Story By Skwookie


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The day of Eva’s abduction;
~ Author~
Chloe made her way towards fifth floor as Eva went to get coffee.
Doctor adviced her to use crutches, but being her, she denied. And now she is here, not because of the weekly check up, but because the pain started again. She knows that when Eva gets to know about this, she will be no more. So she hided it from her.
After receptionist told her to wait for few moments, she sat down on chair waiting for her call. Picking up the magazine, her eyes flickered over the changing pages, but mind was pondering over something else.
She knew she has to decide something quick. However, one wrong decision will cost her everything. And by everything she meant, Adam’s casual flirting, his teasing, the melting smiles he sends her way. Those stupid winks he throws at her randomly. Those cheesy comments and pick up lines of his. His overprotective side. His jealous side. His caring side. His funny side. She will lose it all. With just one decision of her, everything that has her feeling loved, feeling wanted will be gone in seconds.
But is heartbreak worth it? If she accepts him, will she ever be able to endure heartbreak. She is not as strong as Eva, then will she able to overcome it.
Definitely her feelings for Adam had grew stronger, but what if he is still taking her as challenge. For him, she will be another girl. But for her, he will be the only man.
Now that everything is going good-
“Miss. Jones, where is Eva?”, Troy’s voice snapped her out of riverie. Tilting up, she frowned. Examining the surrounding once, her heart came to halt when Eva was nowhere to be seen.
“She isn’t back from cafe yet?”, She mumbled to herself.
“Cafe? She went alone?”, Troy’s question had her bobbing her head in response.
“Fck!”, Cursing under his breath, he was back into elevator. Chloe following him.
“Miss. Jones, you can go i-“, the receptionist’s voce faltered as Chloe paid no heed to her call.
As soon as the elevator descended down and doors opened, both frantically took a glance around. Troy carried his steps towards cafe, while Chloe high on his tail.
No response. Everyone kept giving them confusing stares but they had no time to stay and answer. Showing some staff Eva’s photo, still had no luck.
Where the heck is, Eva?
Chloe tried multiple times calling her but the device was switched off. Probably lying broken on elevator floor.
Chloe feeded her mind with millions of assurances. But truth is far more bitter than what she think will be covered with some fake affirmations that she gave herself.
Where is she? How is she? Is she okay? Is this a prank? Is this a nightmare?
One after another questions came popping in her mind with the expectations of answers but everytime they were unanswered. Handed with nothing but more confusion and fear.
She felt her vision blurring. Tears of anger and frustration ran down her cheeks. Her curses became loud and heart was tied in terror.
“Where the heck is she!?”, She yelled at herself.

“We need to see the CCTV recordings!”, Troy said to the guard. “Please!”, He pleaded. “It’s emergency”
“Come with me”, the guard nodded and took him down the hallway towards security room.
With the help of CCTV recording he did saw Eva entering elevator but she never reached fifth floor. Instead, from the same elevator two men with a patient on wheelchair were seen coming out at ground floor.
He immediately ran towards that particular elevator and found Eva’s broken phone at the corner. Three coffee mugs splashed on the floor.
He came back to the security room. “Why is there no CCTV in elevator?”, He asked out of aggression.
“The CCTV camera had some problem so it is yet to repair”
What a shitty security system! He thought in dismay.
Obliging his kick of instinct, he asked them to show him parking lot footage.
“Is doctor supposed to escort patient till parking?”, He asked as his eyes lingered questioningly over the strange doctor who still had his mask on.
“Not really. Unless he is friend or relative, I guess?”
Why is this so strange? , His bottom lip rolled in as his concentration was earned by computer screen.
His phone rang breaking the bearing silence. Sweat rolled down his nape as his thumb trailed over the accept button.
“Boss” the name alone was enough to had his insides flinch in fear as well as nervousness.
What should he say?
That he failed to protect Eva? That now she must be suffering because of his unprofessionalism?
“Yes, Mr. King?”, His once confident voice now bent down in anxiety.
“Eva’s phone is unreachable. Is she okay? Handover your phone to her for sec”, Aaron spoke coldly. The tone he usually use with his employees.
