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Ruby scroll down the list anxiously as she held her chest.

Her name was on the second list which had conditions to fulfill before joining the club.

“Wait! What the hell is this!” Ruby half yelled after seeing it.

She ruffled her hair angrily.


“Can you please move aside, we want to see if our names are on the list as well” Some students yelled pushing Ruby and she went to the side with a frown.

“What a crazy guy? What does he take me for? Does it look like I’m begging to join the club. Is he accepting me or rejecting me in pretense of giving me options” Ruby uttered seriously and Eli scoffed from afar.

“What view are you enjoying like this?” Zed asked as he appeared from nowhere and he followed Eli’s eyes direction.

“What’s she doing here? Don’t tell me she’s also applied to join drama club? Wait a minute, is she really stalking you?” Zed asked curiously.

“She said she’s not but her actions are saying the opposite. How can there be such a coincidence? She’s being ridiculous right” Eli laughed out loud.

“Yeah she is. Does this mean she will be in any meeting we have? Looks like the list is out, did she get accepted?” Zed asked.

“It depends on how she performs because her acceptance has conditions” Eli smirked.

“You’re so cold man but is that even possible? She’s only applying to join a club not a job” Zed shrugged.

“Of course it is and she’s the only one with such conditions. Let’s go back inside, I’m pretty sure she will be barging in soon” Eli smiled then turned around.

“What do you mean Eli? Are you trying to get back at her? Oh come on man, don’t be so petty” Zed shook his head.

“She’s trying to get my attention with her moves and I will say, it’s really working” Eli said and they back into the drama club hall.

“Just before it skips my mind. Zed you’re no longer allowed to miss any gathering or meetings. I’m the president now so I won’t encourage any lazy or unsupportive act in this club so you must always make it to our meetings and gathering” Eli instructed.

“What a strict president. Should I start regretting voting for you?” Zed laughed and Eli got lost in thoughts.

She said she was regretting something. What is mum regretting so much to put her in so much tears. Eli questioned in his head and just in a blink of an eye, Ruby walked into the hall already.

Zed snapped his fingers to get Eli’s attention.

“What are you so lost in Eli? She’s here” Zed reminded and Eli crossed his leg against the other.

“What can I help you with? The list is out already, didn’t you find your name on the list?” Eli asked rudely.

“What the heck was that list all about? My name was on the list but on different terms, why’s that? Why am I being given different treatments? Is it because I’m not that fluent in Korean?” Ruby fired and Eli stood up.

“Why would you be treated differently when we all attend same college. You were placed with conditions because you’re a business student and your line of study isn’t related to this club and again you’re a transfer student. Yes you might have some experience about it from your former school but things are different here so you will have to prove to us that you’re capable of been here with us. Don’t you think so Zed?” Eli asked and Zed smiled.

“Of course Eli. I mean president, everything you said is right”

“If you still can’t put up with our challenges then you’re free to go join clubs related to your line of study” Eli said with a malicious smile.

“I will prove it to you, I’m not that weak. I can still prove my worth even under your watch because I know you’re doing this deliberately for personal reasons but too bad I don’t give up easily” Ruby said seriously.

“I love that spirit, I also want to see your worth”

“What’s my first task?” Ruby asked.

“You’re my junior junior assistant so first of, bring those flyers with you and follow me” Eli instructed and Zed jaw dropped as he looked at the heap of flyers.

“Junior junior assistant? And what’s that?” Ruby asked with a frown.

“I’ve got so many assistants and they’re your seniors so it’s only proper I call you my junior junior assistant, JJA I will call you that from now on. Pack up the flyers let’s go, we need to distribute it to other students” Eli said coldly.

“Eli I’ve got class now, so see you later” Zed said and ran out.

Eli head to the door and Ruby struggled to carry the flyers.

“Like seriously, you can’t even carry a little bundle of flyers and you want to prove yourself, should I start laughing on that statement” Eli said sarcastically and Ruby frowned then lifted the flyers forcefully.

She carried it on her arms walking behind Eli.

“You should increase your pace. We’re not going to get to our department in that speed” Eli mocked and Ruby glared at him angrily.

“Be a gentleman and carry some of the flyers from me. I may sound shameless right now but I really don’t care…” Ruby cut in looking away.

“You want me to help you with your work? Really? Come on Ruby, who do you think I am? It’s a pleasure already that you’re standing next to me and sorry I don’t assist my JJA but the other way around” Eli said arrogantly then walked away.

They got to their department.

“Let’s make this clear okay, I’m only your assistant at the club not in our department. We’ve got to our department floor already so I think this is where my work ends” Ruby said seriously and Eli chuckled.

“Ruby get down from that high horse of yours. We’re here to give out our flyers so others have an idea on our activities and events of our club. You will be giving it out with me as well so you’re not free yet” Eli ordered and Ruby glared at him with a frown.

“Jerk! Braggart!” Ruby cursed silently.

“Did I just hear you correctly? Ruby, run along, they’re many students over there, go give out the flyers” Eli ordered as he pushed Ruby forward, she turned around glaring at Eli and he winked at her.

Eli went into the class as he watched Ruby from the window. He began to study.

Ruby ran about at the department trying to pass out all the flyers.

“He said we would be doing it together but he left all the work for me. What a jerk! Jerk!” Ruby yelled looking at Eli from afar.

“Give me some of it, lots of people in my department will really love to come watch drama club’s shows and activities” One of the members said with a smile.

“Thank you so much” Ruby said with a smile as she gave out almost all of the flyers.

“I will take my leave now. Fighting!” The girl cheered and Ruby nodded then she left.

“Huh! You will be shocked when you come out. You think giving me so much work will upset me and I will give up, no way. Never” Ruby smirked before going after other students to give out the remaining flyers.

Eli’s phone started ringing and he took the call.

“President, she had so many flyers with her. Flyers the whole drama club members will give out. Anyways I took some from her like you instructed. Bye” The member said.

“Good. She’s a newbie in our club so she needs a little bit of experience. Anyways I have to go now as well, I’m studying” Eli said and hung up.

He looked at Ruby and she was running about.


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