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By Terri Savage



Summer Davidson is the only daughter of Mr Davidson James who is the Governor of California

Summer is sxy, irresistibly hot with bubble big bvtts, she is rich, brilliant and so rude

She is the queen of Lake High School and also the president of bvlly in school. The school is meant for everybody despite the class you belong to but the rich students took it upon themselves to bvlly the lesser one

Many guys wish to have her as their girlfriend and most girls wish to be like her

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She is a playgirl. Surprise right? Yeah, she is the opposite of a playboy, a very big bad one. To her, dating more than two weeks is too much. She changes guys after every two weeks.

She has almost slept with all the guys in the school and more pending but then

She came across the newly admitted student Henry Kitchen who is different from the guys dying for her, he just wants to study and achieve his dreams

Henry Kitchen, the son of Mr kitchen Thomas who owned a company in California

Henry kitchen can be said to comes from a middle category family, he is not the richest but he never lacks anything

If you’re looking for the definition of cuteness and sxiness then just mention his name, perfect from head to toe, extra smart, hot, irresistible and sxy but trouble and craziness is his second name

At first, Summer wanted to date him like she does to other guys and dump him after two weeks but he was not other guys

They ended up becoming best friends and along the way something happen

But then a big hindrance stood on their way.


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A maid enters Summer’s room with a tray containing a cup of coffee

She walked to the table and placed it gently on the table

Summer faced the mirror as the make up artists work on her face

“Give me the coffee” She said

The maid took the cup and gave it to her but in the process some of the coffee spilled and poured on her hand

The maid eyes widened fearfully, knowing the kind of punishment awaiting her

“How dare you?” Summer asked in a deep scary voice making shiver runs down the maid spine even the artists were scared

She’s known for her hot short temper

“I am sorry” She quickly apologized with a bow

“How can you be so clumsy to pour that hot coffee on my delicate skin?” She barked

The maid made to say something but a thunderous sI.ap shut her up

Summer sI.apped her again and she fell to the floor

“You smelly wretch thing, do you know my skin can feed your family? do you want my skin to be ugly just like you and your baboon family huh ”

She started kcking the maid like a ball anyhow

The maid screamed helplessly on the floor

“Ma please pardon her” One of the make up artists said

Summer turned her head to her and when she saw the poisonous look on Summer face , she bent her head down

“You’re fired” She said

The make up artist gasped and quickly went on her knees

“Please ma….”

“You dare interrupt me, did she ask you to plead on her behalf, you are fired from being my make up artist, right now leave” Summer said

“Ma, please just one last chance” She pleaded in tears but all her pleads fell on a deaf ear

“Guards” Summer yelled and two guards rushed in

“Take her out she is fired”

“Yes ma’am” They bowed and grabbed the makeup artist taking her out as she cried bitterly

Summer returned to the maid who is wriggling in pains on the floor, she took the coffee and poured it directly on her face

“Arrghh” Loud screams came from her as the hot coffee burn her face badly

“Get out of here” She said meanly

The maid stood up weakly and dragged herself out

“B*tch” She said sitting down back on the chair

“What are you waiting for?” She yelled at the other makeup artist

“Sorry” She muttered and resumed her work

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Few minutes later, the artist bowed and left the room

Summer checked herself out in the mirror and a big smile fell on her face

“Gosh, I am so sexy” She said and moved to her

There her uniform is neatly placed on the bed, she was about taking it when her phone started ringing

She answered the call seeing the caller

“Hey Summer, are you still at home?” Tiffany voice sounded

“Yes, but I am almost done” She replied

“Okay b*tch, see ya in school” Tiffany said cutting the call

Well if you are wondering who she is , she is Summer’s friend, a bch like her, like there’s a saying birds of the same feathers flock together

Summer slipped into her uniform, she wore her shoes and took her bag going down stairs

“Good morning ma”

“Morning miss”

Numerous guards and maids greeted but Summer aired them all

“Hey baby” Audrey said

“Mum, you are still at home?” Summer asked

“Yes, won’t you have breakfast?”

