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~ Aaron ~
I couldn’t sleep after she left so I kept staring at the ceiling.
What weird girls I have in my life. But whatever, I still love them. They are my family after all.
After mom and dad died, I was numb. I was socially introvert. Kept myself distancing from everyone around. Never talked with anyone unless I needed something, or if something was very important.
I still remember the day Adam tried to talk to me. It was a bet actually, the friend circle he had, challenged him to talk with the
‘Mysterious student’ of class and he accepted.
He was annoying, literally. No exaggeration. He was annoying as hell. His bad puns, daddy jokes, weird habits were irritating as hell at first. But then he became my habit. I used to look up to classroom door to see if he is coming or not. I used to wait for him at lunch time. And whenever he asked whether I was waiting for him, I would deny. And then Riley came. She was like a normal friend. No flirting, teasing, winking, or any other things that girls did whenever they saw me.
So my highschool life was pretty normal because of my two friends. But after highschool, Riley went to London. And I focused myself in studies. Adam was there, but he was more into girls and parties at that time which I had no interest in.
For me life was running on one track. Numbness. The deals I made, success I achieved, money I earned just gave me satisfaction. Nothing more than that. Because, I had no one to share the happiness of my success with. No one to spend my money on.
People are important. Every emotion is important. Because that’s what makes you human. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, problems, with someone is important. A feeling of belonging to someone is important. Because that makes you realise that you are not alone. You are not unneeded in this world. You are someone’s attention.
And I experienced this when Eva came crashing down in my life because of her clumsiness. I still remember the first time I saw her.
Near elevator.
I was really rude to her at that time. But that was not my problem. Because that’s what I was before her. I was rude, arrogant and most importantly I hated clumsiness.
And when she tripped, I couldn’t help my instinct and held her. Though I didn’t touch her.
Our first meet was really very cliche. Even our second meet was the same. Actually, our whole story is cliche. But no regrets, cause now I love cliches.
“Aaron! Aaron! Aaron!”, And here comes my yelling hyena. The bedroom door soon thud opened and my Mrs. Clumsy barged in. She looked so excited that she literally jumped on bed and straddled my waist causing my toes to curl and palms to fist the bedsheet beneath me to resist myself from her pinning her down and devour her whole satisfying my hunger.
My junior was instantly excited and erect. I hope she doesn’t notice it. I know she still isn’t comfortable with complete int!macy and I don’t want to push her. Cause for me, she is more important than my physical needs.
Sitting straight, I carefully removed her from my lap and grabbed a pillow. I kept it on my lap covering my hardness before giving her my keen attention.
“What happened?”, I asked.
“Adam proposed Chloe!”, She screamed, I flinched at her loud voice.

Wait what?
“What?”, I dumbfoundedly asked.
“You too can’t believe it right. I mean, it was a surprise for me too. Who would have believed! But damn! It was best proposal ever. Like she was asking, if he will be her boyfriend. But he said no, I can’t be your boyfriend because I want to be your husband. Woah! That was soooooo cuuuteeee! I was squealing like a highschool girl-“, she kept blabbering continuously while I kept staring at her.
The way her lips moved, her smile widened whenever any exciting part came. The way her hands gestured, trying to explain everything that she can. The way some strands of hair would carass her face. The way her eyes would twinkle in happiness. God! I love this woman so much!
This is what I was talking about earlier. This feeling. It is so tranquil, so euphoric. Her persona is so addicting that I can’t help but admire her, stare at her without getting bored.
I came out of my thoughts when she pinched my cheeks. I smiled when she giggled. Pecking my lips, she stood up still talking animatedly. The chatter box continued her telecast until she was inside bathroom to get ready for office.
Glancing at wall clock I noticed it was 8:13 AM. I missed my morning routine today. Yesterday was a sucker for me. I was really tired. Cause when Eva fell asleep, I woke up and got back to study room to complete my leftover. Around 1:00 am I was back in bedroom.
Stretching my arms over my head, I got off bed and entered closet. Getting my clothes and towel, I headed towards guest room to use it’s bathroom.
Once I was ready, I came back and saw her infront of vanity mirror blow drying her hair.
“My hair too”, I said pointing towards my wet hair. She chuckled before gesturing me to come over and sit on bed. I did as told. Hopping up, she positioned herself behind me and started blow drying my hair. Once she was done, she passed her hand through them making me sigh softly.
I love when she does this.
She tilted my head back making me drown in her hazel eyes. She slightly hovered above me and pressed her soft lips against mine. Her hair fell down covering us, acting like curtains, hiding us inside them. Her few strands tickled my neck and I chuckled, causing her to smile against my lips. We stayed like that for few seconds before she pulled out and sat straight. Encircling her arms around me from behind, she rested her chin on my shoulder and rocked us back and forth.
“You don’t regret anything, right?”, She asked softly. My eyes narrowed in confusion.
“What would I regret?”
“Killing Xavier. I mean, it’s such a big thing. You killed someone, for me . Sometimes it scares me. What if police comes and arrests you. I know it will not happen, but still. I never wanted you to kill someone because of me. I never wanted you to dirty your hands because of that a$$hole.”, She spoke, her voice gentle and low.
“Eva…”, I turned slightly and grabbed her waist, sliding her down on my lap. She nuzzled herself against my chest. “I never regretted anything. The day you came into my life, I knew every decision I will take would lead me to you. May it be forcing you to marry me-” she slapped my chest over that. “May it be falling in love with you”, she kssed my chest. “May it be destroying that contract. Or begging for your love. I never regretted any of that. Then why would I regret of something so petty? That bastard was somehow gonna die. If not by me, then by someone else.”, I said trying to assure her not to worry over such pathetic things. I never told her that I killed Xavier before shoot at sight order was passed for him. She don’t even know that me, Adam and Chloe are the one who revealed all those proofs against him. And I intend to keep it like that.

