SINGLE MOM: Episode 1-10


{When love decides}



Penny James is a working class single mother, an accountant in a very prestigious company.

She birth her son when she just came out of college with nothing to boost of except her certificate.

When she got fired for no just cause in the company she had nothing else to do but work in a small cafe where she find a job.

This became very difficult for Penny, her income was low but her pending debts were high, her apartment fee, light bill, Chris school fee, money for food. Things were rough for her. Until Bryce King walked into her life.

The billionaire is among the top three richest men in the world but she just fancy Penny a lot but Penny doesn’t want him in her life.


“I am fine Bryce, I don’t want to see you near me or my son. We don’t need your pity.” She snapped at him, his once playful demeanor changed into confusion.

He walked towards her and caress her chin.

“I don’t pity you Penny, far from that. I want to be here as your friend for now, let me help you Penelope.” He begged.

She doesn’t want him in her life, she doesn’t want him to come in and find out how ruined she is then trash her away like everyone else.

She is a broken woman.




{When love decides
to take over}


(Off to work)

?Episode One?

Penny’s POV:

I removed my blazer and off my shoes as well, my eyes wandering around my room fory phone.

“Chris! Chris baby!” I called for my son. His voice echoes from downstairs as his footsteps keep drawling nearer.

The door was pushed open and Chris walk in.

“yes mommy?” He asked, I smiled and ruffled his hair with my hand.

“Have you seen my phone?” I asked him. He glanced around the room before walking to my vanity table, laying there carelessly was my phone.

Thanks to my son though, I’m quite clumsy.
If not for my son, I wonder what I could have done alone. I’m quite clumsy as most visible as it seems right now.

He handed over the phone to me and I smiled brightly at him, after a long day at work my baby is always my daily dose of panadol.

“Thanks baby,” I said and checked my phone screen then frown my face, it is awfully late and we’re yet to make dinner. “Go downstairs, I’ll join you in a jiffy.”

He nodded and walk out of the room.

I quickly remove the last piece of clothing on my body and rushed to my closet, I peeled off a big black buttons down shirt from the rack and wore it before going downstairs.

?Twenty minutes later?

I dropped the last piece of bacon and egg on Chris’s plate before motioning for him to eat.

He took a big bite of his bacon and innocently m0aned.

“Mommy this is so good, I’m saving some for lunch in school tomorrow.” he gushes, he always gush over my food. I mean its just my cooking lol.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll wake up early to prepare a fresh meal for you tomorrow morning, now eat.” I ordered and he nodded then started eating.

I took a bite of my bacon while slowly watching Chris doing justice to his. I chuckled at his silly attitude but when he was to catch me; I did as if I was eating all along.

He sip his drink and abruptly stood up from his chair, he came towards me and gave me a toothy grin.

“Thanks for dinner mommy, I’ll be in my room now.” He said. I quickly stood up then carry him. He might be six years old but he is still my little kiddo boy.

I slowly climb the stairs with him in my hand, I pushed open his door and walk towards his bed before dropping him gently on it and covered him up with his duvet. I kssed his forehead and switched off the lamp.

“Goodnight mommy.”

“Goodnight my liddo boy,” I replies before closing the door behind me. my back against the door , i took a deep breath and sigh heavily.

I opened the next door and walk inside my room closing my door as well. let’s call it a day now, shall we?

I removed my shirt and walk inside my bathroom, I turn the shower on and get inside. As the cold water hits my skin, I shivered lightly.

After bathing, I wrap my towel around me and walk back inside my room. Getting inside my room I peel off the towel around me and sat down before my vanity mirror.

I wipe my face with my towel and picked up my face cream from the table, I apply the cream on my face, my eyes continuously darting around the room.

After applying my cream, I stood up from the chair and headed for my closet, I picked up my pink strawberry nightgown and wore it and put n hair band on my head before going back to my room.

Sorry for the late introduction, my name is Penelope James, I am a thirty years old working class lady. I live with my son Chris, don’t even get me started on who his father is.

I work as an accountant in a big company,I’ve been working there for four years now.

Enough about me, I’ve got to sleep.

I lay back on my bed and hugged my huge Teddy bears. Apart from Chris, she is my big friend.
I took a deep sniff of gee and rest my head against her.

“Goodnight, Perry.” I said before closing my eyes.
I tie my apron around my waist, and placed the frying pan on fire.

“Get me four eggs from the fridge Chris,” I said as I fry the pour some oil inside the frying pan. I heard my phone ringing from the dinning table and walk back there to fetch it.

I saw the name boldly written in front of my screen.


I swipe the receive icon and placed it against my ear then walk back to the kitchen.

?Hey sister? Her voice echoed from the other side. I scrunched up my face and snorts.

?Why are you calling me?? I asked with a calm voice. She chuckled softly and coughed.

?Why so stoic?can’t I check up on my little sister and her ba$tard kid again??

?My child is not a ba$tard, Chris is not a ba$tard. He have a father!? I said angrily.

?Where is his father? Oh I forgot, he left you. Nevertheless that makes him a bastard as well.? I balled up my hand in a tight fist, my eyes darted to Chris who was watching me with keen interest and closed my eyes then open it.

I turned off the gas cooker and rest my back against the counter.

?Why do you call Sasha?? I asked once again.

?Since mom forbids you from coming home anymore, I thought of doing something good so why don’t you bring your child home for Christmas celebration?? She asked.

This isn’t good.

?My fiance will be there, won’t you want to know whom your sister’s fiance is??

Why always taunting me with words Sasha?

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