Troy gulped. He knew he fucked up a big time and now he has to face consequences.
“Mr. King, Eva is missing”, his reply got no response for few seconds. An awkward silence settled in atmosphere.
“I will be there”, the coldness in Aaron’s tone was lost, now filled with concern and somewhat fear.
Troy came back to where he left Chloe only to find her sitting on one of the couches in lounge mumbling innumerable curses and shedding tears.
He never knew how to console any crying woman, so he stood there waiting for his boss.
“Troy?”, His posture stilled as Aaron called out his name.
Chloe immediately stood up and throwed herself in Adam’s arms who stood beside Aaron. Murmuring some sweet nothings in her ear, he tried to calm her down.
“Everything will be fine. We will find her”, he whispered softly, but the words seemed foreign to everyone.
Will everything be fine? Will they find Eva?
Aaron turned whole hospital upside down. He kept ordering everyone for everything. Whether someone saw her? Whether someone saw anyone else taking her?
Checking every nook and corner, yelling at every person who came across him, shouting curses at how shitty security management the hospital have.
And silently praying God to keep his wife safe. Wherever she is, give her the strength to bear some more because he is just there. And he
will find her.

Cops were called, complaint was registered. But before 24 hours, no one could help.
Aaron had enough. Calling the higher post officers, he ordered them to co-operate at this instant or it won’t end good. And when Aaron King declares something, it’s a statement sealed with finality.
But still one of the richest person on earth was empty handed. No clue, nothing helped that will lead to Eva’s sudden disappearance.
One of the associate pointed out the strange doctor from CCTV, and then every doctor was called for questioning.
“Who is this?”, The cop whose nameplate read Brent Lynn asked.
Fifteen doctors glanced at eachother before shooking their head simultaneously.
“Isn’t this one of you?”, He asked pointing towards screen.
“There’s no name tag, how are we supposed to know?”, One of them said in reply.
“Where were you at this time?”, Brent asked pointing his question towards the one who spoke just now.
“I was in general ward. Checking around the patients. Nurse Lina was with me”, he replied pointing his index finger towards a girl at the doorstep. She nodded in response.
“Check everyone’s whereabouts during the time of abduction. Make sure everyone must be questioned. And if someone is suspectible, bring them to the station. Got it?”, Brent muttered to one of his mate. With pursued lips, he nodded in response.
“Mr. King, can I talk to you for few minutes?”, He turned, pinning his eyes on Aaron. Aaron left security room, his footsteps were followed by Brent.
“Do you suspect anyone?”
“Xavier Russo”, was Aaron’s straightforward reply.
“Italian businessman?”
“Italian Mafia man!”, Aaron corrected. Brent’s brows shot raised at the bitterness.
“He fucking tried coming close to her many times! I increased her security just because him. I am sure-”
“And still you didn’t tried to seek help from us?”, Brent frowned.
“My guards are from one of the best security agency. I thought I will handle it on my own!”, He muttered as his hands formed fist. Nails digging in his own skin of palm. Still no pain.
“Look Mr. King, we will try tracking down Xavier Russo, but we can’t promise. You know how much of hideous that mouse is!”, Brent pinched the bridge of his nose. His face contorting in dismay. Sure, the Xavier Russo case has been eating every government official’s peace of mind, but as the law says,
“Innocent unless proven guilty”, and that is why Xavier is still on free run.
“I don’t care! I just want my wife!”, Aaron groaned brushing past his hair.
“We will keep you informing frequently. You can go now”, he said placing hand on Aaron’s shoulder. Aaron tensed under his touch.
Go now?
Where? To that huge mansion which feels empty without her!
“Aaron, c’mon let’s go. It’s nearly midnight now. We should leave. You haven’t eaten anything since afternoon”, Adam said tugging on his arm.
“What about her? She too hadn’t eaten anything since afternoon!”, He muttered as his eyes watered.
His little warrior!