“I will fight against the world for you. Because
this love….. Is worth fighting for!”, I said before connecting our lips. She melted like an ice in my arms.

Nine days later, 24/8/20(~)
The day of Anniversary,
~ Author ~
“Is this good?”, Eva asked herself twirling around. She was in lingerie shop, trying to find a good lingerie to impress Aaron.
Well her husband would find her sexy even in grain sack but still she wants to see his jaw dropping.
In morning, the couple wished eachother. Aaron went to office while Eva took half day off and came to mall.
Her phone rang breaking her own debate. “What is it, Chloe!”, She snapped frustratedly.
“I am sending you address. Be there within half hour”, before Eva could ask anything, line went off with a beep sound. Eva stomped her foot. She don’t want to go, but her curious mind wouldn’t accept.
Changing back into her own clothes, she picked a maroon lace lingerie that she liked in her first try and paid for it before leaving store.
She drove towards the address and found it was nothing but a celebration hall.
“Is there a surprise party for me?”, She mumbled to herself excitedly. She was about to enter from front door when Chloe grasped her wrist and dragged her to the backside. They entered a large room and Eva was surprised seeing so many familiar faces.
“Mrs. Smith? Liza? Lily? Aunt, uncle? What are you guys doing here? Is this a surprise party? But then where is cake?”, She mumbled making everyone sigh in annoyance.
“Eva, go change into this”, Chloe said while holding out a dress. Eva turned and gasped at the sight of beautiful white gown.
Wait a minute!
“Hey! That’s my wedding dress!”, She snapped before snatching her dress and helding it against her chest like a baby.
“I know. Now go and change into it. Changing room is on that side.”, She was pushed inside a small room. Huffing, Eva changed and knocked for them to notify that she was done. Once the door opened, Eva’s gaze fell on mirror that was reflecting her. Her eyes widened and glistening tears covered her eyesight. She sniffed while smiling. Her wedding day flashed before her eyes. How much of sad she was that day. And how much of happy she is today. Life surely plays well!
“Let’s get your make up and hair done!”, Chloe said pulling her and making her sit on chair infront of dressing table.
Lily and Chloe did everything while Eva kept asking them what is this all about.
“Am I getting married again!?”, She asked umpteenth time but still was ignored.
“You are looking so beautiful!”, Liza sobbed while looking at her sister. Eva chuckled. She is behaving as if it is her first time seeing Eva getting married. Her pregnancy harmones are surely messing with her emotions.
“Where is my husband!?”
“He is on the stage, now let’s go.”, Aunt Bethany said giving her the bouquet of fresh lilies.
Eva is not stupid. After seeing all this drama she was sure that she is getting married once again.
But instead of feeling calm and normal, she was excited and nervous. Though this is her second time getting married, still it felt like her first time.Uncle Nathan held out his arm and Eva entwined her arms with his.
As soon as she stepped down the aisle,
Thousand Years by Christina Perri started playing. Her head jerked upwards in surprise, gaze falling on her handsome husband who was already staring at her intensely. Same suit, same charming personality only this time the difference was his swooning smile.
Feeling all eyes on her, her own eyes shied down to gaze at her steps. Nathan kissed her hand and gave it to Aaron who smiled assuringly at him, then helping his beautiful wife to step up on stage.
The Officiant gave opening remarks and then addressed couple.
All the while both were staring at eachother with all the love of world.
“Do you take Eva King as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”
“I do”, he said quickly, slightly jumping on his spot causing all the guests to roar in fits of laughter seeing his excitement. Eva smiled at him, he blinked cutely at her.
“Do you take Aaron King as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”
This is the part she waited for. Last time, she was almost in tears. This time too, but now the situation is different. Her feelings for this man are different. There is no conflict in her mind. Now her heart hold nothing but infinite love and care.
“I do”, she said smiling at him. Aaron breathed out a sigh of relief. Eva snorted, like she was gonna deny this golden chance.
Priest then asked them to exchange rings.
Oh, so that is why he asked for my ring yesterday morning. Eva thought when she saw her and Aaron’s ring in Adam’s hand.
The rings then were exchanged with priest pronouncing them husband and wife. Then asking Aaron to kss his bride.
Aaron left no chance and pulled Eva by her waist, his lips descending on her gently. The crowd cheered with loud applause. Eva smiled through kss.
“How was my gift?”, Aaron whispered against her lips.
“Beautiful”, she replied before connecting their lips again.
“Chloe, I hope you catch it”, Eva said before turning and throwing the bouquet.
Aaron laughed shooking his head, frowning Eva turned to see Noah helding the bouquet with the most innocent confusion look etched on his face.
She chuckled at his flustered face.
Noah looked up and smiled shyly while sneaking glances at Liza who was busy laughing at his flushed posture.
[ ps- If you don’t remember Noah, he is the doctor who used to flirt with Liza when Chloe was admitted due to the accident caused by Xavier’s men. Hope that helps ]

