SHE’S THE ONE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 11

Steve was so annoyed he had to go back to the house because his mom has been disturbing him with call to come back home.
He entered their house only to see his father sitting with his friend Mr Adams.
He ignored them and wanted to proceed to his room.
“How dare you son?
“Are you blind? Can’t you see this visitor? Mr Williams said angrily and stood up.
Steve stopped in his track and turned back. That was when he discovered that Jenifer was there too and he knew the reason why they are there.
He turned back and looked at his father eye ball to eye ball.
“Dad, the day I lost my sense was the day you forced me to make a wrong decision ”
“What’s this nonsense all about? he said and gave Steve a very hot and sound slap on the cheek which made him to hold his cheeks in pain.
“Don’t you dare talk to me like that, even in your next life” Mr Williams said angrily
“Calm down, it’s OK I think I have to take my leave now “Mr Adams stood up and with Jennifer.
“Sorry for the embarrassment, but please allow your daughter to stay for a while before she leaves.
“Fine I’ve heard you “Mr Adams said and left.
Steve stormed into his room angrily without looking back.

Arrow was sitting in the parlour when his boss called.
“Go and get me that girl “the leader said
“OK boss “he bowed and left. On getting to the door where Bella was, he pushed the door but the door didn’t open.
He twisted the door knob trying to open but the door didn’t open.
Arrow rushed to inform the boss because the door was usually kept opened.
“Boss, the door is locked from inside and there’s no response from inside.
They immediately left and started banging the door but still no response.
“Break the door” he commanded.
Arrow kicked the door until it broke down. To their greatest surprise there was a big hole in the house made by Bella.
They looked at the hole without seeing Bella again.
“Search for her now! if she escapes then know that your life is at stake “he commanded.
Bella has been running for long now, she stopped at her track and took some rest without any sign of house or car.
That was when she discovered that the house was built in the forest.
She took some rest near a tree with the kitchen knife still in her hand.
She was still resting when she heard distance noise and rattling of leaves.
That was Arrow and his team, they were getting closer. She thought of what next to do.
Her heart began racing so fast thinking of what to do.
She took time and crawled down, then took some dry leaves and cover herself without any trace left.

Arrow finally arrived at the spot and searched everywhere including the tree she hid but she was not there.
“What are we going to do now?
“Steve father will surely kill us “Arrow said
Bella gasp hearing that it was Steve father that wants her kidnapped.
“Let’s start searching for that poor b!tch” Scorpion said and they began their search.
That was when they saw the scattered leaves on the ground.
“Arrow look at this” Scorpion said pointing to where Bella is hiding. Her heart beat increased from normal to high.
“Let’s go nothing is there, nobody can hide there “Arrow said
“But Arrow let’s search first”
“Nobody is there let’s go” he said and lead the way.
As Bella was hiding a scorpion crawled on her body and she was scared in the process of that, the leaves made noise and Scorpion turned back and saw her legs hidden there.
“Arrow there she is. I told you “he said and ran to the spot.
He scattered the leaves and there was Bella hiding.
“You can run but you can’t hide” he said and forcefully grabbed her on the neck and hit her.
The way Scorpion handled Bella Arrow didn’t like it and it even reflected in his eyes.
“Take it easy on her man” Arrow said
“Next time don’t even try this trash again” Scorpion said and pushed her forward followed by others.
Bella knew that her only hope to escape has been ruined and there no where again she can escaped.
Just as she was thinking, she recalled that Arrow is crushing on her and she has been noticing.

She smiled and continue walking.
Steve was so angry that he couldn’t find Bella.
He refused to eat nor talk to anyone in the house. He locked himself in his room for two days without coming out still working on how to get Bella.
“She’s the one that makes me feel the way I haven’t felt for years.
“She’s my happiness and my life
“I love her with the whole of my life.
“Bella don’t worry I love you and I’m coming for you” Steve said and stood up heading to the door.

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