“I will eat at school” She replied and began leaving

“Won’t your give mum a hug?” Audrey said

“Next time” Summer replied and walked out

“Spoilt brat ”

Summer got outside walked to her car, the driver is already waiting for her

” Good morning ma” He greeted but as usual Summer snubbed him

He opened the door for her and she hop in, he closed the door back and enter the front seat, soon the car drove out

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The students could be seen walking around the school, different car entering the school premises

A red Lamborghini enters the school park and halted

All the students eyes soon fixed on the car

Finally Summer came out of the car wearing that arrogant face of her and looking hot like a just baked cake

? Summer

? The queen

? She is growing more cuter everyday

? Those a$s always make my thing hard

? Her lips drive me ¢razy

? She is just like her name

? I wanna be like her

? Role model

? wow!! she is wearing complete uniform today

Summer ignored the blabbering of the students, especially the male students

But she still loves it when ever she is the topic of discussion, and it’s hard for you to see her wearing a complete uniform

She stood proudly and flashed a seductive smile

Some of the guys could swear that their dks got hard just by that

She took her phone out from the car with her bag

“Hey” She called out to a guy

He smiled and ran to her

He stretched the bag at him and he immediately collected it smiling like a fool

“Stop smiling, your smile look scary” She frowned

The guy looked down

She started walking to class and the guy began following her

But the entry of four cars made her turned

Tiffany came out of the first car with an arrogant smile, Hailey came out of the second car

They are friends to Summer

The other two cars two hot guys came out

The girls began chanting their names

? Lex

? Blake

? I’m w*t

Lex and Blake winked at the girls and started walking to the class

“Hey dummies” Lex said when they got to Summer and her friends

They are the only guys who are not scared of Summer and she hate them

“Bstards” She said

Three guys passed there and Summer called them back

“Yes senior” They said

“Clean our shoes now” She ordered

The guys immediately took out their hankies

“Use your school shirt” She said

The guys started unbuttoning their shirts

“Remove that shirt and I will deal with the three of you” Lex said

“Fools, can’t you flght for yourselves, now get out of here” Blake yelled and the three guys ran away

” So you girls can’t clean your shoes ” Lex said

” Not only that the guys took out their hankies but she ordered them to remove their shirts and used it instead” Blake said

” You both will hear from us” Summer said leaving with Tiffany and Hailey

” We will both be waiting ” Lex said and Blake smiled

” Let’s go”

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Thomas descended the stairs with a glass of wine in his hand, his other hand is holding a phone which he placed on his ear

“Yes Son” He said

“Good morning dad” Henry said

“How is Nigeria?” Thomas asked

“Dope dad, why did you call?” Henry asked

By now Thomas got to the living room, he sat on the couch crossing his legs

“I booked a flight for you, you will be coming back tomorrow” Thomas replied

“What!!” Henry screamed so loud that Thomas had to take the phone away from his ear

“Dad, why the sudden journey, you didn’t even care to inform me” Henry said

“I didn’t want to argue with you knowing fully well now you love living in Africa, come back home we miss you”

“I guess you told me you hate me” Henry said

“Come on fool, how can I hate my only son, you are coming back and that finally, prepare yourself tomorrow”

“Dad I hate you” Henry groaned

“I hate you too crazy son”

“Fk you dad”

“F*ck you too son” Thomas said

Henry cut the call

” What did he say?” Joyce asked

“He had no choice though he didn’t like it” Thomas replied

“I don’t know why he is so obessed with African culture” Joyce said

“Are you sure he’s my son?” Thomas asked and she looked at him blankly

“I mean I hate African culture, so how did he come out loving African culture so much, did you perhaps cheated on me with an African man?” Thomas asked teasingly

“Thomas!!!” Joyce shouted and took out her slippers, she threw it at him but Thomas ran upstairs

” Gosh, he can’t be the end of me, but truly did I cheated on him?”

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Henry faced the principal with Daniel, they had just fought

Daniel had bruises all over his face while Henry had just a cut on his lips

“Kitchen” Mr Ayo called

“Hey old man, it’s Henry” Henry snapped

“Daniel” He called

“Sir” Daniel replied

“Henry this will be the seventh times this week that you have engage in a fight, what is wrong with you?” Mr Ayo yelled

” Sir violence is the only option peace is just overrated..”

” Shut up” Mr Ayo hit his hand on the table

” Easy old man your blood pressure might rise yunno” Henry winked

Mr Ayo fell back on his chair looking at Henry frustratingly

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