Nothing really mattered to me at that particular
moment, all i wanted was khole. I tighten my grip
on the doctor’s neck, as if Khole’s life depend on
his neck.
“Common Babe! Let go of him!” Kelvin shouted as
he tried to loosen my grip on the doctor’s neck. It
took the help of kelvin and Loretta for me to free
the doctor after which i stood akimbo with a teary
eye, waiting for the doctor to complete his
The doctor took his time to adjust his collar
before he looked at me with displease and said
“Ma’am if not for your position, i know what i
could have done. Next time do not let your
emotion get a better part of you.”
I looked at him and noded before he continued.
“Well as i was saying before i was interupted, we
tried our best but am sorry we were able to save
only the lady, she lost her child”
At the revelation of this, i had mixed feelings. I
was happy khole was saved but i was sad
knowing how sad she would be when she discover
that she had lost her baby.
I wiped my tears and said “can we see her now?”
“No madam. She’s on medication now. You all
can go home and get some rest, come, check on
her tomorrow and bring along the necessaries”
The doctor said and left.
I stood at a point, staring at my feet before loretta
came close to me.
“Let’s go home” she said softly and i obeyed.
The ride home was quiet and slow. I had alot on
my mind. I tried to figure out what could have led
to khole’s accident and why Josh was not home
with her, according to khole, he was suppose to
be back that evening. I could not get a
reasonable answer and i was left with finding out
from khole.
At first, i thought about informing my foster
parent, but i knew they would be alarmed. I
decided khole was in the right position to inform
them when she gets better.
“Hey! We are home” Kelvin said as he tapped me
on the shoulder and that was when i realised the
car had stop to move. I slowly got down from the
car and went into the house.
We met the president and mother inlaw in the
livingroom when we returned, i greeted them
briefly and went to my room, leaving kelvin and
Loretta to inform them about what happened.
I tried Josh’s number when o settled, his line
went through but he never answered my call. I
gave up on him after several unsuccessful attempt
and went to the bathroom, after which i retired to
my bed.
I did not know when kelvin joined me in bed but i
found myself in his arm the next morning. I slowly
uncovered myself and made to get out of bed
before kelvin held me back. I turned to him and
said “I thought you are still sleeping”
“I was, then i noticed your movement. Are you
okay? You slept without saying goodnight” Kelvin
said as he kissed me lightly.
I apologized to kelvin and told him how worried i
was about khole. I also told kelvin about Josh’s
strange behaviour and the fact that he was
suppose to be home with her during the night
before. Kelvin consoled me and promised to talk
to Josh later in the day.
We bath together and got ready to visit khole
before we joined others for breakfast.
Due to the president absence, we were four on
the dining table. Mother inlaw informed us that
she would come to the hospital after getting khole
some provision with Loretta. I thanked her and
left for the hospital with kelvin.
We met Josh at the hospital reception when we
arrived. I questioned him on his whereabout the
day before and he told me he traveled. Without
going further, i went to khole’s ward, leaving
kelvin to talk to Josh.
I was happy to see khole awake when i got to her
ward, I excitedly hugged her and examined her
Khole smiled weakly and thanked me.
I let few minutes pass before I questioned khole
on the cause of her accident and Josh’s
Khole narrowed her eyes and said “Ehm, I
slipped and fell when Josh went to get us dinner”
“Josh? did he come back yesterday? And you
made dinner before we left” I questioned khole,
realising that something was wrong just as i
Khole burst into tears and i moved close to
console her . I did’nt know if she was crying
because of her loss or the question i asked.
After few minutes, I released khole and asked her
what was wrong with concern. Khole wiped her
tears and said “Nancy, the thing is that, Josh
Khole could not complete her statement as
Josh,Kelvin, Loretta and mother inlaw walked in.
I made a “Dont worry” Sign to Khole and rushed
to welcome mother inlaw. I did’nt know what
happened between khole and Josh but i noticed
how tense Josh was when i walked pass him.
I collected Mother inlaw’s bag and i was about to
return to my sit when i felt a strange urge to
throwup.I hurriedly dropped the bag on the chair
and covered my mouth with my hand as i rushed
to the rest room.
“Let’s have the test now” Kelvin said after he
helped me clean up.
I wanted to reject his request because of Khole
but i could not when i saw the plea in his eyes.
I wanted to hesitate because of khole but i
couldn’t say “No” when i saw the plea in his
I gave a positive nod and kelvin smiled. He gave
me a peck before he held my hand and led me
out of the restroom.
“Are you okay dear?” Mother inlaw asked,
immediately we joined them.
I smiled and told her i was fine even though it
was obvious i was’nt.
“Mom, everybody, please excuse my wife and I”
kelvin said as soon as i was done replying
mother inlaw. I took my bag and we left the room,
with me keeping my head down.
Myself and kelvin went to the reception, where
kelvin had a brief talk with one of the nurses. The
nurse kelvin had a brief talk with, had a short
telephone conversation before she led myself and
kelvin to an office at the extreme end of the
A middle age woman welcomed us as soon as
the door to the office was opened. She offered us
a sit and she began to question us immediately
we were sitted.
