Chapter 51



The Next Day – Black-Knight’s Base

“Mr Baldwin” Lucas greeted with a bow immediately he entered Mr Baldwin’s office.

“Hm” Mr Baldwin hummed in response, without moving his gaze from the gvn he was loading.

“Sir, I’ve charged the phone”

This statement caught his complete attention, he dropped the gvn and faced Lucas.

“Jamal was right, it’s on auto record, but it seemed like the driver talked with a woman that day”

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 51 – 60. Thingscouplesdo

“A woman?” Mr Baldwin asked with a frown.

“Yes, sir” Lucas answered, then handed the phone to Mr Baldwin.

He scrolled through the phone for a moment, then saw a recorded call and quickly played it.

“I’m not adding extra charges, it’s either you finish the work or you’ll d!e together with the bçh!” An unfamiliar female voice barked, then there’s a beeping sound like she hanged up.

Mr Baldwin frowned deeply as he wondered who this woman is? Is she still alive? Where can he find her?

He threw the phone on the table, and sighed deeply.

“Just when I thought we’re getting closer to the truth” he sighed. “It seems like we’re still very far from it”

There was a brief silence, before Lucas broke it.

“Sir, there’s something you should know”


“It seems like Mr Ferrari knows who your father is” Lucas said.

Mr Baldwin lifted himself slightly off his chair, he stared at Lucas with a furrowed eyebrow.


“Yes, I digged very deep, and from the information I’ve gathered Mr Ferrari is very close to your father, in fact, they’ve been in touch all these years”

Mr Baldwin let out a low, but deep growl.

“And the b@$tard pretended like he picked me up outta the streets to help me?” he gritted out.

He balled his fist, and pvnched the table.

“That id!ot lied to me!Come on, let’s go”

“Let’s go? To where?”

“Ferrari’s home”

“I’m sorry, sir, but Mr Ferrari’s not home”

“He’s not home?”

“No, he’s currently on a business trip in India”

“When he is coming back? Did you find out?”

“Yes, he’s coming back next week, Friday”

Mr Baldwin thought about it for a moment, wondering if he should go see him in India, but decided against it since he can’t leave his pregnant wife alone at the moment.

“Then we’ll see him next week”

“Yes, sir” Lucas replied.


A Week Later – 10:45am, St Thomas hospital group

Reporter: … we’re still yet to hear from Tasha Wood to confirm if Duncan’s statement. According to the police, Duncan’s still a prime suspect until Tasha gives her statement. Now we’re wondering if Tasha…

Rebecca frowned upon entering Tasha’s ward, and saw her watching the news. She rushed towards the remote control, and turned off the tv, then turned back to face Tasha whose eyes were still glued to the TV.

“You should be resting instead of watching the news, and getting all worked up” she scolded her.

Tasha stayed silent, it seemed like she’s got nothing to say, or maybe she’s deeply in thoughts.

Rebecca sighed, then proceeded to drop the plastic bag she was holding on the table, took out a lunchbox and dished out the food she’s prepared.

“Look what I brought, your favorite” she smiled at Tasha.

Tasha remained silence, she glanced at the food interestingly, and leaned back on the bed.

“Organize a press conference, I wanna make an official statement” she said.

Rebecca’s mouth fell open at Tasha’s words, she paused and stared at Tasha for a moment as if she can’t believe what she just heard.

“You wanna give an official statement?” she asked to confirm her ears.


“But I haven’t prepared a speech for you, because I thought you wouldn’t agree to give any statements now” she paused her blabbing. “What are you gonna say now?”

“Just organize the conference” Tasha said, and closed her eyes. “I wanna have some rest” she muttered.

“Oh, ok… I’ll start making arrangements for the conference”



Baldwin’s Mansion, LA

I grumbled sleepily when I heard a very disturbing knock on the door, I reached for a random pillow and dumped it on my head.

Just go away, I grumbled mentally as I continued with my sweet sleep, and thankfully the whoever it was that’s knocking on the door finally stopped.

But unfortunately for me, I was just about drowning in the pool of sleepiness, my duvet was snatched off me and my body was exposed to the cold air in the room, since I was wearing a very tiny nightie.

I was forced to spring up, and threw a glare at whoever had the audacity to interrupt my sleep, which of course is Fatima -she’s the only one who can barge into my privacy.

“Are you fuç…”

I trailed off when I remembered I’m pregnant, and my baby’s listening. It’s better I start practicing not saying raw words now, and stop cursing at people before my baby’s arrival, or it’s gonna be hard to stop it when he’s finally here in flesh.