Not wanting to show anyone his pathetic weak side, he strode out and went straight towards his car. Sitting inside driver’s seat, the drive was quick till his penthouse. Throwing the door open, he went towards balcony. Sliding the windows aside, he entered inhaling fresh air.
His eyes roaming around the busy city. Innumerable lights, but still he felt being tied in darkness.
I failed!
I failed as a husband!
I failed as a friend!
I failed as a lover!
I failed as everything!
My parents died because of me, and now Eva!
“Shh! Don’t cry! Be strong! Shh, stop! Stop!”, He commanded to his weak self which kept trying to come out in the form of tears.
But who was he stopping from breaking down? The child who was lonely since childhood? The teen who grew up keeping his head down in books? The businessman who handled business like a piece of cake? Or a person who helplessly fell in love with his wife and was now craving for her presence?
Fair said, everyone needed their way out. The child who bottled up his agony when his parents died. The teen who lost his teenage life and was sociable with only his books. The businessman who spent sleepless nights and weekends in office working till his body gave up. And the person who was now away from his love.
Cornering himself against the wall, he let it out. He needed to. He can’t let out his sorrow by throwing everything around. By punching a punching bag. By ignoring those thoughts. His way, are those salty tears. And no one was gonna see him, so he is allowed to cry like a baby. Isn’t he?
On the other side, Chloe kept throwing everything around. Kicking everything that got in her way. Why? Because that’s her way of letting all out. She can’t help but blame herself!
While Liza, she couldn’t help but cry and worry over her sister’s safety.
Adam felt stretched. Should he console his friend who must be crying somewhere. Or Chloe who looks like burning lava at this time. Or Liza, whose pregnancy harmones are already messing it up more.

2 Days Later,
“Any news?”, Adam asked as Aaron sat there numbly, but his brain was in alert.
“Nothing new, Mr. Davis. We re-investigated but every suspect was free with their alibis. Except of course Xavier Russo as he is nowhere to be found.”, Brent replied, his entwined fingers tapping against each other.
“Fine. Let’s leave”, Adam said and Aaron was first to walk out.
“Take me to Chloe”, he said sitting inside on passenger seat. Adam frowned but said nothing.

“Get him from university”, Aaron said sliding the photo over coffee table.
“Hmm. Go, get him”, Aaron said crossing his legs before leaning his back against sofa.
“Why?”, Adam broke in, eyes narrowing at Aaron.
“Chloe, Go!”, He snapped, Chloe immediately stood up. The pain in her ankle caused a wince out of her mouth. But she covered it with cough.
“Aaron? Why?”
“Xavier needs to know what pain is.”, Aaron replied before closing his eyes. Later them drooping for short nap.
After an hour later, doorbell rang. Adam immediately stood up, stopping Liza and attending door by himself.
“I thought you were alone?”, Gabrielle said looking over Chloe, who smiled sheepishly in response.
“Threes0me?”, She suggestively wiggled her eyebrows. Adam let out a choked cough. His eyes wide and throat dry as Sahara desert.
“How about foursome?”, Another voice said. And before the boy could comprehend, he was pulled in with his collar and knocked out because of a hard punch on his nose.
“What the fu-“, Chloe gasped covering her mouth.
World felt colourful again, when Gabrielle opened his eyes. They sharpening at the alarming of his brain.
Where the fck am I?
“Fck”, he cursed after finding himself tied on chair. “Hey! Who did this? Why am I here?”, He yelled but got not response. The darkness was cracked when door opened. Lights switching on, revealing Aaron’s pissed frame.
“Where is your brother?”, He asked sitting on the chair infront of Gabrielle.
Gabrielle frowned in response but nonetheless answered. “How would I know? We don’t share much with each other”
Aaron’s face twitched in grimace. Teeth barring against one another, his anger was on the edge.
“Where does he keeps the lighter?”, Aaron turned subject.
“The one he keeps with himself 24/7”
“How do you know?”, Gabrielle regretted asking after seeing Aaron’s facial expressions. “I mean, it’s always in his trouser’s left pocket”
Aaron stood up to leave. “Why am I brought here? Look, if my brother had done something then deal it with him! Why pulling me in middle? I really don’t know anything about whatever you are thinking I know. Because I really don’t. I-“, he was cut off by the loud slamming of door.
