MISTAKENLY HIS: Episode 1-10

? Mistakenly His

(Kidnapped by a Ma.fia)


Meet Charlotte Ashton.

A billionaire’s daughter, very beautiful, smart, elegant with a quiet personality.

People doesn’t know she’s from a wealthy family because she doesn’t behave like one.

She’s independent, despite her parents riches, she chose to work on her own.

Due to her cheerful kind of person, she’s loved by many. Guys troop in and out just to be her friend or ask for a date and ladies envy her while some which to be like her.

What happened when she got kidnapped by a dea.dly ma.fia boss?

She doesn’t have any business with them so why will they kidnap her? For what?
Her life was ruined from that day.

You know how it feels living with strangers, not just strangers but a Ma.fia king and his scary boys.

She believed that was where her life was going to end but what happened there after? …


And there is Chelsea! Yes just call her Chelsea, that’s her name. …

She’s a street lady, grew up in the street with no family and so she does all sort of jobs to survive.

She steals, robs and smoke. She works for a g@ngster where she feeds from. That’s where her income comes from.

She’s hot headed, extremely smart. When you are talking about a klept0maniac, that’s what she’s good at.

What happened when she was sent to still a gold worth thousands of pounds from the Ma.fia king?

Yes! She succeeded but have practically put her life in danger. …

He’s no one to mess with and she have to pay…..


Well, he’s Jace by name but no one knows him as that. He’s f0ndling known as Ice Pick. No one knows the meaning except him.

He’s cold-hearted and merciless. You can’t mess with him and go without been hurt.

And just a lady have to come steal his gold? The one he has suffered to get in ages?

Just a lady? Who is she? Who dare she?

Haven’t she heard of him?

He vowed to make sure he makes life miserable for her, he will find her, keep her with him forever just to t0rture her.

He won’t kill her, she will die by herself…..

? Mistakenly His

(Kidnapped by a Ma.fia)

Episode 1

? Charlotte’s POV ?

I dressed up casually, I don’t have to wear a tight dress to show I am beautiful. I just love been simple so as everything I own.

I combed my hair letting it fall on my back before picking up my phone. I sighed loudly seeing 39 Miss calls and 20 messages. From Tony, Ryan and Jake.

I wonder when this will stop. I don’t want to go into any relationship for now, I am scared of anything that will break my fragile heart.

I am very emotional when it comes to the matters of the heart.

I hate anything that disturbs me and I feel relationship is a stress.

” Char are you ready?” Mum asked as I come down the stairs.

” Yes Mum, good morning ” I greeted rushing to the table.

I don’t want to get late for work today, it’s a Monday morning.

” How was your night hunny?”

” It was fine mum,how about Dad?”

” He went to the office earlier this morning, you know how he is with work ” Mum replied chuckling.

” Yeah ” I said taking the hot coffee.

I frowned seeing that Mum is staring at me. Why the stare?

” Mum? What did I do?” I asked quietly. It’s only when I have done something wrong she stares at me like this.

” When will you take over your father’s company? Don’t you think he needs rest now? ”

Not again!

” I thought we’ve finalized this right Mum?”

” But I am not okay with it Charlotte, you have to succeed after your father. He built the company for you ”

” Like I said Mum, I want to work on my own not depending on dad’s wealth. Neo can take over the company and beside, he’s my cousin, Dad brought him up like his own son ”

” Charlotte ”

” Take care Mum, I love you ” I kssed her cheek and dashed out before she could say another word.

I think you might love to know about me!

I am Charlotte Ashton, only child of my parents Mr and Mrs Ashton . 24years old and currently working with J company.

I am simple and independent, my Dad is the richest man in Seattle but I am not even recognized as his daughter because I don’t look like one.

I hate crowd and unnecessary attention. I just love being myself and all.

Maybe this should be all for now…

I entered into my car and drove off to work. This is all I want, my freedom matters to me a lot .

I am glad Mum and Dad are not treating me the way some rich people do to their kids and call it protectiveness.


” Good morning Charlotte ”

Like , did I have to bump into him this morning? Goodness!

