Dylan looked behind him when he found his assistant staring with a shock expression

Seeing the reason of his weird acts, Dylan cleared his throat as he narrowed his eyes at Garfield

Garfield immediately retracted his gaze from the woman, his boss’s woman rather and looked at the floor with so much interest as if there was something there that hadn’t been discovered for a very long time.


Georgia was surprised to see an additional person in her house, he looked familiar though and then it dawned on her, Garfield, Dylan’s assistant.

She nodded politely to him which Garfield returned back in a more polite manner and her eyes darted over to Dylan who wasn’t looking at her with a sigh, she walked away and into the kitchen.

Garfield knew her too well, not personally tho but he had made a thorough investigation on her

On his boss’s order and also for his benefit, after all, she was the best friend to Leah and so he made sure she wasn’t someone to be wary of.

Garfield stood waiting patiently for his boss whose eyes were at the direction the boss lady disappeared off to.

Dylan turned to look at Garfield and sighed
“You can go, I’ll come later”
He said and strode to the direction Georgia went.

His boss is really awestruck

Garfield thought shaking his head
His boss was someone who never joke with anything work and money and never brings his personal life into his work life but what the hell is happening now?

This made him remember Leah and he sighed sadly.
Was it really impossible between them?

Georgia who just placed the dirty plates into the dishwasher, turned around to leave only to bump into a human wall

She exclaimed in frustration, what’s with him and blocking the way!

He’s taller so what? Now she just had to bump into him, her nose hurts!
Georgia whined, her eyes almost teary

Dylan wouldn’t budge from his current position so Georgia decided to move back but no,
Dylan drew her via her waist, pulling her into his embrace and caging her with his locked arms

“I just want you for myself, is that so much to ask”

Dylan asked to what appeared like a statement as he placed his chin on her shoulder, the smell of her hair drives him crazy, it was just like lavender.

“mmh? tell me”

Georgia felt ticklish at the spot his voice voice vibrated on when he talked

She tried pulling back but he pulled her even more closer
Georgia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and for a moment she felt like she was a mother whose son refuses to let go of her embrace

Her face was pressed to his chest, how was she supposed to talk?
Dylan don’t overdo it! she thought and luckily, he pulled away but she was still caged with his arms

“you already know, Raymond called”

Dylan’s eyes began reducing into splits as he listened

Georgia swallowed, she knew what she was about to say next would completely turn those eyes into splits

“He wants us to meet”

Dylan asked, his expression calm and collected

Georgia gulped
“I agreed”

Dylan chuckled
“You must really love irking me a lot”
He said calmly

A calm before the storm.

Georgia shook her head
“I don’t but I really need to talk to him”
She muttered

Dylan got mad this time
“Talk to him?!


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