JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 11-20

?Just Two Months ?

Written By Tamara Blair

Chapter 11

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
Daniel thinks i did something to the food,i didn’t even do anything,but just seeing the fear on his face is so funny, am sure he is scared to death
“Honey,eat it before it gets cold”his mom said. “Okay but i want Kylie to eat with me”He said. “Oh,no,i can’t,i have already eaten” i said pouting my lips cutely.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
Oh,Lord,is this how am gonna die? I haven’t even done alot of things in my life.
“Come on,baby,eat it” Kylie said in a sweet way while Paris and Mason have been trying to control their laughter. Okay,here goes.
I take a bite out of the food and eat it,hmmm, it’s actually delicious,very delicious infact
“Do you like it?”Kylie asked. “Yeah, it’s delicious”I said. “Thanks” Kylie said

?Paris P.o.v?
After that funny breakfast, My parents went out to the park, while my brothers were preparing to go to work,i was with Kylie in her room
“You should have seen his face,he was so scared,he thought you poisoned him”I said laughing so hard.
“Daniel thinks he can go scot-free with what he did to me,he’s mistaken”Kylie said smirking. “Honestly, Kylie,you really bring life to this house,i have never had so much for so long”I said smiling widely
“Aww, thanks, it’s time for Daniel’s real payback, follow me”Kylie said and stands up to leave

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
Time for that jerk face payback,i overheard him telling Mason that the suit he is wearing is his favorite suit,am going to ruin it for him.Next time he won’t mess with Kylie Blair.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
Maybe Kylie was really sorry about what she has been doing to me. I was still waiting for my car when i suddenly felt a warm liquid pour all over me staining my hair and my favorite suit,i touch my hair and i found out that it was Paint,only one person could have done this.
“How do you like this for a payback?”Kylie asked as she was coming towards me. “You psycho,you ruined my favorite suit”i said in anger. “I know, that’s what you get for messing with me, my sweet Daniel”She said smirking.
“You Know what,i give up,you are clearly stronger than me,so let me give you a hug” I said coming towards her.
“Don’t come near me with that paint,i just washed my hair”She said moving backwards.

? Author’s P.o.v?
Kylie runs away fast but Daniel starts to chase her, they keep running around the compound.
“Stay away from me,Je.rk” Kylie yells. “I just want to give my lovely Girlfriend a hug, that’s all” Daniel said laughing.
Daniel catches up to Kylie,he drags her closer by her w@ist and pu$hes her against the wall,they stare at each other for a while before Daniel rubs his face against Kylie’s face staining her with paint, Kylie tries to get away but Daniel was too strong.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I pushed him away forcefully,he smirks at him. “You pe.rvert,you t0uched me so inappropriately and ruined my hair” i said in anger. “Now,we are even,bye, girlfriend” He Chuckles and walks away. Idi0t.

? Author’s P.o.v?
It was dinner time, Kylie and Daniel started to pretend in front of Daniel’s parents,feeding each other but using any small opportunity to give each other deadly glares.
“So i have an announcement” Mirabel said excitedly. “What’s the announcement,mom?Paris asked.
“All of us are going on a vacation to Hawaii”David/Mr mendes said. “Nice”Mason said happily.
“I don’t feel like going” Daniel said non-chalantly. “Honey,you and Kylie have to go unless i won’t get what i want” Mirabel said
“What do you want, mom? Paris asked. “Well, during this trip i want Kylie and Daniel to start making babies, I want grandchildren” Mirabel said,then suddenly Kylie and Daniel start coughing immediately

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