Greedily wanting this same cold skin to touch her down there were she was burning hot she tried pvlling her skirt but Dylan immediately stopped her from doing so

Georgia wasn’t happy she was stopped, she tried pulling down her skirt again and this time around Dylan seized her hands making her to squirm on his lap

Dylan knew she was not in the right state of mind, the Georgia he knew would never think of doing something this bold in his presence.


Dylan glared at Garfield and the waiter and they immediately looked away

“Get the car ready”
He instructed Garfield who nodded and left.

Turning to the waiter who was almost shaking like a leaf, he snorted

“I need you to get us out through the back door immediately”

The waiter worriedly looked over to the unconscious, good as dead Raymond on the floor and back to Dylan

“I’ll take care of the body, don’t let no one into this quarter, I’m booking it for the entire night”

With Dylan’s words, the waiter nodded in relief, it would be bad to carry a body like this outside, people would freak out and to leave it here, anybody who comes in would be terrified and that would eventually ruin the restaurant’s name.

But getting the assurance of the Wealthiest Man in LA , he immediately led him out through the back door.

As the chief waiter, he instructed every other colleague not to enter that particular quarter as it has been booked by Dylan Donovan

Hearing the name, his colleagues immediately nodded in agreement.

They wouldn’t even dare cross the passage of that quarter throughout this night and they even called their colleagues that would be coming for the morning shift not to go to that particular quarter untill they were sure Dylan comes out.

Successfully out of the restaurant without people’s notice, Dylan carried Georgia into the car, Garfield was already waiting

“I want you to take the body and dump it on the streets this night, if he’s lucky to be found in time by his family that’s cool or he can die slowly there”

Dylan instructed the bodyguards over the phone who always Follow him around in the shadows.

“Should I drive to the hospital immediately?

Garfield asked his boss who was at the backseat with the miss who was squirming uncomfortably in his arms

“No, to the Villa”
Dylan instructed and without further ado, Garfield drove off.

In the Rolls Royce Phantom, all efforts of Dylan to keep Georgia in place were in vain

Garfield who was driving heard some noises and turned to look back but he quickly faced front, his face looking embarrassed with what he saw, Georgia was actually straddling his boss in an intimate manner.

To give them privacy, Garfield immediately clicked on the chromatic glass panel that was electronic to make a partition between the rear seat and the driver’s seat totally giving them privacy.

Garfield finally relaxed as he wouldn’t be hearing more of the embarrassing noises coming from the rear seat and would rather focus on his driving.

Georgia was drugged with ecstacy, she had never been intimate with a man willingly, the two times Dylan slept with her, she wasn’t willing but now she wanted to try every thing she hadn’t tried before

Sitting on his lap, she sat in such a way that her both legs were on either side of his lap straddling him

She wanted to hug him, kss him and be so intimate with him like never before.

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