” Morning Tony” I replied making my way to the elevator but he stopped me.

” What’s this Tony? I will be submitting a file by 10 and I haven’t worked on it ” I said truthfully. .

This is what I go through everyday. From a guy to another.

” I will help you with it within an hour, just spare me a little of your time please ”

” Okay, fine ”
I folded my arms staring at him.

” Didn’t you see my calls and messages?” He asked… I glanced at him and looked away.

I practically kept my phone on silent mode because of them. There’s no seconds one or two persons won’t try my number.

” I know you ignored them but why? You are avoiding me right? ” He asked .

Is he hurt! Oh please, he shouldn’t blackmail me emotionally now .

” I am not avoiding you Tony, I am not”

” Then why didn’t you pick my calls or reply my messages?”


” What are you both doing here? Are you not supposed to be your offices?” Mr Adam said…

I straightened up immediately. He’s a no nonsense boss.

” Good morning Sir ” I greeted..

” Morning,to your office and I need the file of yesterday by 9 not 10 again ” he said and left.

What? That’s thirty minutes from now and I haven’t touched it.

” I will follow you to your office and help you with it, don’t refuse please ” he said .

I seriously need it right now so I can’t turn him down….

” Okay ” …



?? Chelsea’s POV ??

” Here is it boss ” I said as I handed him the gold medal I just stole from Ice pick. It wasn’t easy but trustme to do that well.

” You’ve done good job Chelsea, this will make us rich forever ” he said .

I bowed my head without saying anything. Ice pick is no one to mess with, I am not scared because I know he will never get to find me although he saw my face. That’s the first and last.

” I am glad I have you in my team, you have done a lot for this gang ” he commended

” Thank you boss ”

” Get ready, we have a job tonight and you know how it normally is ”

” Yes boss ”

I am certain the job has to do with stealing. I am not bothered about it. It’s been what I have been doing for the past 24years of my life.

Everyone knows me, even the cops are out there in search of me but they can never find me.

I jumped on my bed bringing out my ciggrette. I lit it and began smoking with smoke puffing from my nose.

I totally forgot I haven’t introduced myself. I am Chelsea, you heard right. Just Chelsea.

I think I fell down from heaven because I don’t have any parents . The man who brought me up died long time ago and he said he found me by the road side.

Sometimes I wonder if I have parents .
I am 24 years old, I live, shit, stay, sleep, eat and walk as a street girl.

I work as a messenger for the Mac. Stealing is what I am Good at.

Even if they are thousands of securities in your home or no matter how tight the security is, I will steal and go without being caught.

That’s where my money comes from, I don’t care how you feel about me. It’s me and not you.

I know Ice pick will be out there looking for me, that’s the more reason I have to be careful……


? Jace ?

I held my gun in my hand boiling with anger. How dare she?

Didn’t she know what I am capable of doing?

And that little brat have the audacity to steal from me, I will make sure I get her.

She will repent from stealing when I am done with her.

The gold I have worked to have for five years, she stole it just like that?

” Are you sure you saw her this way?” I asked one of my boys ..

I have waited enough, I can’t wait to fking get hold of her and sl@p her first.

” Yes boss, she will soon be out ” he replied….

After waiting for more than thirty minutes….

” That’s the car I saw her in boss, I am sure she’s the one ” here said pointing towards the car that was coming closer.

I know she fking stole the car too. I smiled widely at myself and pull the tr!gger.

” Boys, stop the d@mn car and drag her down ” I yelled angrily

” Yes Ice pick ”

Lots of gunshots we’re heard, I already told them not to shoot her. I have other plans.

The car stopped and they dragged her out.

” Don’t hurt me please ” she winced in fear and I burst out laughing laughing.

She is afraid of being hurt? I stared at her to make sure she’s the one and they were right she’s the one.

I seriously don’t want to pour my anger on her now, let me get her to my palace first. She will fking see….

” You will pay for ever stealing from me young lady, I will make you pay ”

” Take her into the car ” I commanded and left.

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