Aaron had to face three confusing faces when he came out. Ignoring them, he went towards balcony.
“Aaron, why is he here?”, Adam asked following him.
“Chloe, keep him here until tomorrow. I will plan out everything else”, he said turning towards Chloe who still hadn’t got her answers but remained silent and nodded meekly.
Adam frowned as Aaron took out his cellphone and called someone.
“Your wife is in better place, Aaron”, Xavier’s devious voice said through other side.
Aaron’s jaw clenched and blood ran cold. His every cell was boiled in fury.
“Your brother is with me. Meet me if you want him safe”
“Mmmmm…… Your wife said you will kill me the second you see me. I don’t think that’s good idea”, Xavier chuckled.
“I want to meet you”
“Urghh! Okay fine. As you wish. Tomorrow morning 3:00 AM. I will send you the address. And yes, you can call cops if you wish. But you too know they will get nothing.”, He said before the line went dead.
“If you had his number, why didn’t you tell officer!?”, Adam shouted incredulously.
“Because I will deal with him now”, Aaron said before walking past him. His fist clenched and eyes blood shot red due to sleepless nights.
“Aaron, we could track him using the phone number. And once officer asks him about Eva, he will-”
“-Never open his mouth!”, Aaron finished turning to glare at Adam. Whose presence was now seriously annoying the hell out of him. “He hates me! You get that!? He thinks it’s because of us that his father died! For all his failures, he blames us! He is so fcking envious of me that he will go to any extent if it means destroying me. Even if it costs his self-destruction!”, Aaron shouted. Chloe and Liza flinched at the harsh sound. The room intensified with thousand folds due to two men burning each other through their raged eyes.
“Look, calm down guys. We shou-”
“Fucking shut up, Chloe!”, Adam snapped,Chloe winced stepping back little.
Paying the unfolding drama no attention, Aaron strode out. Coming down, he sat in his car and the engine ignited. His destination -King’s Mansion.
His steps felt heavy as his overwhelming emotions weighed them down. Every memory of Eva ran before his eyes. His body tensed at the coldness of atmosphere. The place which once was his home now felt creepy and lonely. He felt left out, unwelcomed in his own house.
Bark! Sky nuzzled himself around Aaron’s leg. Untangling himself from there, his eyes lingered on doorstep in search of Eva.
He let out another bark as his expectant filled eyes fell back on Aaron. Giving him a sad small smile, Aaron ran upstairs.
Entering his room, he diverted his mind pulling it from unnecessary stuff and concentrating on task he came for. Walking inside closet, he opened left drawer and pulled out his licensed gun.
Never thought I would use it!
But there’s always a first time for everything.
Shoving all the thoughts aside, he placed the loaded gun inside holster on his waist band. Choosing the black jacket to hide the gun, he wore it over his white shirt.
Aaron spent his time in study room waiting for the message. Martha kept bringing him coffee. Approximately at 3:00 AM his phone pinged with text message.
The drive till Chloe’s apartment was quick. When he went upstairs to get Gabrielle, Adam insisted to come along.
The address was an outskirt of city. A deserted and creepy area. Suitable for gangsters or criminals to carry out their hide and seek game.
While Adam stayed on distance. Aaron was face to face with Xavier with Gabrielle in his grip.
“Where is Eva, Xavier?”
“No idea.”, Xavier pouted faking innocence.
“I will kill your brother then”, Aaron shrugged while Gabrielle froze. His heart accelerating in fear.
“Kill him. He is of no use anyways”, at his brother’s words, Gabrielle’s eyes widened and tears ran down freely.
“You came alone? No security?”, Aaron’s eyes narrowed.
“No need. You too came alone.”, Xavier shrugged in a casual way like he is talking with some online friend.
“Get the lighter”, Aaron whispered in Gabrielle’s ear, he gulped. Giving the boy’s back a little push, he let go of him.
“You are letting him go?”, Xavier snickered.
