JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 11-20

? Just Two Months ?

Chapter 13

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I saw the tears in Kylie’s eyes,i have never seen her so weak, she’s always so strong,i think i hurt her feelings.
“Do you always have to be a jerk?”Mason asked clearly angry with me. “Thanks to you,lunch is already a di$aster”Paris said and walked away.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
His words really hurt me, this is the first time Someone’s words is really getting to me,Daniel is such an arrogant idi0t,i hate him so much.
After few minutes of staying in my room,i decided to go out to the pool,i wore a short floral gown,i got to the pool and put my legs into the water.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I went out to the pool to have a swim when i saw Kylie putting my legs into it,she didn’t see me but she looked really beautiful as the sun was shining on her skin,it made her skin glow .
I went over to her but she still didn’t notice me.
“Hey” i said nervously,gosh i have never been nervous to talk to a girl. “What do you want,David Mendes”She said not looking at me and did she just call me David Mendes
“Um.. Kylie,you wanna go for a swim with me?”I said smiling at her. “No, thanks,i don’t even know how to swim”She said coldly.
“I can teach you” I suggested. “Thanks but no thanks, now if would excuse me,am going over to meet Mason and Paris at least they don’t hurt my feeling” She said snd walked away angrily. She’s so angry at me,but am sure she will get over it,she always does, she’s gonna come back calling me a jerk face in no time.

? Author’s P.o.v?
During the whole day, Kylie completely ignored Daniel and he completely hated it,he missed their little argument.
Kylie was talking to Paris when Daniel comes towards them
“Hey, Kylie,do you wanna go for a ride on the motorbike out there” Daniel said smiling at Kylie. “Paris,am going over to get a drink,you want some?”Kylie asked Paris totally ignoring me.
“Yeah,sure”Paris said while Kylie walked away, Daniel sighed in frustration.
“You need to apologise to her,you really hurt her feelings”Paris said holding Daniel’s hands. “I thought she would be over it by now” Daniel said running his hand through his hair.
“Apologise to her,go now”Paris said, daniel nodded in affirmation and walked away.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I walked over to where the drinks were,i saw Kylie carrying two drinks in her hand.
“Let me help you with that”I said smiling at her. “Am not sick so don’t bother”She said trying to walk away but i held her back.
” What do you want?”She saif trying to release herself from my grip. “Am sorry,i said those horrible things to you i shouldn’t have said it”I said starring into her beautiful eyes. G0sh,did i just say that? What’s going on with me?

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
He held my hands and i loved it and he also apologised to me. Daniel has the most beautiful eyes ever. “Okay,i forgive you”i said and he beamed with happiness’
“Thanks,so you wanna go on that ride with me?”He asked smiling at me. “Yes, please”I said as we walked outside.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
It’s another day and i can’t wait to hang out with Kylie,we had so much fun yesterday, Kylie’s the best Vacation partner ever.
I was still looking for her when i see something that made me so angry.
Kylie was laughing and licking Ice cream with a guy..Wait,i know that guy.. isn’t that Austin?

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