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?Draco’s Suite?

Draco held Pearl closely as he drank her bI.ood. He’s in full control of his mind this time. He won’t allow such costly mistake to repeat itself again.

The only problem he has to stop scking is how sweet her bI.ood is.

If there is anything sweeter than nectar, that should be her bI.ood.


Ripping the remaining buttons of her cloth apart, he started fondling her bare bbs. His soft caress and his fangs in her, gave her a kind of unexplainable pleasure instead of pain.

Pearl let him svck enough bI.ood to his satisfaction without bothering to stop him.

The way he fed hungrily on her, showed he has been badly craving for it.

After much moments went by, Draco decided to pull out his fangs when he had enough.

If she wasn’t the girl he loves and cherishes so much, draining her bI.ood to the last drop would have been his option.

“Thank you!” He mumbled and she replied with a short smile.

His pale face is now glowing with life once again. The strong aura that is always emitting from him has also turned stronger than before.

“This is the handsome face I know” Pearl said, smiling as she touched him.

“Are you okay?” Draco asked, feeling guilty of taking her bI.ood.

“If I wasn’t I won’t be smiling here at you” she replied and he sighed.

“Thanks for being okay this time” he said and hugged her tight.

“You’re welcome Mr. Tight Hugs” she replied jokingly and he hurriedly broke it, while she chuckled.

“I think am hungry for something else now” Draco muttered, licking his lips naughtily as he stared at her open bbs.

“Pe.rvert!” She rolled her eyes and close her shirt to change into another one.

After changing inside the change room, she came out, but suddenly felt weak and fell down.

“Gem!” Draco shouted and rushed out of bed.

“What is wrong? Are you feeling pains anywhere?” He asked worriedly, checking her body.

“No am not, I just felt dizzy” she muttered weakly with a fake smile.

“I knew I shouldn’t have taken your bI.ood” he said, ruffling his hair.

“It has nothing to do with my bI.ood, I don’t want you blaming yourself for anything” she replied sternly.

He sighed and carried her to the bed. She’s beginning to look pale already.

Something certainly isn’t right about her sudden weakness.

Draco felt her body’s pulse and noticed that her energy is deteriorating.

“Your energy is slowly fading” he said and Pearl gave him a confused look.

“Your blooming time should make your energy stronger, not weaker” he explained.

“I have to go and check what could be wrong. Can you stay here alone and wait for me?”

“Don’t worry, I can”.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” He asked with a worried look.

“Yes, very much sure. I promise to be fine till you return” she tried mustering an assuring smile.

Draco gave up and kssed her forehead and stared into her eyes.

“Wait for me” he muttered silently and she nodded.

Pearl watched him leave through a portal and sighed. She’s actually feeling much weaker inside than outside. It feels like she’s dying slowly.


?Mystic Realm?

(The Sacred Chamber)

“I knew something was wrong?” Draco growled, folding his fists angrily.

The sacred Lotus is gone without any trace. The thief really has a huge gut to steal such an item.

“How nice of the person to give de.ath an invitation” he smirked with d.eadly eyes.


?De Terrors HQ?

Immediately the sun’s light touched Raven’s face, a frown frowned.

She sat up and stared lost at her environment, but it soon came to her knowledge that she’s back to their HQ.

The last thing she remembers was going unconscious after much blood was being extracted from her.

She heard the door open and swiftly turned her gaze to it. It was Rex who came in and she smiled happily because of it.

“You’re awake!” Rex muttered with shock and rushed to her.

“Please don’t disappear like that again, you scared the daylight out of me” he said, hugging her tight.

“Scaredy-cat!” Raven chuckled.

“Don’t go anywhere else without me, okay? I don’t know what would become of me if anything happens to you”.

“I promise to take my guardian anywhere I go” she smiled.

“Promise?” He said and she nodded.

He kssed her lightly and broke it to cup her cheeks.

“I’ve missed this taste so much” he licked his lips and she blushed.

“Do you feel any pain?”

“No” she shook her head.

“My strong baby” Rex smiled and ruffled her hair.

“Am worried about Master, Vince isn’t up to something easy this time” she said worried.

“He knows and you know he’s always ready for any outcome” Rex responded.

“I fear this time won’t be as easy as he thinks, I just hope she saves him when the time comes” she mumbled silently, remembering her encounter with Pearl, where she told her to save him.

“Good to see you’re finally back to us, Dark Knight” Luna said as they came into the room.

“But it’s quite a shame you got easily defeated like that” she smirked and Raven rolled her eyes.

“Now lover boy will give us some peace” Blaze muttered with his hands tucked in his pockets.

“So we are expecting a new life soon, nice dk Dylan” Raven said with a smirk.

“Thanks baby” Dylan winked naughtily and Rex glared at him.

“It’s been barely months since you got back and you have already given a nice shot” Kira smirked, folding her arms.

“Yeah! Luna wouldn’t have totally lost her legs if he had been around all this while” Rex smiled naughtily.

“You all should stop teasing me” Luna glared hotly.

“Your wish is our command, new mum” Rex winked.

“I said stop teasing me, id!ot!” She growled, running towards him and he quickly got up to run out.

“Running ain’t good for the baby yunno”.

“Arghh! I’ll definitely kill you today”.

“And I’ll make your baby fatherless” Raven shouted.

“Hey! Keep me out of this” Dylan said, raising his hands up and they chuckled.

“Maybe we all should become parents” Blaze suggested and Kira shot him a glare.

“Don’t worry darling, I still wanna thrust into that sweet hole without any disturbance” he whispered in her ear and she turned red instantly.

“Navghty Jerk!” She pushed him off and walked away.


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