“Are you funking ¢razy? Why are you disturbing my beauty sleep?!” I snapped at her.

She raised her left eyebrow at me the moment I mentioned, ‘my beauty sleep’ and burst into laughter.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Darling, you aren’t getting any beauty sleep no more, you’re simply making yourself obese” she said as she reached for my cheeks, and pinched them teasingly.

I frowned at her words, then jumped off the bed and almost losing my balance, but I didn’t care about that as I raced to the full length mirror in our (I and Duncan’s) room.

Maybe her words are true, because I’ve been sleeping and eating a lot lately.

My eyes trailed down my body in the mirror, I checked out my hips, my stomach which was still flat but my waist’s starting to get wider, my neck which’s getting fuller, and my face… I gasped loudly.

“What happened to my face?!” I shrieked in panic.

“Told ya, you’re becoming obese” she whispered in my ear, making it sound as if I’m having a nightmare.

“What’s happening to my face? What are all these giant rashes on my face?” I asked Fatima, even though I’m already dreading the answer she’s gonna give.

“Those aren’t rashes, baby, those are pimples”

“What?!” I exclaimed extremely loud. “Arghhhhhh” I screamed, even the walls of our room was shaking, but I cared less about that.

The door burst open, nanny Pamela, Mrs Jackson and Mariah rushed in, in panic and worry.

“What’s going on?”
“Rachel, are you ok?” they all asked at once.

I turned around to face them, my face covered my face as tears rushed down my cheeks.

“What’s going on?” Mrs Jackson pulled me into a hug, and let me cry on her shoulder.

Fatima sighed dramatically loud.

“She has pimples on her chubby face” she said.

“Pimples?” they all asked in a surprise tone, as if they weren’t expecting I was about blowing off the roof over pimples.

“Yep” Fatima answered.

There was a momentary silence, before they all burst into laughter and I cried more, thinking they were laughing over my chubby and pimples filled face.

“Come here, honey” Nanny Pamela called me, taking me from Mrs Jackson.

Right, Nanny Pamela is finally behaving normal, but she’s still pretending like she knows nothing about Duncan’s past before he came to our orphanage, which I know perfectly is a big lie -I believe she’ll open up when she feels like it’s the right time.

“Honey, you’re a pregnant woman now, and it’s very natural you’re gonna undergo some changes in your body, and you’ll lose some of your beauty during the period of your pregnancy” Nanny Pamela said.

“Ar-are this changes a lifetime think?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“Of course” Fatima answered quickly before anyone else would. “You’ll be slowly losing your beauty bit by bit, until you’re finally ugly and your husband will abandon you for a fresh bI.ood” she said.

My heartbeat accelerated as fear gripped me, different thoughts started running wide in my head, like; Duncan bringing different women home, or taking a second wife who would just stay beautiful for him, while I become the ugly, children making machine for them.

No, no, no that won’t do. My eyes landed on Mariah, I pulled away from nanny Pamela and grabbed Mariah’s hands.

“You.. you.. you gave birth to three kids and you’re still beautiful”

My eyes trailed her sexy body as I said those words.

“Tell me, what’s your secret? How did you manage to remain a beauty?” I asked desperately.

Fatima scoffed.

“That’s because she’s a beauty goddess before, and…”

“Shut up, Fatima” Mrs Jackson smacked Fatima’s head. “Quit scaring her, or I’ll castrate you!” she threatened Fatima who quickly shut her mouth.

She stuck out her tongue at me, which made Mariah laugh.

“Rachel” nanny Pamela called me. “These changes aren’t permanent, it’s just a temporary occurrence and it’s gonna go away after you’ve put to bed” she said.

“Really?” I touched my face, as I glanced at Mariah, indirectly asking her if nanny Pamela is right.

“Of course” Mariah agreed with a smile.

I looked at my face again, I pouted when I saw the giant pimples were still there -about five, and I think there’ll be more of them later.

“Come on, let’s go eat or your husband will have our heads for starving his two heartbeats” Mrs Jackson said, referring to my baby and I.


We were heading towards the door, when I remembered I haven’t brush my teeth and I stopped.

“I’ll be down in a jiffy, I haven’t brush my teeth” I told them.

“Alright, we’ll be waiting for you” Mrs Jackson said.

I nodded and they all left, but Fatima stuck out her tongue at me one more time before jogging after them.

I rolled my eyeballs, and rushed towards the bathroom.


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