Authoress FG…

GENRE – Love, thriller, melodrama, betrayal and friendship.

SETTING – Korean and Western setting…


Jemma Chen a mother of two in her early forties, the heiress of her father’s company GG diamonds. She suddenly falls out of love as her relationship with her husband suffered many obstacles and the both of them just couldn’t build their relationship anymore…!

“I guess this suddenly stopped working because we spent our prime age trying to build this relationship…!”


Caleb Chen, Jemma’s husband is in his middle forties. He had no idea why he suddenly couldn’t stop his relationship with Jemma from falling apart.
Caleb also fell out of love and that’s why he started a relationship with Susan his mistress.

“I don’t think this will work..!!” Caleb said dispirited.

“We should get a divorce ” Jemma suggested on a low tone after she found out Caleb was having an affair.

Eli and Josie are Jemma and Caleb’s children.

Eli’s the first child, he’s 22 years old. He is in college. Talk about Eli’s personality, it’s the combination of rude, arrogant and little of kindness, despite all this unfit personality.

Girls can’t stop themselves from falling for Eli because he’s rich and handsome, talk of a well groomed young man, he has it all thanks to his parents gene. He always have issues with his mum because she doesn’t seize to go against his decisions and that made their son and mother relationship a complicated one.

We thought that was all about Eli’s attitude but things worsen when he found out his parents were getting a divorce.

Josie’s the second child and the only daughter Jemma has. She’s 16 years old, she’s in highschool. Josie being the only girl always sides with her mum despite being the daddy’s girl. Josie’s attitude also changed when she found out her parent were getting a divorce.

The sweet and loving Josie, Jemma knew suddenly turned her back on her mother for making a decision like that?


Here is another family!

Weston Hong in his middle forties, he’s a single dad with a very nonchalant daughter Ruby.
Weston runs a company of his own and he is very influencial in his field of work.

Ruby is in same college with Eli, she’s 21 years old. She and her dad relocated back to south Korea after the death of her mum.
Ruby got transferred into same college as Eli.

Eli is Ruby’s senior in college so they barely attend same lectures but they always cross path in school in an unexpected way which always annoys either of them.
But sparkles of romance got involved.

Weston appeared in Jemma’s complicated life in a surprising way, saving her from all the troubles she stumbled upon at the office.

What kind of relationship do you think Jemma and Eli will build with father and daughter?

Will Jemma find happiness if she proceeds with the divorce?

Will Eli and Josie ever forgive Caleb for having an affair?





Jemma and Caleb are lying on the bed. Jemma’s finding it hard to fall asleep so she kept on changing her position on the bed.

“Do you plan on doing that all night? Jemma I’m trying to catch some sleep, I have a lot to do at the office tomorrow so please stop turning around” Caleb cut in obviously disturbed.

Jemma sat up, staring at the window.

“I can’t help it. I’m so excited for Josie’s big day tomorrow” Jemma said with a smile and Caleb rolled his eyes.

“You’re probably making a fuss about one award or the other. What award or competition did she win this time? Anyways count me out, I’m too busy to attend any party” Caleb shrugged and Jemma looked at him in disbelief.

“Do you even know what tomorrow is? How could you forget something like that? Caleb what’s going on with you?”

“I’m being forgetful all thanks to the loads of work at the office. I can barely have some spare time for myself. That aside, what’s tomorrow party all about?” Caleb asked as he sat up with his face fixed on Jemma.

“Tomorrow is Josie’s sweet 16. How can you forget that? We both planned on making her sweet 16 a memorable one and this is how you react to it. You forgot my birthday as well. Caleb are you suffering from some kind of amnesia or what?” Jemma said with a frown.

“Jemma stop building a mountain out of a molehill. Do you think I like it as well forgetting my daughter’s birthday? And don’t get me wrong, I’m not suffering from any illness. I’ve been so occupied with work but what’s the plan for Josie’s party?” Caleb asked concerned and Jemma got down from the bed, adjusting her robe.

