annie both heaved a sigh of relief.

“So when is the court hearing?” Chloe asked.

HER HUSBAND’S BOSS : EPISODE 41 – 50. Thingscouplesdo

“In few weeks time” Annie replied.

“Okay then..I will arrange for a lawyer and would contact you if I have any questions” Chloe smiled.

“Wow! Thank you so much” I said suddenly feeling emotional.

“Don’t tell me you about to cry” Chloe said amusedly while Annie rolled her eyes.

“I think I am” I said and sniffled.

“Cry baby” Annie and Chloe laughed and I joined in.

“Don’t worry baby girl. You won the case already..” Chloe assured me and I nodded happily.

Annie and Chloe started talking while I just just watched not knowing how to contribute . That’s what happens when two talkative and social people meet.

After about 30 minutes, we decided to call it a day and Annie collected Chloe’s number.



Later that evening..

I laid on the bed with my phone scrolling through social media.

I suddenly remembered a certain someone and I went to google.

Taking a deep breath, I typed in. “HARRY CAMPBELL”

His bio came out immediately. I went through his picture and bite my lips.

“He is so hot” I said to myself and quickly $lapped myself in my mind.

“It wrong to fantasize about your husband’s boss that way” my sub conscious cautioned and I huffed.
Asher isn’t my husband anymore.

“You two are still married. Remember? Until the divorce is finalized, then can you be single again” my subconscious said again.

“Just get out of my head” I groaned and went back to my phone.

I remembered the night In L.A. when he kssed me.

Oh God! Am not suppose to be thinking about this but I can’t help it.

The way his lips felt on mine and how he kssed me was something I can’t get off my head.

But ..he regretted it. The kss was a mistake. Everything that ever happened between us is a mistake.

I touched his picture on my phone and whispered. “Well, fuck You.. I don’t want to have anything to do with men again by the way”

“He doesn’t want you either” my sub conscious whispered. Why the hell is my mind always against me.


I looked back on his picture and started saving it to my gallery.

I don’t exactly know why am doing that but I just feel like.

I saved about 10 pictures and then dropped my phone facing the ceiling.

I picked my phone again and took a picture. I hardly take pictures.

When Asher was still good to me, we go out on dates and take tons of pictures, but ever since he changed, I don’t take pictures at all.

I looked at the picture I took and smiled. My hair was scattered and my face looked a bit rough but I still look pretty.

I posted it on my Facebook profile I deserted and captioned it with..”Be happy..”
Sounds dumb I know. I su¢k at giving captions to pictures.

My phone beeped and I checked the new notification and immediately scoffed.


I rolled my eyes. Seriously? Is he stalking me or what?
Why is he the first person to like my picture?
My phone beeped again…


I clicked on it to check.

Asher’s comment- my love (with love emojis)

And this time around, I burst out laughing…Now am his love. Very funny!.

I quickly deleted his comment from my post and then blocked him. No stress!

I browsed through Facebook for a while and also commented on those that commented on my post.

I logged out and dropped my phone on the bed. I went to the bathroom to ease myself.


After some minutes, I was done and I came out to see Annie seated on my bed and on her hand is my phone.

I looked at her while she stared back at me.

“Asher texted you?”

“You went through my messages?” I asked, getting annoyed.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You were planning to meet him? He sent this yesterday and you didn’t feel the need to tell me”

“Because I don’t want to” I shrugged.

“Seriously? Were you planning on meeting him? Yes or no?”

“Annie, I wouldn’t like you questioning me..and I don’t appreciate the fact you went through my phone..”

“Ever heard a word called privacy?” I added rolling my eyes.

“Oh really? So am invading your privacy?” Annie asked, with an angry look on.

“Obviously” I scoffed.

“Wow!” Annie muttered.

“I didn’t..I didn’t mean for it to sound that way..I was just trying to say..”

“Say what?” Annie interrupted standing up.

“I just don’t like the fact you went through my phone”

“And I don’t like the fact that you hide something like that from me..”

“It because..I don’t know..it..”

“I understand..you don’t need to explain yourself okay? It your life after all..” Annie was saying.

I interrupted her. “What are saying?”

“Words! Words ,camille!” Annie answered.

“You are taking this the wrong way” I told her.

“No am not. You are the one who decided to be secretive. You can do anything you want with your life..you can go meet him for all I care. I understand you still love him but…”

“I don’t love him anymore..what are you even talking about Annie..”

“I will say this again. Words! Camille…”

“You are just misunderstanding me..”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?” She asked.

I kept quiet.

“Well okay then. I’m trying trying to help you but right now, I don’t even know..” Annie retorted and glancing at me one last time, she walked out of the room.


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