Aaron’s eyes widened seeing the bedroom all decorated. He had already warned Chloe not to this, but still she did. Such a stubborn girl.
“Ev-Eva, believe me I told Chloe not to do all this. I don’t know why!”, He said trying to convince his wife whose heart swelled in happiness seeing her husband so much concerned for her.
“Aaron, wait for me”, she said taking the shopping bag with her in bathroom, leaving confused Aaron standing there.
Once she was changed in the Maroon lace lingerie, Eva held her breath and opened door.

Aaron, who was thinking of removing all decorations so his Little Warrior won’t feel pressured, turned and stumbled back in shock. His eyes widened and jaw dropped.
“Wha-what”, he was unable to comprehend proper sentence.
“I am sorry that I made you wait for this long. Believe me I never stopped loving you. It was your love which kept me strong. Which kept my trust and hope strong. Though everyone kept telling me that I have to forget you and accept that life, I still denied. Because I knew you will come. I knew you will never give up on your Little Warrior.”, She took one step towards him while he stood there listening her.
“I agree I hated you once. Hated you from the core of my heart. Or should I say I hated the image of you I made in my mind. Because you are far from what I thought you were. And when I got to know the real you, my heart kept falling for you. Slowly, slowly”, she took another step towards him.
“I kept denying the feelings I had for you. Kept kicking you out of my life. Took you for granted. But when I signed those divorce papers, it felt like my world collapsed. A large part of me felt snatched away. My life felt like was turning away from me. Everything was so confusing. I was in conflict with myself. One part of me said, I love you while other part denied those feelings”, she took third step towards him, leaving just one step distance between them now.
“But when you kssed me, I realised how much I need you. How much I love you. And how much of stupid I was to deny those strong feelings. I love you, Aaron. I love you so much!”, She took final step and now they were so close that Aaron forgot breathing for once.
His eyes admired his wife. Her love, her honesty, her courage, her trust. This moment of his life felt surreal to him, but he knew it was real. Leaving no time, he sweeped her off her feet and twirled her in air. Eva giggled uncontrollably. Her sweet melodious voice filled room. He grinned widely looking at her face which resembled nothing but happiness. Gently putting her back on her feet, he showered her face with soft ksses.
She squealed when he suddenly carried her bridal style. Throwing her on bed, he immediately hovered over her and untied the knot of maroon silk robe, revealing the treasure beneath them. Aaron’s eyes darkened, lust swimmed in his green-blue orbs.
“If you don’t want this. I will stop”, his words and actions were totally different. He looked in no mood of stopping. His calloused fingers were rubbing the inner skin of her thigh. But Eva knew, just one word and he will stop. He will force himself to stop but she was not gonna do any of that. Because she too needs him, she too had craved for him.
She was not gonna stop this beast from devouring her. She was at his mercy today.
“Claim me”, she whispered and that was all needed for him to lean down and capture her lips with his in a sensual, passionate kss.
The two souls, two bodies entangled in one.
Again .