“I can’t kill someone. Where is Eva?”, Aaron turned question.
“I knew it. You can’t even kill a fly! And there your wife was giving me life threats”, he smirked.
“You know what they say?”
“What?”, Xavier’s head tilted at side.
“Never underestimate your opponent!”, Before Xavier could comprehend his words, Aaron pulled out his gun. Leaving no moment for his opponent to think, he pressed trigger. The bullet piercing straight through Xavier’s heart.
Adam gasped loudly. His eyeballs ready to jump out of their sockets. Gabrielle shrieked in fear at the loud voice, falling on his back as he curled up himself in ball. His tears unstoppable.
Xavier’s lifeless body gave a satisfying pleasure to Aaron. His insides calming down seeing his only opponent dead on ground.
The game was easy to finish. Because he
underestimated Aaron.
Crouching down beside Xavier’s lifeless body, Aaron pulled out gloves from his pocket. Wearing them, he checked for any gun clinging on Xavier’s body. After finding one, he loaded it and kept in on Xavier’s right hand. After getting the lighter, he pulled the sobbing boy with him and dragged him towards car.
“Aaron!”, Adam sharply turned Aaron by elbow, his eyes glaring at his friend. Disbelief and shock visible in them.
“What, Adam?”, Aaron replied with bored expression.
“What Adam? What? Seriously, that’s what you are gonna say right now. You just killed him! You killed somebody, Aaron! We need to atleast dispose the dead body before it lands you in any type of trouble.”, Adam went on as Aaron admiringly stared at his friend. He thought Adam was gonna run away now. Will break every ounce of relationship with him. But here his friend was talking about disposing the dead body. He chuckled.
“Stop laughing! We should hide the body. Let’s throw it in gutter. Umm, no. Let’s burn it. No no…. What if his ghost comes and hunts us down. Let’s held a proper funeral. A quite one but-”
“Adam, relax. Deep breath. And don’t worry, I have everything already planned. I need the cops to find his dead body. “, Aaron assured helding his friend’s shaking shoulders. Adam frowned but nonetheless nodded.
Sitting inside driver’s seat he drove away from that creepy area.
He knew he committed a sin. And no amount of explanation is viable. But still there was no regret.
He did it for his wife. He did because of the burning rage he felt for that devil.
But atleast there would be slight decrease in human trafficking. Not much, but little bit. Though not many, but at least little amount of teens will stop taking drugs. Not many children, but atleast some will be saved from child slavery. Then, isn’t it worth it?
But not until Xavier’s every crime is out for the world to see.
“Choose. Die or lie?”, Aaron stated before leaning back on the couch. His hands folded on his chest. Eyes sharply narrowed at the fear stricken boy before him.
“Either die. Or lie?”
“Great.”, Aaron smirked. “Now here’s what your gonna say to the police….”

6 hours later.
After giving the poor boy several warnings, Aaron let him go and told to continue his daily life as it was before. As soon as he was out, Aaron told some of his guards to keep a close eye on him.
“It’s a pendrive”, Chloe’s voice interested everyone’s attention.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s a pendrive. Not just a lighter but a fucking pendrive”, Chloe explained as her fingers opened bottom cap. As soon as she pressed her thumb at top, the USB connector coming out on display.
Without waiting for anyone else’s questions, she strode towards her store room. When Adam and Aaron entered, their eyes widening at the computer and wires and god knows what more things the room was tangled in.
Shoving the leftover pizza off her chair, Chloe sat down and connected the USB with CPU.
“What the hell is this?”, Adam whispered as his eyes roamed around in pure amazement.
“You know about Black Hat Girl?”, Liza asked entering behind them.
“One of the world’s best anonymous hacker?”, Aaron questioned and Liza nodded.

“That’s her”, she pointed towards the person who was the centre of conversation but was least interested in it.
Adam’s jaw dropped while Aaron’s eyes widened.
“Re-Really?”, Adam gasped, Liza chuckled before nodding.