“I have no idea, where this attitude of yours is heading but I’m not doing this with you tonight. I will spend the night at the guest room” Jemma said seriously then head out of the room after picking up her phone.

“What’s with her attitude?” Caleb shrugged and went back to sleep.

I can’t believe he forgot about Josie’s birthday as well. Is he the only one busy with work? I’ve also got lots of work on my plate but that doesn’t mean I should forget about my family’s prescious moment. Jemma uttered in her head feeling so upset.

Jemma head to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water.
She slide the fridge open, brought out a bottle of water and gulped it down furiously in a glimpse.

“That’s quite refreshing” Jemma sighed faking a smile and suddenly she heard some footsteps.

Who could possibly be awake by this time of the night? And those footsteps sounds very mysterious. Jemma muttered in her head absolutely disarrayed as she tried to observe more.

In a twinkle of an eye, the kitchen lights went on…

Did a thief break in? But what kind of a thief got the nerve to turn on the lights in the house he’s about to raid in. Jemma questioned in her head and suddenly someone screamed in fear.

“Ahhh!” Eli screamed in fear holding his chest that was pounding so fast out of fear.

Jemma held her chest as well as she looked at Eli.

“What are you staring at? You scared the hell out of me. If you were here, why didn’t you turn on the lights” Eli nagged sarcastically.

“I only wanted water and why should I be turning on the lights when I won’t be staying long anyway and what’s with your tone? It’s late at night and you still can’t show me some respect. Eli if you have an issue with me then let’s talk it out, I’m your mother and I deserve some respect from you” Jemma said seriously placing her hands on her waist.

“Can I go to the US for my summer vacation?” Eli asked staring at Jemma.

“No, you can’t. Summer vacations are to be spent with family so why do you even think I would approve of such a thing” Jemma said defiantly and Eli rolled his eyes and walked to the fridge.

He took a bottle of water, about to leave the kitchen and Jemma held his hand.

“Is that it?”

“What else do you want? It’s late already, I can’t put up with your argument. I’ve got classes in the morning. You should get some sleep and stop walking around like a ghost, scaring everyone” Eli said sarcastically and walked away.

“Ahh…!!!” Jemma groaned as she tightened her fist.

“Did my night get jinxed or what? Why’s everyone annoying me tonight? I should better get some sleep before I lose my mind. It’s late already” Jemma exhaled tiredly before leaving the kitchen.



It’s morning already and everyone was still so fast asleep but the maids have began their morning chores.

Caleb’s alarm rang, same as Jemma. Their alarms rings at the same time because they have to prepare to go to the office in time.

Jemma yawned tiredly, stretching out her arms before picking up her phone.

“Ouch…. All my body feels sore. I have no idea why I feel sore whenever I sleep at the guest room” Jemma complained as she massaged her neck gently before getting up from the bed.



Eli was up already, he’s done getting ready for school.

“Wait a minute, when did I become so diligent in going to school early? Ha, I can’t believe this” Eli mocked himself as he had a glance at his wristwatch.

Today’s Josie’s big day. I should go wish her a happy birthday before she leaves for school. He said in his mind with a smile.



The whole family sauntered down to the dinning table for breakfast.

“Good morning mum and dad” Josie greeted before taking her seat.

“Josie, hope you had a good night rest?” Jemma asked with a smile.

“I did mum. What about you Mum? You don’t look that energetic, did you sleep at the guest room again? Come on dad, can the both of just quit your arguments. You’ve been married for so long and you barely spend a day without arguing” Josie said tiredly and Eli scoffed before taking his seat.

“Mum looks energetic to me and don’t blame them for always arguing. Mum got some talent for that, she must have been a lawyer in her past life” Eli teased and Josie rolled her eyes.

“Eli is that anyway to speak about your parents. Jemma what are you teaching this kids. Eli obviously doesn’t have any manners…” Caleb couldn’t finish his statement when his phone started ringing.

