(Miles Away)

One Month Later
~ Eva ~
I am not losing my hope. I am never going to. I am waiting for him. And I will wait till the last breath of mine. I don’t know what is taking him so time, but I know he is doing his best.
Now I know the importance of family. Now I know the importance of memories. Because it’s the memories that I had created with them, are what keeping me strong.
Though he is far away from me, I believe his heart is beating for me, like mine is beating for him. I know he is thinking of me, like I am thinking of him. Nothing matters, until we are under same sky. Nothing matters until we are staring at the same moon, thinking of each other. Nothing matters.
I am craving for him. I am craving for his loving stares. His tender touches. His p@ssionate k!sses. His clingy hugs. Our unique night greeting. His…. His everything.
My mind can’t help but wander off to miles away where my family must be missing me. Some more days, some more sleepless nights and I will be there. In my husband’s arms, laughing at Chloe’s and Adam’s bickering. Eating lunch with him in his office. Scolding Liza to concentrate on her studies. Cooking food for my family. Playing with Sky. Getting scolded my Martha for not having breakfast. I will be there soon. Soon.
“Diana?”, Anna called out. I still remember how caring and loving she was when I first came here. She reminds me of Martha.
“Let’s go. It’s near to nine”, she said and I looked up to the wall clock. Nodding, I stood up and came out before locking my room’s door.
“Missing your family?”, She asked, I nodded giving her a small forced smile.
She and Sophia always try to cheer me up, to make me smile but it’s like I have lost it. I smile only when I get to see my family on internet. Which sometimes Sophia allows me on her phone.
In some recent photos, I have noticed Aaron’s tiredness. He looks stressful. Sometimes his eyes are puffed and red. Media keeps asking him about me, but Adam told them that I am not feeling well so I am always at home.
My heart pains at his sight. He looks like living corpse. There is no life in his eyes. They look empty. He denies for every interview, every photoshoot.
I wanted to scream at screen and tell him that I am fine. I am here, come and get me please. I tried multiple times sneaking out, but always failed. After having enough, the guard told about this to Mr. Vasiliev and I was gifted with a hard slap on my cheek. Afterwards, I stopped trying.
“Start making omlettes, I will get bread from refrigerator”, she said once we entered kitchen.
“Diana?”, Sophia called out and I looked up. She gave me a smile, I nodded in acknowledgement.
“You slept well?”, She asked taking a seat infront of kitchen counter. I nodded in response.
Once the breakfast was ready, me and Anna and one more maid helped us to keep it on dining table.
Mr. Vasiliev came down, followed by Adrian. Once they all were seated, me and Anna served them.
“Diana?”, I stepped front as Mr. Vasiliev called out for me.
“What did the pregnancy test said?”, He asked while taking a bite from his omlette. Both Sophia and Adrian looked up, fixing their concerned gazes on me. Ducking my head down, I shook my head in negative.
“It’s been one month! How much more time?”, He said calmly, but his voice defined of silence before storm.
“I have scheduled an appointment with gynaecologist. Get ready, and wait for us. Adrian, we will leave for office once the medical check up is done”, he said making all of us nod. No one dares to go against his wish. I have learnt so I do the same.
I went back to my room and got ready. We were in seperate cars. Mr. Vasiliev in his own, and me, Sophia and Adrian in another. Adrian was sitting on passenger seat while me and Sophia were on backseat.
“I am scared!”, Sophia said gaining our attention. Me and Aidran perplexedly looked at her.
“You haven’t had sexual intercourse since you came here. And doctor will definitely analyse it!”, She said making my eyes wide in fear. Aidran turned back in his seat to look front, while I kept fumbling with my fingers.
“Wait for me inside, I will be back”, Mr. Vasiliev said when he spotted someone in parking lot. Sophia took my hand and we entered inside.
Adrian rushed inside before us and after ten minutes he was back with a relieved smile on his face.
“She is a nice lady. I talked with her, and she is ready to help us”, he said making us sigh in relief.
“Mrs. Vasiliev?”, The receptionist called out and I felt Sophia tensing beside me. She gave me an assuring smile, but I know, she must be hurt.
Nodding, I stood up and went inside. The gynac was fine lady. She assured me that she will help me and that I don’t need to be afraid. This time too I didn’t failed to ask for mobile phone, but she too was scared of Mr. Vasiliev and apologised me.
I am not amused anymore. Mr. Vasiliev is a very big businessman, so people fearing him is no more a news to me. He is not involved in mafia, but his just aura screams authority and threat, that everyone keeps their distance.
After making me stay for fifteen minutes inside, she told nurse to call Mr. Vasiliev and everyone else inside.
“Is there any problem with her?”, He asked immediately after sitting on chair.
“No. Everything is fine.”, She replied making him sigh in relief.
“But they are trying from last one month, then what’s the problem?”, He asked frowning. Adrian behind him gulped.
“It must be because of stress and tiredness. Tell her to take rest, and I think it will be fine. Just give her some time”, she smiled and he nodded.