“Welcome sir and ma. I was inform that you want
a quick pregnancy test. Am happy to tell you that
after getting a small amount of your urine which
will be forward to the laboratory, you will have a
confirmed pregnancy test result in less than a
hour” The nurse said and we eagerly agreed.
I followed her to a small room in the office where
i provided my urine after which she took some
necessary information before she got to work,
leaving us with another nurse in her office.
I was tensed while waiting for the pregnancy test
result. I could tell kelvin was anxious as well, he
would glance at his wrist watch every minute and
shake his legs continuously in anticipation. Lots
of thought went through my mind as we waited. I
would be happy if i was confirmed pregnant, but
apart from my personal dream of having a baby
few years after marriage, the fact that khole lost
her baby would lessen the joy.
I was stil lost in thought when the nurse who was
incharge of our test result walked in. She quickly
apologized for the delay before she settled in her
sit and handed over an envelope to kelvin.
“The result in there is real and anything contrary
is fake. We have the best machine in town and
we carryout the best test over a short period of
Mrs. Smith I’m happy to inform you that you are
four weeks gone (pregnant). Congratulations to
the both of you”
The nurse said with a smile and i could not
believe my ears. The excitement feeling of having
a child growing inside of me was out of this world.
Kelvin held my face and kissed me right in front of
the nurses. He could not hide his excitement as
he hugged all the nurses with a bright smile on
his face. I never knew carrying his baby could
bring him so much happiness but all in all i was
happy to give my man a reason to be happy.
The nurse cleared her throat and said “To the
happy daddy to be, can i have a minute please”
Kelvin settled beside me and she continued.
“Mr and Mrs. Smith please make sure you register
your anti-natal care with us and settle your bill at
the reception. We wish you a safe delivery and a
healthy baby”
We left the room happily after taking the
necessary advice from the nurse.
We went back to khole’s ward after settling our
bill and registering Anti-natal care at the
reception. It took a long lecture before kelvin
agreed to hide his excitement and until dinner
before we would break the happy news to his
Loretta, mother inlaw and khole were bussy
gisting when we got back, while Josh was bussy
with his phone. We also joined in the
conversation and i made sure khole had lunch
before we all left. Though khole was moody, i had
to leave after a fruitless effort of comforting her.
Kelvin took me out for lunch after leaving the
hospital, according to him, we had to celebrate.I
was overwhelmed at the care and affection kelvin
showered on me.He watched my every step and
every movement, he even went to the extent of
feeding me throughout lunch.We went back home
after kelvin got a cake, for celebration.
At exactly 7:00pm,dinner was set.The president
returned some hours before dinner and he was
also on the table with us.
Due to the lunch i had with kelvin,my stomach
was still filled and this made me play with my
meal instead of eating.
“Nancy you are toying with your food.Do you
prefer another meal”
The president asked, unknown to me that he was
watching me.I told the president i was fine and i
smiled at kelvin.
Kelvin went into our room and brought the huge
cake, he placed it on the table and said
“Dad,Mom,Loretta,am happy to announce to you
that my wife here is carrying my baby,your
grandchild and our hero”
Laughter and joy the air as we all exchanged
hugs and peck.
We gathered round the cake and was ready to cut
when the president held my hands and said
“You make me the happiest man on earth by
carrying my grand child Nancy.This is a huge
favour and i will like to express my
gratitude.Name anything in this world and it will
be at your disposal”
(A week later)
A week after my pregnancy result, Khole was
discharged. I had managed to hide my pregnancy
news from her in order not to hurt her feelings but
i knew she would find out, this made me decide to
share the news with her immediately she was out
of the hospital but i never got the chance to.
I had lost people dear to me in the past, but i had
never lost a pregnancy and this made me respect
Khole drastically changed after losing her
pregnancy. She became sad and moody. The
once lively khole became absent minded and
quiet. Even though i was going through a rough
early pregnancy stage, i made time to visit khole
daily and i tried to make her share her problems
with me but she never did. After a week of khole
keeping to herself, i decided to cut the chase and
inform my foster parent of khole’s present
predicament. Since i could not talk to her, i
believed her parent would be in the right position
to talk her through.
I knew Mi mom could break down if i inform her,
so i decided to call Mi dad instead. I took my
time to inform mi dad of khole’s accident and i
also expressed my suspicions to him. Though Mi
dad was also sad at the news, he took it like a
man. He decided that I should arrange for khole
to go back to ilorin, because he believed nobody
could take care of her like her parent.
I agreed with Mi dad’s decision and i also
promised to come back with khole. I said nothing
about my pregnancy since i felt sharing it on the
phone was not good enough.
I informed kelvin of my conclusion with Mi dad
during the night. At first, he was against my
decision to travel because of my condition but he
ended up giving in after much plea. Kelvin agreed
on the condition that he would be travelling with
me and i wouldn’t sleep over at my foster
parent’s house. Instead we would stay together
at his apartment. I agreed since there was no
other choice left.


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