2 Days Later, Chloe’s Apartment, 5:15 AM
“Chloe, how many more days now?”, Aaron asked impatiently. His face was more tired now. The stubble growing more thick. Eyes lifeless and had no glint in them.
“Aaron, I am trying. The pendrive is highly secured. One wrong move, and whole data will be corrupted.”, Chloe snapped as she pushed the spects up her nose.
Sighing, Aaron left. Getting the beer from refrigerator, he stayed in balcony.
Few hours later, Chloe shrieked in happiness. Whole apartment was filled with her loud screams.
“I did it! I did it! Yay yay yay!”, She shouted while jumping around.
“Is it done?”, Adam asked, she nodded while grinning wildly.
“How did you do it?”, He asked amazed beyond words.
“It was so damn difficult. But I did it. I first tried to create ISO image of drive but it didn’t helped. So I opened command prompt-”
“Let it be. I won’t understand anyways”, Adam waved his hand dismissively.
“Send the data to all popular news channels and email it to higher government officials”, Aaron said after entering inside.
Chloe nodded and sat back down to complete the new task. Once it too was done, she smugly stood and gave thumbs up.
Few hours later, media blew up. Every news channel was covered with the same news.
At the end of the day, shoot at sight order for Xavier Russo was passed from supreme court of cassation, Italy.
“Congratulations”, Adam mumbled placing a hand on Aaron’s shoulder.
Two weeks later, Xavier’s dead body was found. Aaron was called for questioning.
“It was an act of self-defense”
“Self-defense?”, Brent’s brow rosed.
“Yeah. Didn’t you found loaded gun in his hand. He was about to shoot me, so I did what was needed to protect myself. His brother was there too. You can ask him”, Aaron clarified. His voice confident and unwavering.
“Brother? Xavier Russo had brother?”, Brent questioned.
“Yeah. His address”, Adam slided a quickly written note on desk.
“Get him here”, Brent nodded to his associate.
Once Gabrielle was called, first he was given a glass of water as the poor boy was shivering in fear.
“So, Gabrielle? Was your brother killed for self-defense”, Gabrielle nodded at it.
“You don’t need to be scared”
“Ye-yes.”, Gabrielle answered verbally.
“Can you recall the situation?”
“I-I went to pick him up from airport and he then to-took me there. They both were talking and so-soon their conversation heated up. My brother pulled out gu-gun, but before he can shoot, Mr. King did it”, Gabrielle finished and Brent nodded.
“Is your gun licensed?”, Aaron nodded at that.
“Yes”, he verbally replied.
“Send it here for verification”
“I will tell Daniel to send it here”
“Why didn’t you gave us his phone number? We could have tracked him and asked in our way. Now we lost the last chance”, Brent muttered frustratingly while rubbing his face.
He wouldn’t have said anything anyways! Aaron thought.
“Get his statement and let the boy go, John.”, He spoke sternly before closing his eyes momentarily and then opening them back before pulling out a file from corner cabinet of his desk.
John nodded and took Gabrielle out.
“Here’s some information we mined out from the data that was leaked two weeks ago. From the day of Eva’s abduction, 50 girls were sold in Asian and European countries. Lily Matthews, Sasha Grey, Maria White, Diana Ivanov, Hiya Khan and so on. But no Eva King or Eva Collins.”, Brent sighed. Aaron nodded before standing up and leaving.
“Thank you”, Adam whispered before he followed Aaron.
Present Day, -7Hours EST, 3:00 PM, NY, USA.
~ Aaron ~
“He deserves it! And if I have chance, I will kill him….. Again! “, I said through gritted teeth.
He was cut off due to the buzzing of my intercom.
“What is it, Stella?”, I spoke, my voice laced with frustration and anger.
“Sir, a lady needs to talk with you”, she said, nervousness clear in her voice.
“Not now-”
“She says it’s an emergency, sir”, she insisted.
“Fine. Put her on line”, I said rubbing my temple.
“He-hello?”, A small, soft ladylike voice said.
“Who is this?”
“Umm…. Hi, my name is Sophia Vasiliev. I called to inform you about your wife.”, My body froze the moment she mentioned my wife.

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