I went to khole’s house during lunch, the next
day. I let myself in after ringing the bell
consecutively without a response.
I met khole in bed,holding a teddy bear to her
chest.I touched her and said “Hey sis,been
ringing the bell for minutes now”
She turned to me and smiled before saying “Sorry
about that. I did’nt hear”
I noticed the tears in her voice and how messy
her room was.I moved close to her and said “Are
you okay khole?”
Khole let out a fake smile and told me she was
fine.I held her hands and said
” Khole,i do know you are going through alot but i
need you to share your problem for you to get
solutions and this has made me inform Mi dad
Bottom line,we are going home during weekend,
It’s dad’s instruction”
Khole’s eyes widened after breaking the news to
her,she walked away from me and said “How
could you Nancy? I wanted to inform them myself
and Josh will not allow me to go,he will….”
“So this is all about Josh?” I said interrupting
“Khole we are sisters,it breaks my heart to see
you like this yet you keep shutting me out. I want
you to know that am doing this for you and i just
need you to come with me. Don’t worry about
Josh, i will talk to him. All i want is for you to
return to the girl i use to know” I said,almost in
I hugged khole and let her cry in my arms. After
consoling her, i decided not to bother her about
opening up to me, instead i made her forget what
was troubling her.I made lunch with khole and we
ate before i left.
I was able to get Josh’s permission to travel with
khole through kelvin and at exactly 12:00pm on
Saturday afternoon,we were on our way to Ilorin
from Abuja.The flight was smooth and safe.
We went to my foster parent house directly from
the airport.It was good to be home and to be with
my family.
I knew mi dad must have informed Mi mom of
khole’s accident and this made her try best to
make us happy.
We had a full table for lunch and a family chat
after lunch.
I talked privately with Mi mom after the family
hour, she took in my advice and promised to
bring khole back. At exactly 6:00pm,myself and
kelvin left for our home.
“Home sweet Home” Kelvin said immediately we
entered his apartment.I chuckled and repeated
the statement.
“How’s my cutiee doing?” Kelvin asked as he
drew closer.
I smiled and rubbed my tommy slowly.
“Let me do that for you”
Kelvin said and he replace my hand with his on
my tommy.
“I think we should do this on the bed” Kelvin said
with a seductive smile and I noded.
He was about sweeping me off my feet when my
phone started to ring.kelvin grumbled as i went
for my bag.Though the caller I.D was unknown,i
accepted the call and said “Hello”
“Is this Mrs.Nancy Smith?” The caller said from
the other end and i answered yes.
The caller breathe a sign of relive and said
“I am Mrs. Berry and I’m the late Mrs.William’s
private attorney.Am sorry to disturbe you but i
have some news have been keeping for years.
It’s from your late mom”

To be continued