Episode 23

Alexander pov

It has been one week since that incident happens and yet Anita was still not awake. This was making me so worried. I have asked the doctor several times if she was okay and he said yes but still Anita had not even made any sign and am dmn worried.

I missed her so much, I wanted to hold her in my hands kss her and do crazy things with her but why couldn’t she just wake up. I taught and a tear fell down from my eyes as I Iooked at her beautiful eyes which were close.

The door opened and my mom and Anita’s mom came inside including my friends and they walked closer to me but I didn’t bother to look at them.

Alex how are you? My mom asked

Mom how am I supposed to be fine knowing fully well that that one thing that gives me joy is laying on the sick bed. I was trying hard not to cry but it came rolling down feely from my eyes.

Anita is fine okay, my daughter is fine she_ her mom try to say but I cut her off

Then why is she not awake, I miss her so much I want to kss and do crazy things with her, I miss my wife. I yelled in fustration crying and they all sighed as they were looking at me.

Alex calm down and free your mind, you wouldn’t want your wife to wake up and see you like a mad man because you look like one, your hair looks messy and you have lost weight because you refuse to eat- Kim min-kyu tried to say but I cut her off

Am less concerned about that Kim, I need my wife that is all I need. I said calmly

Alex. I heard someone faint voice called my name and I turned to look at Anita looking at me weakly and that was it my happiness was restored.

Wow! sweetheart. I called smiling and hugged her a little trying not to hurt her

Her mom walked towards her and hugged her crying and she reciprocated weakly.

She pulled away from the hug and turned to look at me calling me with her hand to sit beside her and I did as I was told while she rest her head gently on my thighs and I stroke her hair as she close her eyes.

Let me call the doctor. My mom said smiling and walk out of the ward probably to call the doctor

Alex what happened to me I felt so weak. She said weakly that you could hardly hear her voice.

Hush don’t speak sweetheart all you have to do now is rest okay. I said and she nodded still closing her eyes and I smiled as I look into her beautiful eyes.

Dmn I miss her so much

The door opened and my mom and the doctor walked in.

Oh my God! Mrs alex thanked God you are awake. He said and sighed in relief making me chuckled because I know for sure it was because of me. The way I have been disturbing him and threatening him that if anything happened to my wife I was going to send him to jail and as from that moment he became scared.

He took his stethoscope and placed it on Anita’s chest.

She is fine now she can be discharged tomorrow but meet me in my office so that I can prescribe drugs for your wife. He said and I nodded.

Mrs Anita please try not to make your husband worry again because he wanted to burn down my hospital when you refused to wake up. The doctor said and Anita smiled touching my face


Anita pov

Easy, don’t hurt yourself. Alex said as he took me gently from the girl but I felt weak to even walk and it seemed Alex noticed it because he carried me up in a bridal way heading to our room and I placed my head shly on his chest as we walked through the compound.

Oh my goodness, thank God she is awake

I never knew Kyle could be this wicked

She is a d’vil in human skin. This was the comments I heard from the maids making me wonder what Kyle did.

Alex dropped me gently on the bed and walked out of the room making me wonder where he was going to.


Few minutes later he came back with a plate of soup and dropped it gently on the table before coming back to me making me sit down on the bed.

He blew air on the soup and brought it slowly to my lips and I took it into my mouth and it tasted yummy.

It tastes sweet huh? He asked smirking and I nodded smiling

But not as sweet as you. He said winking at me and I blush and rest my head on his chest.

Alex what did the doctor say happened to me? I asked and I saw him clench his fist in anger making me wonder if I say something wrong.

Alex I called but he cut me off putting his finger on my lips.

Do not asked about that question ever again. He said making me scoffed

What the h’ll is wrong with what I am asking Alex? I want to know what happened to me. I said raising my head up from his chest

You were poisoned. He finally said and I felt a loud bang in my head as I thought of the word poison.

Poisoned by who? I asked looking at Alex and he sighed

It was Kyle that poisoned you. He replied and I felt tears rolled down from my eyes immediately

What did I ever do to Kyle that she went as far as poisoning me, what if I have lost my baby or what if I have died. I thought and all this thinking brought tears to my face

Please Anita do not think about it, all that matters is that you are still alive and our twins as well. He said and I turned to look at him in surprise.

Twins? I asked and he nodded smiling happily

We are having a set of twins Anita. He said and hugged me and I reciprocated

Thank you so much Anita, thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life. He said and I smiled and stroke his hair.


I woke up the next morning due to the song of birds flying through the air and turned to the other side of the room and saw Alex wearing a black suit making him look so sxy.

Hey sweetheart, you are awake. He said smiling when he noticed me looking at him. He was combing his hair styling it with his hands making me wonder if he was going somewhere.

Are you going out? I asked and he nodded knotting his tie.

Yes am going to my company, it has been long since I last visited them and with what I heard they seem to be turning my company to a sx house. He said and I scoffed

What about me are you leaving me alone? I asked almost crying and he sighed.

Come on Anita I will be back quickly. He said and I bursted into tears while he looked at me in surprise.

I wanted to go with you. I said pouting like a baby

Anita I am only going there to work and not for fun so I see no reason why you should come with me because it will get boring to you. He said and I scoffed

You see you don’t care about me anymore instead you care about your work more than me. I said turning my back against him and slowly I felt his hand on my waist but I slapped it off.

Okay fine you can come with me. He said and I turned and hugged him giving him a kss which he took over making it seemed rough, he tried to touch my bbs but I sIapped it off

Remember we are going somewhere. I said teasing him and he rolled his eyes while I laughed at him.

Few minutes later, I came out of the bathroom wearing a short red strapless dress with a red sandals.

How do I look Alex. I said turning to look at him and I saw him lick his lips.

You look sxy but you are not wearing that to my office. He stated casually

What is wrong with the dress? I asked looking at the dress if something was wrong but it seemed perfect.

It is too revealing so change to something else. He said and I huffed

But nothing is wrong with the dress. I said looking at him

There is something wrong with the dress, firstly I won’t be able to concentrate at work and secondly I wouldn’t want some random boys starring at what is mine. He said and I laughed.

Seriously Alex? I asked and he nodded with a serious face.

He stood up and walk to my wardrobe searching for what I don’t even know, after sometime he brought out a long yellow dress and throw it at me.

You should wear that. He said and I rolled my eyes and took the dress from him putting it on in his presence.

Of course I don’t need to be shy around him.


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