JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 11-20

?Just Two Months?

Chapter 15

?Paris P.o.v?
I and Mason were in the game room,Mason was playing video games while i was taking selfies,when suddenly Kylie and Daniel barge in fighting as usual.
“What’s wrong?”I asked dropping my phone on the table. “Ask your psychotic brother over here”Kylie said glaring at Daniel.
“What Happened this time?”Mason asked turning off the game. “Kylie over here was busy fl1rting with a guy” Daniel said.
“So?” I asked while Daniel gave me the confused look. “She is not supposed to be fl1rting when she has a boyfriend” Daniel said mildly.
“What boyfriend?You?You are just my pretend boyfriend, Austin is so handsome and gonna spend the rest of this vacation with him” Kylie said defending herself.
“Can you guys hear what she just said and do you know the guy she’s talking about, it’s Austin kendall” Daniel said
“Austin from high school,that guy was always your rival in school”Mason said . “But i don’t see anything bad about Kylie hanging out with him,you two are not really dating and as long as mom and dad don’t see them, it’s okay” i said smiling.
“Thank you”Kylie said and walked away,Daniel followed in anger.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
I don’t know what’s wrong with that jerk face called Daniel,he just ruined my chance with Austin,i will still see him again.I was about to head out when my phone rang, it’s Nina.

?Phone Convo ?
Nina:Baby,i have missed you.
Kylie:i have missed you too,Babe
Nina:So how is Hawaii?
Kylie:so awesome,Nina, I just met this handsome guy here,oh,Nina,he’s gorgeous
Nina:Ohhh,Is he more handsome than Daniel?
Kylie:Well..Well, no but speaking of Daniel,he was acting so weird when he saw with him
Nina:Maybe,he’s jealous
Kylie:Why would he be jealous?
Nina:i don’t know but i have an idea. Maybe, you should spice up his jealousy
Nina:By getting so close to the other handsome guy
Kylie:Nina,you are cr@zy but that’s not a bad idea.

? Author’s P.o.v?
It was night time so Daniel’s mom decided that they spend time at the pool side, everyone was downstairs except Kylie and Daniel.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I was ready to go meet the rest at the pool when i see Kylie wearing a jean Bom short revealing her smooth l@ps and a tight crop ,oh,her npp1es are even pointing out meaning she’s not putting on br@.
“What are you looking at, dummy?” She said smirking at me. “Why are you wearing this,you want all the guys at the pool to lu$t over your b0dy?”I said while resisting the urge to gr@b her and pun1sh her so bad on my b.ed.

“I can wear whatever I like, it’s my b0dy, excuse me”She said trying to walk away but i dr@gged her by the wrist and pulled her cl0ser by the w@ist making our foreheads meet,her bre@$ts against my che$t and her pretty eyes starring at me.
“Let me go, Pe.rvert”She said and walked away. G0sh,Daniel control yourself, this is only a contract.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
We were having fun talking, laughing and singing. Although i was getting lu$tful stares from guys but I ignored them.They don’t have effect on me unlike when Daniel starred at me, my b0dy wanted him to take me to his room and crucify me on the b.ed but the other part wanted to sl@p him so hard.. Kylie, snap out of it.
We were still having fun when suddenly Austin arrived,i saw Daniel face filled with anger. Let the real f.un begin

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