MY MARRIAGE DIARY : Episode 1 – The End


Episode Three.

At first I was shocked but I left him and went to the bed, looking defeated. But I tried again in the middle of the night but what I got was beyond my comprehension,

“What, you….how can you….slap me Jude” I said to him.

“You are just been selfish, I told you that I was not ready for anything but you will not listen, what is your problem?” Jude asked me.

Just on our first night of marriage, I had received insults and sla. I immediately cuddle on the bed as I wept bitterl. I just used the pillow to cover my mouth so as not to make him annoyed the more with my cries. I started to think of those times when he had promised to take care of me like a queen and never to raise his hands against me but now here I am.

The following morning, he was the first to wake up and he went to the kitchen to make food for the two of us.

“Wake up my angel, wake up, he said to me.

I was not still happy with the way he had treated me yesterday, so I decided to remain on the bed without answering him.

He came closer to my side and whispered that he was sorry, and started pleading again. That was his problem, he commits an offence and the next thing is begging, this has been what has been defining our relationship.

Still I didn’t answer him, I wanted him to feel the pain of what he did to me, so that he would know that I meant it this time. But after he kept on begging that I became pissed of my self, I stood up and he hugged me and apologised.

The food he made that day was not that sweet, you know when there was too many salt inside the food but because I don’t want him to feel offended again I swallowed almost all by using water to step the food down my throat. That day was nice for the two of us and since we were not going anywhere we had time for ourselves very well and we enjoyed.

It went on like this until one very day, Jude had rushed down to a store to get somethings but he left his two phones at home as a result of being in haste. I didn’t know the password to his smart phone but I could unlock the other one. So that day, he had unlocked the two and it was yet to enter into the lock mode probably as a result of the time he set auto lock. His phone rang, I left it but it persisted for some minutes like five missed calls. The caller was saved with “My fashion designer” so I picked the call, but it was a female voice that I heard. At first I didn’t read any meaning to this. I was thinking, it could happen since fashion designer could be both gender but I never thought it was a male it should be not a female. But what called my attention was that the caller said “Love, why are not picking my call this morning, don’t you want to have your food this morning”..I couldn’t speak, then she went on “Oh your wife is there, no problem check your whatsApp messages” Immediately I went blank, my head began to ache me, this very time I was pregnant for a month and two weeks.

I sat on the chair to open the message that the lady had sent to him. I met the shock of my life, I saw different n#de pictures of the lady, I was shocked, my mouth was widely opened. I wanted to call the lady back but a force held me not to. I was no longer myself, how can the man I love and even carrying his baby, legally married to me still be seeing someone else. I was bitter with all that was happening, I wish I can reverse the time backward but it was not possible.

Where I was thinking and confused, something ministered to me that I should send all the n#des to my phone and leave his phone on the chair where it was earlier. I tried to stomach it but I could not. I wept that morning.

Later on, he came inside the house with what he went to buy, he greeted me but I manage to reply.

“Why are you looking dull just now” He asked me.

“I think it is the pregnancy stuff that is causing mood swing” I lied to him.

But there was something wrong, by the time he touched his pocket to reach for his phone and could not find it, he was troubled as he was looking at me whether I had checked his phone.

“You had a call” I said to him still trying to play it cool.

“Hun hun, really, so who was the caller,” He said, I felt he was starting to suspect.

“Ehmmm, one fashion designer like that” I said to him

“She, he…enhmm,,,…we call” He stammered

“Yes, I ..he ….call…she….call…we call….” I mimicked him.

He knew that I must have picked it and that caused the reason why I was playing along.

“so she said you should check your whatsApp for her new message.” I said to him’

You need to see the look on his face, he was shocked when he learnt that I have read his message.

Then all of a sudden he flared up.

“How dare you touch my phone, how dare you” He said as he was moving closer to me.

“See you, I caught you cheating on me and you are using hard face, what is your problem this man, after all I have done for you. See how you are paying me back” I said to him.

“What have you done to help me, you cheap wh0re” he said to my face.

“What” I was shocked.

“You were the one forcing yourself on me, I told you I was not ready for marriage but you insisted, you gave me your body like an h@rlot before marriage that I no longer enjoy you after marriage,” He said shouting at me.

“Jude, you said all this to me, God will judge you” I said to him crying.

“Are you m@d” He said to me

I was so annoyed that I didn’t know when I slapped his face and the next thing I remembered was that he was beating me. When I woke up I was at the hospital, I had a swollen face and my lower teeth was removed.

That was even still small until I felt a pain in my stomach and I discovered that I had lost the baby.

“Ahh, see what you have done to me…

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