“Sorry everyone but I have to go now. Bye sweetie” Caleb said and peeked Josie on her cheeks before leaving.

“Dad you didn’t even finish your breakfast” Josie reminded but Caleb left already without even looking back.

“Happy birthday Josie” Jemma and Eli said in anchor.

A wide smile appeared on her lips as she stared at the both of them.

“Thanks mum.. thanks bro…” Josie said with a smile.

“I’m sorry Josie, I planned on making your sweet 16 a grand one but I’m sorry I can’t meet up those promises. Everyone got a lot on their plates and it would be quite hectic if we push through with the plans but I promise to make it up to you next year” Jemma said calmly and Josie smiled.

“It’s okay mum, I wasn’t expecting any party. I’m just happy you didn’t forget about my birthday. I’m busy as well, I’ve got lots of test to write today and tomorrow so I should study hard. Thanks for telling me Mum” Josie said lovingly.

“It’s not okay Josie. How can you be okay with that, it’s your sweet 16 for goodness sake. You should be throwing a ruckus so a party will be thrown for you” Eli cut in seriously.

“It’s okay Eli, mum explained her reasons and I’m okay with it”

“I can’t believe this. I just lost my appetite. I’m off to school” Eli said arrogantly then left the dinning table.

“I’m sorry Josie, I really am. I’m running late for work so let’s talk about it when I get back from the office. I would have loved to drop you off at school, today been your birthday but I’m late already” Jemma explained with a remorseful face.

“It’s okay mum, my driver can take me to school so go ahead” Josie said sadly.

“Alright dear, go to school early okay” Jemma said with a smile then peeked Josie before leaving.

Today’s supposed to be my birthday but I’m having breakfast alone. Ha! Josie sighed in her head tiredly.



Weston and his daughter, Ruby arrived in Seoul already. They head out of the airport with their luggage.

Ruby’s eyes were fixed on her phone and her headphones on. Weston stared at her then brushed her shoulders with his playfully.

“Come on Ruby, it’s your first time in South Korea. You should look around and get your eyes off your phone for a moment” Weston suggested and Ruby rolled her eyes.

“Dad, it’s no big deal okay and I have to say bye to my friends in the US” Ruby shrugged and Weston snatched her phone and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

Ruby pouted as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“Dad why didn’t you get me a nanny. It’s hard already that’s it’s just the two of us and now I will have to carry my luggage myself” Ruby complained.

“Why do you complain so much? Don’t you like it that you’re being independent for the first time and just like I said to you back in the States, you can’t act like a spoilt brat here okay. I can’t get you a nanny for some personal reasons, I will only get us a chef ok. You will have to get used to not having a nanny. You’re big girl now, why would you need a nanny when you have me” Weston said playfully and Ruby smiled.

“Dad, I really like it when you call me a big girl” Ruby said with a wide smile.

Weston stopped a taxi in front of the airport.

“Chauffeur please help us with our luggage” Weston said politely and the driver came down and helped them with their luggage, keeping them in the booth.

“Get in sweetie” Weston instructed after opening the back door.

“Alright Dad” Ruby smiled and got into the car, Weston followed.

“Chauffeur please take us to this address” Weston said handing the address to the driver.

Ruby crossed arms with her Dad as she placed her head on his shoulders.

They enjoyed the city view through the window.

Weston and Ruby got to their new home.

“Do you like it dear? I got it decorated to our taste. What do you think Ruby?” Weston asked with a smile as they got into the apartment.

“It’s beautiful but there’s no memory of mum here” Ruby said slowly as tears roll down her cheeks and she ran out of the building.

“Ruby!” Weston called out sadly.

She ran out to the streets.

Eli was heading out of a cake shop with a box of cake on his hand.

“I hope this puts a smile on Josie’s face” Eli said with a smile and just then Ruby bumped into him and the cake fell to the ground and got smashed.

“What the hell!” Eli screamed glaring at Ruby who was in tears already.


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