“Do we need to take any tests?”, He asked and shook her head in denial.
“Not needed”
We came out and while Adrian and Mr. Vasiliev took one car, we both took another and came back at the mansion.
I went to continue my chores. I was cleaning the vase kept on table, when I saw Sophia rushing out. I was confused because she mostly never leaves at this time. Concentrating back, I continued my work.
After dinner, I went to guestroom and waited for Adrian and Sophia so that I could see Aaron on any of their phones.
“Look what I got?”, Sophia gushed while waving basic phone smugly. Me and Adrian had a frown etched on our faces.
“We are in 2019, Soph!”, Adrian deadpanned, she rolled her eyes.
“Call your husband!”, She said shoving the phone on my hand. My eyes widened and jaw dropped. With shaky hands I took the mobile phone and started dialling for Aaron’s number, but before I could call him, the mobile was snatched away from me. I looked up to glare at Adrian who after switching the device off, put it in his trouser’s pocket.
“Adrian!”, Sophia hissed in annoyance.
“If dad gets to know about this, you will be thrown out!”, He glared at her, she stomped on her foot before sitting down on bed beside me.
“We need to tell her husband!”, She insisted while wrapping her arm around my shoulder.
“And once her husband knows that my father is the one who brought her here, we will be left with nothing but dust!”, He snapped sitting on the couch.
“I will not let him do anything like that to you. Please believe me.”, I pleaded with watered eyes. His guilt filled eyes stayed on me before he averted them. I sighed.
“Look Diana, my father is a very strict man and I can’t go against him. I will try to find a way, but not just now!”, He mumbled before lying down on couch.
“Coward!”, Sophia said angrily before stomping out of room.
I couldn’t even see Aaron today. Lying down, I turned on my side and the tiredness took its toll on me, I was soon drifted off in deep slumber.

-7 Hours EST, 3:00 PM NY, USA
~ Aaron ~
My eyes stayed on my wife’s beautiful face. She is smiling so widely, so freely.
“Aaron?”, Adam’s voice caught my attention.
“We will find her. Please stop crying”, he said making me realise the tear drops on my cheek. I wiped them away.
“Any progress?”
“They rescued some girls from Bangkok but Eva was not one of them”, her name overwhelmed my insides. I clenched my jaw, preventing myself to not break down this time.
I have lost my will to live. Every day something is dying inside me. I am unable to eat, unable to sleep, unable to do anything.
But I won’t give up, not until my Little Warrior is beside me.
This nightmare will pass, and I am waiting for that new day when bright sunshine will make its way through the curtains and I will shield my Eva’s sleeping form from them. I will wait for that day, when we will have lunch and dinner together. I will wait for that day when she will say ‘I love you’ to me and I will repeat it back.
I will wait.
“Let’s go”, Adam said standing up. I shook my head.
“I don’t want to.”, I feel lonely there. Without her, the big mansion eats me out. However, in office, the work keeps me busy.
“You are suffering all of this because of one mistake!”, He said but I ignored.
“If you hadn’t kill, Xavier. Eva would have been here now”, he said making me snap up towards him. My hands formed fist and face hardened. The blood in my veins boiled in fury. I was pissed off due to Adam’s continuous accusations.
“He deserves it! And if I have chance, I will kill him…… Again! “, I gritted out.


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