Four Months Later,
24th December
“It’s confirmed, Chloe. I am three weeks pregnant”, Eva spoke through her tears. On the other side, Chloe let out a squeal.
“Oh my god! Oh my god! Wow…. That’s so beautiful. How I wish I was there with you!”, She said sulking over the thought of not being with her best friend cum cousin on this special occasion.
“Oh c’mon! Enjoy your honeymoon. I will talk to you later now, bye”, she bidded her goodbye and kept her phone down on dressing table. After Liza, she had immediately called Chloe to tell this good news who was on her honeymoon with Adam.

Her eyes then fell on her flat stomach. “Baby, don’t worry, I am gonna tell daddy real soon that you are coming. Just wait untill he comes home”, she said lovingly caressing her belly.
Unable to fight with excitement, she grabbed a pillow and slided it under her top. Loving the feeling of dummy baby bump on her stomach.
The moment was broken when Sky barged in and jumped on bed.
“Sky! I am so happy today”, Eva chirped sitting beside him. Stroking his ears and kissing his head, she shared the good news with him.
Whole day Martha kapt asking Eva the reason behind her smile, but Eva kept avoiding her question.
Aaron came back from office dot at 8:00 PM. “How are you feeling now? Did you went to hospital?”, Was his first question for her when he entered home.
“Yeah, I did. Don’t worry, nothing serious.”, She replied biting her lips to stop them from lifting up in smile. “Go get fresh. Let’s have dinner”, he nodded and went upstairs after kssing her on forehead.
After dinner both retired off to bed. Having a tiring day, Aaron fell asleep immediately while Eva pretended to be asleep.
Exactly at 11:56 AM, she woke up and sat straight. Flickering the lights on, she patted Aaron’s arm to wake him up.
“What happened? Are you okay?”, He asked while rubbing his eyes trying to pry his sleep off.
“Here”, she handed him a brown packet. Frowning, he took and examined it from all corners.
“What is this?”
“Open it”, she encouraged. Sighing, Aaron teared off the top of packet which was sealed and took out some documents that were inside it.
Noticing that were medical reports, he sat straight and warily checked papers. Eyes widening at the contents.
“Is-Is this re-real?”, He asked in disbelief.
“It is.”, She nodded with a smile. “Merry Christmas, Mr. King”, added and saw tears streaming down his eyes.
“Oh my god! I am gonna be a father. Sh!t! I can’t believe it. I am- I am so happy. Thank you, thank you so much, Eva. I love you so much god d@mmit!”, He muttered while hugging her tight in his embrace.
“I know. I will be a mother! I am so happy, Aaron. Thank you so much”, she said trying to stop her tears.
“When did you- I mean when you-”
“Today. When I went to hospital for the check up, doctor told me to consult a gynac. I did and she told me that I am three weeks pregnant”, she said while he kept grinning at her. His green-blue orbs shining in sheer happiness.
“This is the best Christmas gift ever!”, He exclaimed kssing all over her face. His hand involuntarily went down and caressed her stomach.
“Hey baby, it’s your dad. I know you can’t listen me, but still I wanna tell you that daddy loves you alot.”, He whispered kssing softly on her belly. Eva smiled ruffling her adorable husband’s hair.
“Let’s sleep. You need rest”, he said concernedly making her lie down. Eva chuckled over his worried face.
“Hold me”, she pouted opening her arms. Smiling, Aaron carefully brought her closer and wrapped her in his embrace.
“We can still have sex right?”, She laughed loudly at his question. Remembering the moment when she too asked this question to gynac who assured her that there is no problem being intimate with your husband.

“Yeah”, he sighed in relief making her chuckle.
“Bad night, sweet nightmares, Mrs. King”, he mumbled kissing her forehead.
“Bad night, sweet nightmares, Mr. King”, she replied before kssing his chest and nuzzling herself more closer.
The bottom line is, their weird story continued and never ended.

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