By Mary Ann Adams


Asher’s mum didn’t say anything after she heard my “fake phone call”. I could feel her gaze on me as I returned back to my cooking.

After some minutes, she left me in the kitchen. I know she is thinking about so many things right now and am going to make her believe so much more later.

I finished cooking and I served it and then went back to the living room.

She was seated in the living room watching a reality show. I sat beside her and she turned to look at me. Gulping down nothing, she shifted a little bit on the couch creating a distance between us and I smirked concentrating on the tv.

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“How is everybody at home?” I decided to start up a conversation.

She looked at me as her eyes widened and quickly masked it with a smile. “Everybody is fine. I miss My son and of course you but it seems a lot have changed about you”

“Oh nothing changed. Maybe some people did but I didn’t, am still the old camille your son married and the one you know”

“I hope so because a something feels off about you”

Very nice. She is already suspecting me. Just want I need.

“Oh nothing. You just feel that way because it has been long you have seen me”

“I guess so” she agreed.

Silence sets in and no one made any move to break it as we both concentrated on the reality show even though am bored out of my mind.



Asher arrived by 10 minutes pass 7. Wow, just wow. He came home early today. I guess he is trying to act like a perfect and good husband he is not.

But not to worry, am also ready for him. He thinks he is cunning but am going to show him am more than him.

“Mom!” Asher said excitedly and his mom stood up from the couch and went to meet him.

“Son!” She smiled as they both hugged warmly.

They disengaged from the hug and his mom stared at him admire-rely.

“Wow, you look more handsome than the last time I saw you”

“Mom!, you have started with flattering me”

“Common, am serious….,” His mom smiled.

“Sure sure” he said taking his gaze off his mom and looking at me.

He glance at me from head to toe and he doesn’t look too pleased. He walked up to me anyways and surprisedly pecked my cheek.

I looked at him, shocked and he gave me a dangerous look, like telling me to play along.

“Uhm, welcome dear” I said, the words coming out of my mouth voluntarily.

Honestly, am still scared of him. Like a lot. But he walked up to me and pecked me. I can’t remember the last time Asher did that.

The least he can do when he comes back is to hurl insults on me, command me to serve his food, hit me and so on.

He is trying to act cool because of his mom’s presence.

“Mom, am going to freshening up real quick. Will be back” Asher said and his mom nodded. Giving me a last look, he went up the stairs and I rolled my eyes.




Asher, I and his mom sat in the dining room for dinner. Am actually nervous right now and a bit happy.

I opened the plates and gulped down nothing.

I made lasagna and then other side dishes like rice, veggies with chicken wings and grilled fish.

“Wow, this looks so good!” Asher’s mom said and I smirked.

Asher was the first to taste the rice. I watched him and on gulping it down, his expression changed.

Fury blinded him as he stared at me. “What the fk did you cook camille!” He roared and I flinched not expecting him to cut violently.

“Uh, what’s wrong?” I asked innocently.

His mom looked at him. “Asher, what wrong? You don’t have to shout at your wife”

“Am sorry. It just the food is….”

His mom interrupted him. “Hold on,” She said and scooped the rice in a spoon. She put it in her mouth and almost immediately, spat everything out.

She quickly drank a cup of water. “This is so salty” she said.

“Oh it is?..I had no idea…” I said, still with my innocent face on.

“Maybe you should taste it and see for yourself” Asher rolled his eyes.

Slowly, I scooped the rice and slowly started eating. Here we go, I need everything possible to make Asher’s mom starts suspecting me.

I started eating it and fought the urge to spit it out. I swallowed it and then faced them. “But there’s nothing wrong with the rice” I said and Asher’s mom looked at me like I have gone crazy.

“But…but the rice is salty. Like really salty”

“It’s not..” I said taking another spoonful. Oh God, Am going to vomit after this.

Asher and his mom looked at me unsure and both took a spoonful at the same time and spit it out immediately.

“I see…it obvious you have gone cra…” Asher stopped his word, and then said.” Erm, mom, Camille’s cooking isn’t like this. Maybe something happened, I don’t know”

“What are you talking about?, what’s wrong with the cooking?” I feign ignorance.

Asher looked at me, his facial expression telling me to shut up.

“It’s fine.” Asher’s mom said.

“Am just going to order for food. Camille, clear this up” Asher retorted.

I opened my mouth to talk but Asher’s look on me made me shut up.

“Am sorry even though I have no idea what is wrong. I didn’t plan for all this” I said apologetically looking at his mom.

“Sure, you didn’t” she gave me a look.

I sighed and started clearing everything up. On getting to the kitchen, I rushed to the sink and vomited everything in it.

I held my stomach and cleaned my mouth. Phew, that was tough.

Anything to get rid of Asher.

I washed the dishes and returned back to the dining. Asher and his mom were talking but stopped immediately I appeared.

I just sat down and apologized again.

Some minutes later, the food Asher ordered arrived and we all ate quietly.

I didn’t try to do anything this time around and just acted normal.



Asher and his mom retired to the living room while I went to the kitchen to dispose the plates.

I returned back to the living room. Asher was seated with a laptop on his lap operating it while his mom was facing the Tv and watching the news.

Tsk!, My mother in law and watching boring shows and news are like five and six.

I brought out my phone and decided to just go through social media but the woman in the news caught my attention and I looked up to listen to her.

===“Just in: few days ago, a woman committed sui¢ide because of domestic violence. In the letter found in the house written by her before she died, she talked about how her husband maltreated her physically, emotionally and sxually. She couldn’t speak out or find a solution because of the love she have for her husband. She decided she couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide so as not to be present to see her husband go to jail. The police are on the look out of the man who goes by the name, Owen Wilson as he have disappeared into thin air.”

====“The well known blogger and journalist, Chloe Campbell promised a million dollars for anybody that can find the man..His picture is above so if any one sees him or knows anyone that knows his whereabouts, don’t hesitate to call the police. We Hope the search for him is fruitful as he needs to be brought to book.===“
==“on other news is…..”

I breath out, Chloe, wow, that is Harry’s younger sister.

I looked at Asher who have removed his gaze from his laptop and he looked restless.

I removed my gaze from him to his mom’s and she have an angry look on.

“I can’t believe this. Why the hell will a man lay his hand on his wife. He doesn’t deserve to live. Infact, he deserves a really painful de.ath. This just spoilt my mood. When he is not an animal, he dare lay his hand on a woman”

I smiled painfully and then looked at her intently. “Oh really?, that means your son is an animal because that is exactly what he does”



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