MISTAKENLY HIS: Episode 11-The End

? Mistakenly His
(Kidnapped by a Ma.fia)

Episode 11

? Charlotte ?

I felt so alive hearing dad’s voice in almost a month.

At least they are fine! That alone is enough to make me feel better!

I can’t wait to get out of here goodness!
I have missed my freedom!

I miss everything!
I wish Dad can give Ice pick anything he wants as soon as possible!

Quiet alright, everyone has been good to me!
They treat me well but there’s no place like home right?

I wish to be with my family!

” Get ready Charlotte, we are going somewhere”

Somewhere? Where did he want to take me to?

If it’s outside this compound, I will be very elated!

I want to see how the world looks like again!

I want to see lots of people moving about doing their businesses!

I wish to see everyone!

” Understood?” He asked coldly!

” Y .yes ” I replied.

I believe he won’t kill me right? Any other thing is better!

” Do not try anything funny when we get there Charlotte, I might not be all nice to you ” he said and walked off.

He’s taking me somewhere and he’s actually threatening me too.

Of course I know he’s not all nice! He shouldn’t tell me that twice.

I can’t wait to see Mum and crush her in a warming hug while I hit Neo and run away.

I so much Miss them!
Do I get to see them soon?

The door opened revealing Yvonne!

” Hey char ” she said smiling widely! I admire her colour a lot.
Blacks are so beautiful!

” Yvonne ”

” How are you?” She asked as sat beside me on the bed;

” I am super fine Yvonne”

” Someone’s excited, what’s the secret?”

She asked narrowing her eyes playfully

” Well, I do be out of here as soon as possible. I spoke with my Dad ” I replied excitedly

I just can’t wait any longer

” Wow! I am happy to hear that. You will be free ”

” Thank you ”

” You welcome, ice pick asked me to dress you up gorgeously. You are sure a lucky girl char, for ice pick to buy dresses for you then , there’s more to it ”

Huh? More to it?




? Mrs Clara ?

” You can take mine ” the both of us said simultaneously and we glanced at each other.

” I will have to test if your blood matches with hers, then I will be able to take it. Anyways, come with me ”

He instructed and we followed! I know this will be in vain!

The best thing is to look for one that matches hers .


” From the results here, both of your blood matches hers ”

Wait! What?

It matches hers? How? Is that possible?

Gabriel and I stared at each other then at the doctor!

” B but how? She’s not a family ” Gabriel shipped in and I nodded.

” Well, it happens in rare cases but. She’s your daughter right?”

We shook our heads as he asked! We just discovered she’s not our Charlotte but a look alike.

” No, she’s not”

He furrowed his eyebrows as he stared I confusion!

” In the process of testing the blood, the DNA test was added and it came out that she’s no doubt your daughter. Here is the result ”

What? My daughter? Our daughter?

I can’t remember giving birth to a set of twins then how?
Does that mean doctor Zach lied to me?……

The lady in there is Charlotte’s twin sister?

Doctor Zach has been our family doctor since 28 years back!

I delivered in his hospital!

Did he take one of my babies? How? Why?



? Jace ?

” Are you sure about this Arc?” I asked again!

” Yes Ice pick, Chelsea is also their daughter. She is Charlotte’s twin sister. I heard this from a trusted sauce which is doctor Zain. He’s a friend of mine ‘

I thought as much! I knew they were related with how they so much look alike!

I am not a fool at all . I picked some words from what Mr Gabriel said earlier.

I knew immediately Chelsea was impersonating Charlotte but how did they end up in the hospital?

That shouldn’t be any of my business!

I have a change of plan!
I don’t need money anymore!

I will let Charlotte go if they release Chelsea to me! …

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